My Hero Academia Episode 108

My Hero Academia Episode 108


Did you know that it’s been a full 30 episodes since Gigantomachia was first introduced? We first saw him in Episode 78. And now, in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 108, Gigantomachia has finally reappeared in the story.

I believe we previously knew that Gigantomachia was a follower of All-for-One. But aside from that, we didn’t know anything about him. We now know that he used to be All-for-One’s bodyguard and that he’s completely devoted to his former master.

I’m going to be honest: I don’t remember anything about All-for-One before his final battle with All Might. I was going to say that someone as strong as All-for-One doesn’t need a bodyguard. But I guess he wasn’t in very good shape for a while and needed protection. The first few seasons of My Hero Academia are all a blur.

Gigantomachia from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5

Anyway, All-for-One isn’t really important right now. What’s important is that because Gigantomachia is so devoted to All-for-One, he doesn’t want just anyone to replace him. And when he meets Shigaraki and the League of Villains, he determines that they’re too weak.

Additionally, it’s stated that Gigantomachia has multiple quirks and that he’s powerful enough to withstand them without modification. The only other people with multiple quirks without modification I can think of are All-for-One himself and the One-for-All lineage.

Every One-for-All holder excluding All Might and Deku had another quirk as well, so they all count. Someone like Todoroki doesn’t count, though. He technically has a new quirk that’s a combination of his parents’ quirks, not two quirks.

And, Gigantomachia’s multiple quirks, seems to be leading to Shigaraki obtaining multiple quirks, as I discussed in my Episode 107 review. The question now is, will Shigaraki require modification for this to be achieved?

My Villain Academia

Now that Gigantomachia has determined Shigaraki and the League of Villains to be too week to take over as the “king” of the villains, his only option is to destroy them. I guess he’d rather kill them than let them live and continue to claim to be All-for-One’s successors.

We don’t yet know what quirks Gigantomachia has, but we can make some assumptions based on both his appearance and what’s said about him in the episode. Also, we don’t even know how many quirks he has. It could be two, or it could be many more.

For now, I’m just going to assume he has two quirks because that’s all I’ve noticed. I’m inferring the first one from his appearance. His jagged appearance reminds me a lot of Kirishima’s hardening quirk. That, on top of his stated durability, makes me believe that’s one of his quirks.

Tomura Shigaraki from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Tomura Shigaraki

I don’t believe the hardening quirk is Gigantomachia’s natural quirk, though. We know he has another quirk that allows him to change the size of his body. And since his name is Gigantomachia, I’m going to assume that this gigantification quirk is his original quirk.

Something else we can assume is that Shigaraki’s plan to use the Liberation Army to weaken Gigantomachia is going to work. We know the doctor eventually performs some treatment on Shigaraki (probably to give him another quirk), and I’d assume he would only do this after Gigantomachia is defeated or subdued.

But how exactly Gigantomachia is taken down is still up in the air. Does the Liberation Army defeat him? Pro heroes? The League of Villains? Or, does Gigantomachia end up joining the League of Villains and acknowledging Shigaraki as All-for-One’s successor?

I get the feeling he’s not going to be defeated for good by the end of this arc.

The League vs. The Liberation Army

The Liberation Army, officially the Meta Liberation Army, is potentially the largest entity in My Hero Academia outside of the Hero’s Association. In fact, the Liberation Army might even have more members than the Hero’s Association since we don’t know how many active heroes there are.

With over 100,000 members, though, the Liberation Army is far larger than the League of Villains, or even the Yakuza formerly led by Overhaul. But, I’m not sure how big of a role the Liberation Army is actually going to play within the story overall.

Overhaul and the Yakuza were the main antagonists of a single cour. I could see the Liberation Army being the main antagonists for a cour or two as well. However, the League of Villains is the main antagonist group of the series. I don’t see the Liberation Army becoming more prominent in the story than them.

Members of the Meta Liberation Army from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Members of the Meta Liberation Army

I still don’t really understand the Liberation Army all that much. Aren’t they basically an anarchy group? The Hero’s Association wants law & order, the League of Villains wants destruction, and the Liberation Army wants all societal limits on quirks removed or something like that.

I guess that’s not exactly anarchy. But from what I understand, they don’t want the government to be able to regulate how quirks are used. What’s odd about that, however, is that there’s also overlap between the Liberation Army and the other two groups.

The Hero’s Association knows about the Liberation Army — just not how many members it has. And there are even pro heroes who are members of it. Also, I’m going to guess the Liberation Army absorbs the League of Villains at some point because the League was shown to be part of it in the present timeline.

I guess that means the Liberation Army does manage to take down Gigantomachia.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 108? Are there any additional quirks I didn’t mention that you think Gigantomachia has? How will he be defeated? And do you think the Liberation Army is going to be more than a one-cour antagonist group? Let me know in the comments.

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