Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 7

Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 7

Blood on Kyou’s Hands

In case you were wondering, no, there isn’t a review of Episode 6. The last Fruits Basket The Final Season review was of Episode 5. And while I’m skipping over Episode 6 to Episode 7, this review is still going to include some references to Episode 6 content.

Right at the start of the episode, we’re hit with a scene partially shown in Episode 6 of Kyou as a child talking to Tooru’s mom. This is followed by Tooru’s mom dying on the ground with Kyou standing over her. Apparently, some people think this is a big reveal.

I couldn’t give you an exact episode when this was brought up earlier, but I’m very confident that it was. As far as I remember, this was hinted at whenever Kyou first saw the hat that Tooru keeps in her room. Way back then, we got a brief flashback showing that Kyou was connected to Tooru’s mom somehow.

Blood on Kyou's hands from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Blood on Kyou’s hands

Even all the way back then, I was under the impression that Kyou had something to do with the death of Tooru’s mom. And I don’t really see how I could have come to that conclusion without a similar scene to the one from this episode being included then.

I’m not sure how Kyou was involved (I don’t think we’re supposed to know at this point). However, I think it’s probably pretty fair to say that Kyou’s understanding of what occurred isn’t the same as what really occurred. I doubt he actually caused Tooru’s mom’s death.

I’m also certain that Tooru’s mom didn’t basically curse him with her dying breath. I think this is all just a product of Kyou’s trauma. He clearly blames himself, but I doubt she did.

Akira Souma

Something I’m not sure about is whether Akira Souma has been shown in the series before this episode. I believe his name was previously mentioned by Ren — and maybe by one of the servants as well. But, I think this is the first time we’re seeing him.

In Episode 6, it was mentioned that this is the first time (at least in many generations) that all of the Zodiac members were reincarnated at the same time. At the time, I wasn’t thinking that Akito, the “God” of the Zodiac, was included in this.

I guess I just assumed that there was always a “God” reincarnation. And going along with that, I’ve also assumed that the “God” reincarnation was always the head of the Souma clan. That may end up being the case, but I noticed that as far as we know, it’s not necessarily.

Akito mourning the death of her father from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Akito mourning the death of her father

It would obviously make sense for the “God” reincarnation to always be the future head of the clan. But as far as we know, none of the other Zodiac members are tied to specific clan branches. For example, the previous cat wasn’t directly related to Kyou.

So, what do you think happens if the “God” reincarnation isn’t a member of the main branch of the clan? Are they adopted into the main branch? Does it not matter? I think it could definitely cause some internal conflict between the families that make up the clan.

After all, if a branch family suddenly has the “God” reincarnation, won’t they think that gives them the right to be the ruling clan? I always assumed that Akito was the head of the clan because of her reincarnation status. But as we saw, her father wasn’t a reincarnation and was still the head.

Another Bond Bites the Dust

At this point, I’m a bit lost as to what determines which Zodiac member bonds are broken. I explained my theory in the previous episode review. However, Hiro’s bond breaking in this episode went against everything I thought.

With that said, I do still have a (tenuous) explanation for why Hiro’s bond broke when it did. You see, it happened just as Akito was going to attack her mother, Ren. And as far as we know, Hiro is the only Zodiac member with a good relationship with his mother.

So, I could see his bond being severed by Akito due to this conflict in their views of their mothers. The big issue here is that it kind of contradicts Haru’s situation. You’d expect that this would mean his bond would have broken by now considering Akito literally tried to kill Rin multiple times.

Akito stabbing Kureno in the back from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Akito stabbing Kureno in the back

There’s something that I’m even more confused about than Hiro’s bond breaking when it did, though. Hiro never mentions that his bond with Akito broke and it’s assumed that the bonds can’t be broken. And yet, Hiro’s mother knew that his bond had been severed.

Is that just supposed to be their mother-son link that allows her to recognize that? I really don’t understand. Nobody else whose bond has broken had anyone else realize it. Kureno’s was hidden from everyone until recently and nobody knows about Momiji’s except Kyou, whom he told.

Oh, and speaking of Kureno, I almost forgot that Akito stabbed him. It was implied that Kureno died. However, I doubt that’s the case. I think Akito is going to have a sort of redemption in the end after all the bonds are broken. And for that to happen, Kureno and the rest of the Zodiac members need to be there.


What do you think of Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 7? Did you also already know that Kyou was involved with Tooru’s mom’s death somehow? Or did I just pull that out of thin air? And do you think Kureno is going to survive? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hiro’s Mom Knew that her son’s curse broke because he was able to hug his baby sister without transforming into his zodiac form.This is just my assumption but based on the fact that when the the Shigure, Amaye, Hatori, and Kureno ran up to the pregnant Ren they were exclaiming that they had waited so long for their god, I think that this is the first time that the so-called god of Zodiac has been reincarnated.

    1. I felt like we had already seen Hiro holding his sister before. I guess not, though. My thinking was that he was already able to do that because they were siblings or something.

      1. The only situation in which a zodiac member can hug a person of the opposite sex without transforming is if both of them are members of the zodiac.

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