I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face Review

I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face Review

Intro to IyaPan

I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face (Iya na Kao sare nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai / 嫌な顔されながらおパンツ見せてもらいたい), known as IyaPan, is a short-form ecchi anime. Just by reading the title, you should be able to figure out what this series is all about.

The series has 6 episodes that are each about 4 minutes long. So, you can watch the entire first season in the time it would take to watch a normal anime episode. And, each episode focuses on a different girl. In this review, I’ll be going through the series girl by girl in no particular order and giving my rating of each one.

Chitose Itou – The Maid

Chitose Itou is the viewer’s maid. Up until the events of this episode, she was a normal maid who had a good relationship with her employer — the viewer. However, that all changed when the viewer asked her to show him her panties.

What I liked about this episode is how it started off with the request and Chitose’s disgust. Then, it went back and showed how different Chitose’s demeanor was before the request. And, finally, we got the payoff of Chitose lifting her dress to reveal her panties.

Of the six girls, Chitose is probably my favorite. Her disgust with the viewer is the most visceral, which is an important factor. I’m going to give her a 10/10 — I want her to show me her panties while making a disgusted face again.

Chitose Itou smiling from the anime series I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face
Chitose Itou smiling

Yuina – The Idol

Yuina is an idol whose number one fan is the viewer. The viewer was one of Yuina’s first fans and is now the president of her fan club. So, in this episode, Yuina invites the viewer backstage after one of her shows to give him a birthday present. She’ll do something he requests.

Naturally, his request is for Yuina to show him her panties — and he doesn’t mean her show panties. When on stage, Yuina wears a second pair of show panties over her real panties. So, the viewer wants her to take those off and show him the real things, which she does.

I thought Yuina was going to be my favorite girl because she’s an idol. But, she actually turned out to be my least favorite. We got a nice scene of her pulling down her show panties. However, once you know they’re not her real panties, it’s not exciting. She gets a 6/10.

Misuzu Tanahashi – The Nurse

Misuzu Tanahashi is a nurse taking care of the viewer after he breaks his legs. She’s a fan of puzzles, so she brings the viewer a puzzle to keep him from getting bored in the hospital. And, she says that if he can finish it by lunch, she’ll give him a reward.

Now, if you watch this episode on AniWave, it’s completely different. For some reason, AniWave has a joke fansub up for this episode and it changes everything. The setting is different, Misuzu’s personality is different, and a lot of it doesn’t make sense. The subs are all wrong.

Going by the real subtitles, Misuzu is a high-tier girl in the series. Her swap from nice to disgusted is almost on par with Chitose’s. And, she’s voiced by Aoi Koga, who you may know as Kaguya Shinomiya. I give Misuzu a 9/10.

Misuzu Tanahashi taking care of you from the anime series I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face
Misuzu Tanahashi taking care of you

Maria Takayama – The Nun

Maria Takayama is a sister at a church. That setting alone makes her episode one of the spicier ones. However, her disgust with the viewer isn’t as extreme as I’d hoped it would be. Yes, she’s disgusted by his request. But, she doesn’t put up much resistance.

The framing of this request is that the viewer’s soul will be saved if only Maria shows him her panties. So, despite not wanting to show him and knowing it’s morally wrong of her, she does so. If it’s to save someone’s soul, then it’s her duty as a nun.

I’m going to give Maria an 8/10. She’s cute and the setting is good. But, if she had been more verbally abusive toward the viewer, she could have scored a 10. She was a bit too forgiving and accommodating of the viewer’s request.

Airi Sega – The Classmate

Airi Sega, like Yuina, is another girl I thought I’d like a lot more than I did. The classmate is a good scenario. However, with Airi, there’s way too much leadup to the part where she shows the viewer her panties.

She keeps on showing just a small portion of them. I get that it’s supposed to be teasing the viewer so they want more. But, it didn’t work. I wasn’t seeing that and looking forward to the full reveal. Instead, every time we got a glimpse, it made me think, “Is this it?”

In the end, we do get the full reveal, but by then I was kind of tired of her. I’m going to give her a 7/10. If there was less teasing, she would have scored higher. And, despite the setting being good, it was also pretty generic.

Airi Sega showing you her panties from the anime series I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face
Airi Sega showing you her panties

Iori Izumo – The Shrine Maiden

The final girl to talk about is Iori Izumo, the shrine maiden. But wait, she’s not only a shrine maiden. She’s also the viewer’s childhood friend. That’s right, we’re double dipping with this one! Though, the fact that she’s the viewer’s childhood friend doesn’t really matter.

So, in this episode, Iori mentions how when they were younger, the viewer said they liked shrine maidens. She then asks if there was a particular reason for this. It’s implied that the viewer says he likes shrine maidens because of her and he then asks to see her panties.

Now, Iori is a pretty good girl. I’m giving her a 7/10. But, again, the fact that she’s the viewer’s childhood friend didn’t actually matter. And, other than her outfit, the fact that she’s a shrine maiden didn’t matter, either. It’s not like with Chitose, Maria, or Misuzu where the setting mattered just as much as the clothes they wore.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face is a 7/10. It delivers on what the title promises. Could it have delivered on it better by including more ecchi content? Sure. But, I can’t really complain about what I got — only that I didn’t get enough.

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