Gokujou Drops Review

Gokujou Drops Review

Gokujou Drops manga series cover art
Gokujou Drops

Life at Ohotori Girls Academy

Gokujou♥Drops (極上♥ドロップス) is a shoujo ai erotica manga, much like Citrus. It’s only three volumes long, so it’s pretty short. But, it’s the first manga by Hajime Mikuni to be more than one volume.

The series follows Komari Maezono, a girl who transfers to Ohotori Girls Academy. But, since she transfers in at an odd time of year (of course), there aren’t any dorms available. That shouldn’t be too much of an issue since apartments are also available for students. However, Komari’s father is only allowing her to attend the school as long as she isn’t living alone.

For that reason, Komari really needs a spot to open up in one of the dorms. Luckily for her, there’s a potential spot in the most prestigious of the school’s dorms — the Paraiso Yakata. Ohtori Girls Academy is already a school for rich girls. But, the Paraiso Yakata is where the richest of the rich live.

Komari Maezono in a big pinch from the manga series Gokujou Drops
Komari Maezono in a big pinch

So, what’s the deal with this potential spot in the dorms for Komari? Well, there’s not exactly an open spot. Instead, one of the girls who lives there, Yukio Himemiya, makes Komari an offer. If Komari agrees to be her slave, she’ll allow Komari to live with her.

For the most part, being Yukio’s slave is a pretty simple task. Komari’s expected to wake Yukio up for school, carry her things, and help her out in other basic ways. And, on top of that, she’ll work as the dorm’s maid.

Since this is the only way Komari can attend Ohtori, and since she likes cleaning anyway, this isn’t a bad deal. But, as I mentioned, there’s not really an open spot in the dorm. Yukio’s room only has one bed. So, Komari will be sleeping with her new master.

Meet the Girls of the Paraiso Yakata

Komari Maezono is the newest girl living in the dorm and also the one from the least prestigious family. Though, that’s not saying too much, as her family is still well-off. At any other school, Komari would be seen as the rich girl. It’s only at Ohtori, and especially within the Paraiso Yakata dorm, that this isn’t the case.

Other than Komari, there are six girls living in the Paraiso Yakata dorm. The first is, of course, Yukio “Hime” Himemiya. She’s considered the school’s idol. Despite being a first-year herself, all the first-year girls admire her.

Next is Asami Fujie, the head of the dorm and a member of the student council. I assume she’s a third-year student. But, she could also be a second-year. While Asami seems normal at first, she actually has a reputation for seducing first-year students.

Yukio Himemiya asking Komari Maezono to be her slave from the manga series Gokujou Drops
Yukio Himemiya asking Komari Maezono to be her slave

Erika Yanagi is a second-year student who leads the culture club council. I guess she’s technically the most normal of the girls in the dorm. Her character trait is simply that she’s manipulative. And, like most of the girls in the dorm, she’s also attracted to other girls.

Sai Yoshikawa is the shut-in of the dorm. She’s the head of the library. But, she doesn’t leave her room very often and attends class even less. Instead, she prefers to spend her time on her computer. I think Sai is also the only girl in the dorm who doesn’t make a pass at Komari.

Finally, there are the Kunikida twins, Miya and Maya. Miya is the more feminine of the two, though, I wouldn’t call Maya a tomboy by any means. These two sisters are in a sexual relationship with each other and want Komari to be a part of it.

Unbecoming of a Prestigious Family

Let’s get into the real review. Is Gokujou Drops any good? Yes. But, there are some things you should consider when starting it. First of all, it’s an erotica series, but not a hentai. It has sex, unlike Citrus. But, it’s not all about sex the way Shoujo Sect is.

I bring this up because if you’re looking for hentai, this isn’t going to give you what you want. And, if you’re looking for a wholesome slice of life series, this isn’t going to give you that, either. It’s somewhere in between.

The art style and the way the characters act are also very “shoujo manga.” You’re not going to find super high-detailed drawings. Instead, a lot of the art is “light” and “fluffy.” And, Komari’s character, in particular, feels like a generic shoujo manga protagonist. If you don’t like shoujo manga, you might not like this as much.

Komari Maezono and Yukio Himemiya in bed from the manga series Gokujou Drops
Komari Maezono and Yukio Himemiya in bed

Another thing to keep in mind is that the plot of this series isn’t deep. It’s a very generic plot that other (more recent) series have done better. For example, I think Yuu and Touko’s relationship in Bloom into You feels like a better version of Komari and Yukio’s relationship here.

These relationships aren’t exactly the same. But, they’re close enough. They both have a power dynamic. In Bloom into You, Touko is older than Yuu and uses that to influence Yuu. In Gokujou Drops, there’s the power imbalance of Yukio controlling Komari’s living situation.

Another example would be when Yukio’s family tries to set her up with arranged suitors. They don’t think a same-sex relationship is becoming of someone of their family’s status. This is very similar to something that happens in Citrus. And, surprise, Citrus did it better.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I gave Gokujou Drops a 7/10. It was a good read — worse than Bloom into You and Citrus, but better than Shoujo Sect. I’d say it’s about on par with I Can’t Believe I Slept With You! as far as yuri manga go.

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