My Hero Academia Episode 62

My Hero Academia Episode 62


During last week‘s preview, it was implied that this week we would be meeting the top three U.A. students, but unfortunately that isn’t actually the case. While we saw these three students at the very end of the episode, they won’t actually be introduced until next week.

Luckily, this episode wasn’t a complete waste of time, only partially. The first half of the episode is what interests me the most because it seems to be setting up the fourth season. However, the second half appears to be setting up two episodes of filler to finish out this season.

We start off following an unfamiliar face. This unknown man is watching civilians pass by from the window of his apartment and commenting on how their lives are so simple. We occasionally hear a voice in his head which is attempting to antagonize him as he takes in the view.

It’s then revealed that this man is actually the villain, Twice. Twice’s quirk allows him to double anything, although the example given explains that he’s able to infinitely clone himself by splitting into two. While Twice doesn’t seem like a very important character, it’s interesting to learn some background information on the villains.

Apparently, Twice originally used his quirk to make his clones work as his slaves, but at some point they rebelled against him. The room full of clones then broke down into an all out brawl over which of them was the original, much like Naruto‘s shadow clones do.

In the end, the clones were either killed by each other, or managed to escape (so there could be a lot more of him running around that he’s unaware of). Because of this, though, Twice admits that he can’t actually be sure that he’s even the original, which is something that seems to cause him anxiety.

It’s unclear if the voice in his head is due to the nature of his quirk, or some form of mental illness, but he acknowledges the fact that he’s crazy.

On one hand it seems like a mental illness because it has a different personality than him, which a duplicated version of his mind shouldn’t. However, on the other hand, the act of putting on his suit/mask helps suppress this alter-ego, implying that it’s his quirk and can be controlled by the suit much like how heroes have suits to enhance their quirks.

But, then again, his mask could be some sort of “security blanket”-type object and it is a mental illness after all. Maybe we’ll never know for sure.

Either way, we also learn that the reason he joined the League of Villains is because he believes that heroes wouldn’t accept someone crazy like himself, but the Villains did. This implies that twice isn’t actually a bad person, but simply wants to be accepted.

Since we’ve now learned Twice’s history I can only see two possible outcomes for him. Either he’ll eventually join the heroes because someone like Midoriya will accept him for who he is, or he’ll go the Overlord route and be set up as a good person just to be killed off.

At the end of Twice’s section of the episode, we’re briefly introduced to the next main antagonist of the series, Overhaul. It’s unclear if Overhaul is going to join the League of Villains, but he and his group seem to think that small-time villains need to step up and commit larger-scale crimes.

The villain Overhaul from the anime My Hero Academia
Villain – Overhaul

The second half of the episode was fairly boring compared to the first and felt a lot more like filler, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is. Midoriya and Bakugo are still under house arrest for fighting each other in the middle of the night, and the rest of the students continue with classes.

The students also learn of the next step in their training which involves the provisional hero licenses they received. Usually reserved for second and third year students, this next step is similar to the hero internships the students of Class 1-A were involved in after the sports festival.

The primary difference this time is that since they now have licenses, they can actually help out with some of the hero work and learn by experience rather than by observation. Since this doesn’t seem to be starting just yet, there weren’t too many details revealed about the specifics of it.

This next step is also considered extracurricular and so is independent from what the students will be doing at school. In theory this means that Todoroki and Bakugo won’t necessarily be left behind as the only two to fail the license exam.

Finally, as I mentioned briefly, at the very end of the episode we “meet” the top three students at U.A. None of their names were given (although they probably were in the next episode preview and I just forget them), and their quirks are also unknown.

One of them, at least, seems to have a quirk which allows him to phase his body through objects. Either that or he’s able to make his body parts appear protruding from objects like Nico Robin from One Piece, but since One Piece did it first I doubt that’s the case here.

The mystery surrounding his, and the other two top students’ quirks should be solved within the next episode.

Next Episode

Despite seeming like a filler episode, it does look like there will be a significant amount of action, so at least we have that to look forward to. The top student with the strange face and quirk that seemingly lets him phase through walls challenges the students of Class 1-A to a battle.

From the frames of this battle we got, it looks like the Class 1-A students are split into teams of two and are challenged to defeat him by working together. Notably, we aren’t shown who Midoriya’s partner is, but if I had to guess it would be Bakugo upon request of the Year 3 student.

The third-year was interested in Midoriya and Bakugo after hearing the rumors about their fight, and so he’s probably interested in seeing them both in action, which is why I think they’ll be paired up. My prediction is that none of the Class 1-A pairs will win.


That’s all I can think of to say about this week’s episode of My Hero Academia, so I’ll end it here with a question for you. Now that we’ve seen Twice’s backstory, which villain do you want to see next? I’m sure a lot of people are interested in Dabi, as am I, but I’m also interested in best-girl Himiko Toga.

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