JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 9

JoJo’s Part 5 Episode 9

The First Mission from the Boss

After defeating Zucchero and Sale (Italian for sugar and salt), the Jo-bros discuss the reason for their trip out to Capri, Polpo’s fortune, in a public restroom where Mista’s wound is being “treated” by Fugo and Narancia. During their discussion, two janitors appear outside, which causes Narancia to be suspicious.

As it turns out, one of these janitors is actually a capo from Passione, and the other is a woman by the name of Trish Una, whom I’ll discuss more in a bit. But, although a member of Passione has arrived on Capri, he’s not there to steal the fortune. Instead, Buccellati invited him and plans to hand the fortune over.

When the concept of using Polpo’s fortune to rise up to the rank of capo was first introduced earlier in the series, I thought that it meant anyone could theoretically buy their way into the upper echelons of the gang, but that isn’t quite right. Instead, by handing over this fortune, Buccellati proves his trustworthiness, and receives the promotion in return.

Strangely enough, the other capo doesn’t appear to realize that the 10 billion Lire Buccellati is handing over to him was once Polpo’s. Either way it shows Buccellati’s trustworthiness, but I thought it was supposed to be a common rumor that Polpo had this treasure stash.

Now that he’s become a capo, Buccellati receives Polpo’s old stomping grounds and is essentially his replacement. And, as his replacement, Buccellati and his crew are also responsible for completing any jobs Polpo left unfinished.

As it turns out, there’s exactly one job which Polpo had yet to complete, or even start, and this is protecting the boss’ daughter, Trish, for roughly one week. This job was given to Polpo due to him being a stand user, and now that he’s gone Buccellati and his men are the only ones left who are up to the task.

Interestingly, this other capo is the first member of Passione who we’ve met that isn’t a stand user, although it’s implied that most of the gang are regular people. I suppose Buccellati’s team has a reputation within the gang, and so only other stand users are willing to mess with them.

Trish Una

Buccellati and his team have been placed in charge of guarding the boss’ daughter, Trish, for roughly a week due to there being rogue members of Passione who wish to kidnap her. These members want to topple the boss’ reign, and believe Trish is there best way to learn his identity.

However, Trish has never met her father, and has no information regarding him whatsoever. The boss was also previously unaware that he had a daughter until Trish’s mother passed away. But, although the only connection they have is their blood-relation, the boss still feels the need to protect his daughter from harm.

Buccellati and the boys just need to keep Trish out of harms way until the boss is able to find out who among his subordinates is attempting to harm her. Little does he know that, while Buccellati and his team don’t plan to harm Trish, they are also attempting to overthrow the him and the organization.

Theoretically, now that they’re in possession of Trish, they could simply use her as a ransom, which is likely what the other rogue members of Passione would do once finding out that she knows nothing about her father.

Trish Una from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Trish Una

Trish is a 15-year old girl, so the same age as Giorno, with expensive tastes. Her first order to her new bodyguards was for Fugo to remove his jacket so that she could use it to dry her hands, and her second order was for them to buy her luxury fashion magazines, clothing, and cosmetics.

It’s unclear to me whether Trish has grown up with money all her life, or if the sudden realization that her father is a rich and powerful man has gone to her head. Either way, she’s not a likable character so far.

Since she and Giorno are the same age, I’m wondering if we’ll see the two of them become romantically involved by the end of the season. Although he’s the son of DIO, Giorno is still technically a Joestar, so perhaps he’ll continue the bloodline.


Once Buccellati’s team is set up in their new hideout, a house on a vineyard, Narancia is selected to be the one to go purchase food and the other things Trish asked for. Although he’s the least bright of the team, and is the most likely to mess up this simple task, his stand is what got him selected.

Narancia’s stand is called Aerosmith and takes the form of a miniature, fighter plane with a propeller. The plane comes equipped with machine guns and bombs, and appears to be capable of independent movement just like Mista’s Sex Pistols.

It’s possible that Narancia’s stand was considered perfect for this job simply because of its firepower, but I don’t think that’s really the case. Likely there’s some other ability this stand has, because otherwise it’s just a worse version of Bad Company from Diamond is Unbreakable.

Aerosmith is unleashed after one of the rogue members of Passione appears in the back of the rental car Narancia was driving. After asking a bunch of questions regarding Buccellati’s whereabouts, the enemy attacks with a stand of his own, Little Feet.

As Little Feet isn’t an offensive stand, Aerosmith is able to quickly turn the tide of the battle and finishes off the opponent with a bomb. However, when Narancia checks the back seat of the car, the body is nowhere to be found.

In fact, the enemy escaped the blast and used his stand’s true ability to shrink himself so that he could hide. He then hides himself in Narancia’s pocket and plans to be lead back to wherever the rest of Buccellati’s team is hiding with Trish.

Just as with the other Jo-bro stand reveals, there’s likely going to be a second episode dedicated to Narancia and Aerosmith. Because of this, we can assume that this new enemy and his stand will somehow be defeated before Narancia returns to the hideout.


We’re getting to that point in the season at which I start to lose interest in some of these plot-driven, action series simply because they move too slowly for the time frame in which episodes are released. The slice of life series and Bunny Girl Senpai are still going strong, but I’d rather just binge JoJo’s Part 5 than watch it one week at a time.

But what did you think of this week’s episode? Are you getting to the point at which you wish more was happening in each episode yet like I am? If so, we have a long way to go still considering this was only episode 9 out of 39.

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