Hina Logic: from Luck & Logic

Hina Logic: from Luck & Logic

Hina Logic Cover Art
Hina Logic Cover Art


I’ve decided that today we’re going back to the my guilty pleasure genre which is the magical girl genre. This time around we have Hina Logic: from Luck & Logic. Some other anime in this genre I’ve seen are Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, Yuki Yuna, and Prisma Illya.

In Hina Logic, the magical girls are known as Logicalists and the spirits they make contracts with are called Foreigners (because they come from foreign dimensions). This concept of girls creating pacts with some sort of magical being is fairly common in the magical girl genre.

This anime is about girls who are at an academy which trains them to become future Logicalists so unlike the other magical girl series I’ve watched, the girls aren’t out in the “real world” using their powers yet.


Liones Yelistratova is the main character in Hina Logic. She comes from the royal family of a country which seems to be in Eastern Europe. She came to the academy against her father’s wishes because she wanted to make friends.

Nina Alexandrovna is a professional Logicalist who was sent back to the academy because she needs to learn how to make friends (a very important skill for magical girls). She is Liones’ first friend at the academy. As a professional Logicalist, Nina is one of the most skilled students in the academy.

The other girls are less important than those two so we’ll go through some of them a bit quicker. Yayoi is the know-it-all girl in the class and she is always followed around by Karen and Karin, twins who belong to a family that serves Yayoi’s family. Finally we have Mahiro, a mad scientist whose inventions always end up exploding.

Liones combining with the Foreigner Waffle
Liones combining with the Foreigner Waffle


Hina Logic isn’t necessarily a bad anime, but it isn’t exciting either. It’s fairly boring because it’s such a standard magical girl anime; there’s not much that stands out about this one unlike Madoka Magica.

I’m not saying it needs to have some crazy plot twist, but at this point it needs to have something more to it than just the “power of friendship.” Sailor Moon got by with just that, but since then there needs to be more to a magical girl show to keep it entertaining. I already know that friendship is going to be the key to winning whatever battle their in, so there needs to be something more that I don’t expect from the genre.

In the end, Hina Logic is a 5/10. Sure it looks nice for the most part, but I never felt like I was excited to watch it each week. Watching this anime weekly felt more like a chore once I figured out there wasn’t anything different about it.

I think my favorite part of Hina Logic was actually the OP because of its art and animation style. You can watch the OP here. *Unfortunately this video has been taken down.

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