Shoujo Sect Review

Shoujo Sect Review

Shoujo Sect manga cover art
Shoujo Sect

Just (Gay) Girls Being (Gay) Girls

Shoujo Sect (少女セクト) is an 18+ shoujo ai series. And by 18+, I mean it’s a hentai. But, I actually didn’t know it was a hentai when I added the manga to my list. I thought it was simply erotica, like Citrus.

You can imagine my surprise when, very quickly, I discovered my mistake. However, the Shoujo Sect manga is very short — only 16 chapters. So, I figured I’d continue reading it and then watch the anime adaptation, as well. That’s right, today’s review is a double feature.

Since the manga is short, the anime is too. It’s a three-episode OVA called Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers. Why did they add a subtitle onto the OVA? I’m not sure. I guess it’s to make it easier to differentiate between the anime and manga when searching online.

Shinobu Handa and Kirin Suwabe from the anime OVA Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers
Shinobu Handa and Kirin Suwabe

Anyway, let’s get into the main premise of the series. There are girls at an all-girls school. And, guess what? All the girls at this all-girls school are gay — even the one teacher who makes an appearance. What a great and original idea.

Okay, so as I said, I first read the manga version of the series. It was pretty decent. The sex scenes are good, which as you might expect, is important for a series like this. But, I found it pretty hard to keep track of the characters. I still don’t know who the dark-haired girl on the cover of Volume 1 is supposed to be.

The anime fixed this issue with the manga. It was way easier to understand who was who when everything was in color. And, I’d say that the sex scenes are even better in the anime. You know, because the anime adds movement and sound into the mix.

Momoko vs. Shinobu

There’s a bit more to this yuri series than “girls being girls.” It also has quite a bit of drama and a shockingly complex web of interpersonal relationships. This web has two centers: Momoko Naitou and Shinobu Handa. They’re the ones who everyone else is connected to.

Alright, let’s begin untangling the web. Shinobu and Momoko were childhood friends. Now that they’re in high school, Shinobu has a crush on Momoko. However, Momoko doesn’t remember Shinobu from their childhood. This is the start of the drama.

To make up for the lack of affection she’s receiving from Momoko, Shinobu starts her own harem. You know, as you do. The first girl in Shinobu’s harem is Kirin Suwabe, a dark-skinned girl who offers to be Shinobu’s maid. Then, Shinobu and Kirin bring Maya Enjouji into the fold, creating a three-way relationship.

Momoko Naitou and Hayato Kyouko kissing from the anime OVA Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers
Momoko Naitou and Hayato Kyouko kissing

Momoko’s side of the web is a bit more monogamous. But, it’s also the side that’s more taboo. Momoko is in a relationship with her teacher, Hayato Kyouko. That’s a spicy relationship right there, but it’s not all. Momoko’s friend, Chizuru Komai, has a crush on her older sister, Shigure. And, thanks to Momoko, the two of them get together.

There are some other minor characters whose names I don’t remember, as well. For example, I think there’s a pair of twins who have something going on with Maya. But, those are all the main characters.

With that said, there’s one more character I need to mention. Sayuri Ookami is a third-year student who I only think comes into the series toward the end. She wants to make Shinobu hers — she doesn’t want to join Shinobu’s harem. And, she’s the reason why the two sides of the web come back together.

The Best Part of the Manga

There was one thing that the manga did infinitely better than the anime. But, before I get to it, I need to do a little build-up.

If Momoko is in a relationship with Hayato, how does she reconnect with Shinobu? Well, after Momoko and Hayato spend a night together, Hayato coughs up blood, collapses, and is out of the picture. She doesn’t die. However, she’s no longer around and that leaves Momoko all alone.

It’s around this time that Momoko begins to remember who Shinobu is.

Now, let’s bring Sayuri, the upperclassman, into the story. Sayuri traps Shinobu in a room and sexually assaults her. Momoko discovers this happening and saves Shinobu by sending Sayuri away. And then, it happens. Momoko snaps — and this is the single best scene of the entire series (in the manga).

Momoko Naitou hitting Sayuri Ookami with a fire extinguisher from the manga Shoujo Sect
Momoko Naitou hitting Sayuri Ookami with a fire extinguisher

After catching Sayuri assaulting Shinobu, Momoko couldn’t let Sayuri walk away. She grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it to bash Sayuri in the head, in a scene I never saw coming. I guess Momoko had a lot of pent-up anger after losing her older lover and seeing her childhood friend hurt.

Okay, but how did the anime ruin this iconic scene? I guess the team working on the OVA didn’t think Momoko’s attempted murder of Sayuri was very hot. They wanted their adaptation to be sexy, not crazy. So, instead of using a fire extinguisher, Momoko only punches Sayuri in the face.

Since I watched the anime right after reading the manga, I was looking forward to this scene. The plot of this series isn’t good — as you can likely tell from how I’ve described it in this review. It’s a hentai plot. But, that scene made all the drama worth it.

Final Thoughts

I ended up giving the Shoujo Sect manga a 6/10 and the anime a 7/10. Despite altering the best scene and making it worse than it was in the manga, the anime is still better (read: hotter). As a whole, though, I enjoyed Shoujo Sect. It’s a nice yuri series.

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