JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 33

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 33

His Name Is Diavolo

A lot happened in this week’s episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind. First we learn more about Buccellati’s condition, next we learn about Diavolo (the boss) and Polnareff’s shared past, and then we had the final fight between Diavolo and Polnareff.

So let’s start with the elephant in the room, which is that the boss’ true name and appearance have finally been revealed. While he uses his persona of Doppio, a young man, to hide his identity, his real name is Diavolo and he’s probably in his 40s, though you wouldn’t guess that by how he dresses.

I really liked how every other time the boss was depicted, before his identity was finally revealed, he reminded me of Giovanni from Pokémon. However, once you actually see him, he looks nothing like those silhouettes of him made him out to be.

The boss, Diavolo from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
The boss, Diavolo

It still makes no sense as to why Diavolo can physically change his appearance at will to become Doppio, but I guess we can just chalk it up to this being a bizarre adventure. I mean, in part 3 there was an orangutan who was the captain of his own cargo ship, so why am I questioning anything else?

Bruno Buccellati

Alright, we’ve known for a while now that Buccellati is actually dead and that his death occurred some time around his fight with Diavolo in Sardinia. I’ve also discussed this in multiple previous episode reviews. But once again we have some new information.

Due to his battle against Secco, Buccellati’s body is destroyed. Not only is he technically dead, but he can no longer even hear or see. Instead, he can only sense the souls of living things around him. In this regard, he’s basically Hyakkimaru from the series Dororo.

And, because familial spirits apparently look alike, he can’t tell that it’s Doppio/Diavolo helping him to the Colosseum instead of Trish. If only his spirit vision was the same as Hyakkimaru’s. Then he would be able to tell that Diavolo’s soul is much more tainted than that of Trish.

However, what I found to be the most interesting piece of information regarding Buccellati’s condition is that even Diavolo doesn’t appear to know what caused it. I was pretty sure Buccellati died when Diavolo punched him through his stomach with King Crimson, but apparently Diavolo doesn’t think that’s the cause.

And if that’s not what caused Buccellati’s death, then I have no idea what did.

Polnareff vs. Diavolo

Now we get to the juicy content involving both Diavolo and Polnareff. As it turns out, Polnareff’s current injuries were not due to his battle against DIO back in Egypt. We’re shown that his body was still in working order after that fight, and that he and Jotaro split up to search for the stand arrows.

Jotaro was in charge of searching Asia and the Americas, while Polnareff was in charge of searching Europe and Africa. Then, at some point during the 90s, Polnareff learned of an Italian gang which suddenly rose to power, and there were rumors that one of the stand arrows was involved.

But before I go any further with Polnareff’s tale, we need to back up and go over Diavolo’s. I don’t exactly remember the origin of the stand arrows too well, as it was explained in part 4, but they’re made out of some meteorite and eventually made their way to Egypt.

Here they were uncovered by Diavolo, who proceeded to keep one for himself and sell of the rest, most notably to Enyaba from part 3 who then sold one to Kira’s father in part 4. Anyway, Diavolo was the one who uncovered the stand arrows in Egypt which is essentially what causes the plots of parts 3, 4, and 5 to occur.

Jean Pierre Polnareff and King Crimson from the anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Jean Pierre Polnareff and King Crimson

After Diavolo had his hands on a stand arrow and had built his organization, Polnareff finally tracks him down. The two have a fight, and in the end Polnareff loses. It’s this fight which robbed Polnareff of both his legs, one of his arms, and one of his eyes.

Diavolo also claims that he was certain Polnareff was deceased after their fight, and that he even scattered his remains in the ocean. I hope we get an explanation as to how Polnareff survived this at some point, because it makes no sense to write a plot hole into the episode like that.

I also found it to be interesting that King Crimson now appears to work a bit differently than it did previously in the series. From what I can tell, while King Crimson is fast-forwarding time, it cannot come into contact with people. This means that he has to resume time before striking his opponents, which I don’t believe was true before.

Stardust Crusader

Since the Stardust Crusaders were brought up in this episode, let’s briefly go over what they’re doing today. Jotaro is still doing “marine biology” which apparently means tracking down stand arrows, Joseph is probably still alive, but in an assisted living facility, Polnareff is here, dying in Italy, and the other three, Avdol, Iggy, and Kakyoin died back in Egypt in that order.

But before Polnareff dies at the end of this episode, he gets a surprising amount of character growth. Back in part 3 he was basically just a goofball womanizer who couldn’t even protect himself or his friends from their enemies. However, in part 5 that’s no longer true.

While he’s still very much the same Polnareff we know and love, he’s learned from his past mistakes and previous fight against Diavolo. In order to combat King Crimson’s time altering ability, Polnareff cuts his finger so that he can use the blood droplets as a timer.

When time fast-forwards, he can see how many new blood droplets there are, determine how much time has likely been skipped, and from there figure out where Diavolo is likely to be based on his speed, direction, and the time which has passed.

For example, if there are two seconds between each drop of blood, the droplets increased from three to seven, and Diavolo was moving toward Polnareff at a speed of three meters per second, then after the time skip Diavolo would be 24 meters closer to Polnareff.

And before he dies, Polnareff makes sure to do one last thing to prevent Diavolo from winning altogether. He stabs his stand, Silver Chariot, in the face with the stand arrow. This seems to melt Silver Chariot, but later on we see a new figure who’s similar in color to Silver Chariot, but with a different appearance and a stand arrow depicted on its face.

So what did Polnareff do exactly before he died? And how is this going to help the JoBros defeat Diavolo?


What did you think of this week’s episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind? Do you think King Crimson was shown to be working in a slightly different way? Do you think we’ll learn how Polnareff survived? And, what do you think happened to Silver Chariot?

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  1. Pardon my absence, I just wasn’t around due to IRL tasks.

    I think Diavolo not knowing about Bruno is simply because he didn’t pay attention and was under the impression that Bruno was just healed by Giorno. Sure the Boss landed a fatal blow to Bruno but Giorno healed him and that’s what stuck in his mind.

    The manga explained Polnareff’s survival but I’ll wait for next episode to see if they mention that. I will tell you this: Diavolo has a bad habit of just leaving corpses behind. Sure Giorno was on his way at the church but would it have killed him to sneak an extra punch before leaving?

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