Fruits Basket Episode 6

Fruits Basket Episode 6

Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over

I almost wrote about the new Boruto episode today instead of Fruits Basket, but once I actually watched the Boruto episode I decided against it. Sorry, Boruto fans, but I’ll start up those reviews once it gets out of filler territory. And now, onto the series at hand.

It’s the day of the school festival, and anyone who’s been around this blog for a while should know how I feel about school festival episodes. Luckily, the school festival isn’t the main attraction of the episode this time around, so I won’t have to complain about it.

Tooru’s class is running an onigiri stand which probably wouldn’t have been that big of a hit if Yuki wasn’t also wearing a dress. A large group of upperclassmen girls were begging him to wear it for the day, and in the end he agreed for a still unknown reason.

Perhaps he actually likes wearing the dress despite what he says. Or, perhaps he’s trying to get in with the older girls. Yuki, you sly rat.

However, the festival gets a bit crazy when too more members of the Souma clan show up to visit. And in the confusion, Tooru let’s it slip that she’s been living with Yuki and Kyo to her best friends, Uo and Hana. This is a big deal because had her friends known she was homeless, they would have helped her out instead.

But, rather than immediately insist that Tooru move out of the Souma home, Uo and Hana decide to investigate for themselves and determine if it’s a good environment for Tooru to live in. And to do this, they invite themselves over for a sleepover.

Momiji and Hatori

Before I get to the sleepover, let’s take a moment to discuss the two, newly introduced members of the Souma clan, Momiji and Hatori. The pair show up because Momiji wanted to visit Tooru, and Hatori was sent to be his guardian. It’s also said that Akito, the head of the family, wanted to go too.

So who are Momiji and Hatori? Momiji is the German boy who we briefly met earlier on in the series, and this time around it’s confirmed that he is, in fact, a boy as I predicted. It’s also revealed that he’s only half German, but that doesn’t stop him from speaking in German half the time.

We also quickly learn that Momiji is the rabbit of the zodiac, and that he doesn’t seem to be all that concerned with people finding this secret out. After confirming that Tooru already knows about the secret, he hugs her despite her entire class being present.

Yuki and Momiji Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket
Yuki and Momiji Souma

Hatori, on the other hand, is basically Momiji’s opposite. He’s an older member of the Souma clan and takes his position in the clan very seriously, so it’s no wonder that he was the one sent along with Momiji to the school.

We haven’t yet learned which zodiac animal Hatori is, but I’m going to make a random guess and assume he’s the Ox. Ox are strong, and as a responsible adult Hatori seems like someone who has to constantly keep other family members in line, which requires some form of strength.

He’s also the family doctor, though it’s unknown if he’s actually a practicing doctor or if he simply serves as the doctor for his clan. Either way, his role is an important one, as we learn that the Soumas may not be the healthiest individuals. Even Yuki, who seems to be healthy by all accounts, has some respiratory ailment.

But, possibly the most important role Hatori plays is in the wiping of memories. It was previously hinted that Akito has the ability to wipe the memories of those who learn the Souma secret, but as it turns out, Akito simply gives Hatori the order to wipe memories.

So, will Hatori turn out to be a minor antagonist?

Slumber Party

Uo and Hana show up at Shigure’s home some time after school ends for the day. Previously we’ve only seen these two in their school uniforms, so it was interesting to see how they dress themselves on their days off, specifically Uo.

During the course of their investigation, they determine that the Souma household is a great place for Tooru to live, despite her living alone with three men. Neither Yuki, Kyo, nor Shigure seem to be any threat to Tooru, and they all clearly view her as a member of their family.

In the end they allow Tooru to continue living with Yuki and Kyo, but make it clear that they won’t get away with hurting Tooru in any way. Even for Yuki and Kyo, I think Uo and Hana are formidable foes, so this isn’t just an empty threat.

Uo, Tooru, and Hana from the anime series Fruits Basket
Uo, Tooru, and Hana

During the sleep over, Tooru tells Uo and Hana a story from her past based around a memento she keeps, a hat. When she was younger she ran away from some bullies and ended up lost and alone. However, a boy appeared who led her all the way back to her home by having her chase him.

He then gave her his hat and was never seen again. While this kind of story would usually be easy to dismiss, it’s made pretty clear that this boy who led Tooru home on that fateful day was either Yuki or Kyo. However, their face and hair color were blocked out in the flashback so we can’t tell which.

My guess is that it was Yuki simply due to the hair style the boy had. But who knows, perhaps it was Kyo.

Akito Souma

Finally, we learn a bit more about the head of the Souma clan, Akito. In an earlier review I assumed that Akito was the dragon of the zodiac, but I’ve now determined that they’re actually the tiger due to the multiple tiger images on the walls of their room.

I know the two most powerful zodiac animals are the tiger and dragon, but I still fail to see how a tiger would ever be a match for a dragon. It just seems that common knowledge would dictate that the dragon is the master of the zodiac.

Anyway, another one of my predictions also seems to have been confirmed, which is that Akito allowed Tooru to stay with the Soumas because they hoped something would go wrong. My prediction is still that Akito is planning to use Tooru to “prove” to Yuki and Kyo that outsiders can’t be trusted.

And, when Shigure talks to Akito, it’s clear that he doesn’t like Akito all that much. But due to Akito’s position as the clan head, there’s nothing Shigure can do if Akito decides to throw Tooru out and have her memories sealed away.

Shigure also hints at the fact that Akito is sick. Exactly how sick we don’t know, but perhaps this is related to Yuki’s illness as well. There might be some sort of other curse afflicting the Souma clan that isn’t just that they turn into animals when hugged by the opposite sex.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Fruits Basket? And, now that we seem to know which zodiac animal Akito is, which animal do you think Hatori is? Part of me wants to say he’s the dragon, but I’m going to stick with him being the ox for now.

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