My Hero Academia Episode 63

My Hero Academia Episode 63


Episode 63 was apparently the final episode of My Hero Academia season three. I had assumed the special episode didn’t count towards the episode list for the season, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

In this episode the students of U.A. Class 1-A are introduced to the top three students in the entire school: Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and some other guy whose name I don’t remember and whose character profile I can’t find on MAL. All three of these students are third-years.

They came to Class 1-A in order to talk to the first-year students about the work-study program they’ll now be able to join since receiving their provisional hero licenses, although they haven’t gotten the go-ahead just yet. However, none of the “Big Three” seem to be very good at explaining things using their words.

The one whose name I don’t remember apparently has a severe fear of public speaking, or just of other people. He’s unable to talk directly to the first-year students, and so he faces away from them, but even this doesn’t seem to help him very much. His quirk is unknown.

The second of the Big Three is Nejire Hado, the only female of the group. Her personality is the opposite of the first member of the Big Three I mentioned. She’s extremely outgoing and friendly, to the point where one of the students (I forget who) mentions that she seems like a kindergartener.

Her quirk is still unknown as well, but I think her appearance and personality are going to make a lot of people see her as the new best-girl. However, as any cultured person knows, Himiko Toga is, and always will be, best-girl.

The final and most powerful of the Big Three is Mirio Togata, a third-year student who is a serious contender for the spot of number one hero despite still being a student. He’s the one who appeared before Deku in the previous episode as a face in the ground and the wall.

Mirio decides to challenge the entire (present) Class 1-A to a fight instead of lecturing them about the work-study program. His plan is to show them first-hand how they can take a seemingly bad quirk, and turn it into one of the most powerful quirks through experience, which is what they’ll be getting during the program.

Third-year U.A. student, Mirio Togata, defeats Class 1-A
Mirio Togata

By using his quirk, Mirio is able to quickly dispatch of all the students who fight using long-range quirks, and then moves on to do the same to all of the students with close-range quirks. His quirk, Permeation, allows him to pass through any and all objects at will, which to the students of Class 1-A, seems like an overpowered quirk.

However, he reveals that his quirk isn’t actually the source of his power, his experience is. By this he means both fighting experience and experience with using his quirk. His quirk has a number of significant drawbacks which have taken Mirio years to overcome through training.

The first notable drawback is that he will always pass through the ground if he uses his quirk throughout his entire body, and so doing anything else with it requires a great amount of concentration and mastery of the ability. The example he uses is walking through a wall, which seems like it would be easy at first glance.

The next drawback is that his quirk allows him to pass through anything. Sure, this seems great, but as he explains, that means he passes through both air and light as well. This means that while his quirk is active, or at least while it’s active for specific parts of his body, he can’t breathe or see.

So, when he uses his quirk to phase through anything, such as the attacks of his opponents, he needs to be able to predict their movements since he can’t see them, and he needs to do so in a timely fashion since he can’t breathe.

After fighting Mirio, the students of Class 1-A become even more excited to start their work-study program and get one step closer to becoming pro heroes in their own right. They also appreciated that he showed them the fruits of his labor as a provisional hero rather than simply lecturing at them.

Later on in the episode, we see Twice bring Overhaul to a warehouse in which the rest of the League of Villains are waiting. From this encounter, it appears that Overhaul will, in fact, be joining the League of Villains.

This information is then passed on to All Might’s former sidekick, now a pro hero, by one of his own sidekicks who has been monitoring the movements of the villains. All Might’s former sidekick is featured in the MHA movie, has yet to be formally introduced in the series.

We also get a scene of Deku calling Gran Torino and asking if he can train with him again as part of his work-study. Gran Torino tells him that he’s busy and so Deku should instead ask All Might to introduce him to other pro heroes who may be interested in taking him on.

Specifically, he mentions that All Might’s former sidekick might be a good option since he has such a close connection to All Might. This suggestion seems to be exactly what Deku was looking for, although since I don’t know where the movie falls in the timeline of the series, it’s unclear to me whether Deku knows him yet or not.

Next Season

Normally this is where the next episode section is, but since this was the last episode of the season, I’ll instead be making some brief predictions for what will happen in season four. Hopefully we won’t have to wait a full year for the next season, and these weekly episodic reviews will be back in no time.

I’m going to guess that Deku is going to end up doing his work-study with All Might’s former sidekick, or at the very least is going to be introduced to him and his own sidekicks. I also think that we’ll see some familiar faces when this happens, specifically that of Mirio Togata.

Mirio refers to his mentor as “Sir,” which also appeared to be what the sidekicks of All Might’s former sidekick refer to him as. This may just be a coincidence and all sidekicks/pupils refer to their mentors this way, but I feel like there was some foreshadowing going on here and so it wasn’t merely a coincidence.

I also don’t think this season was the last we’ll see of Inasa Yoarashi, the wind guy from Shiketsu High who has a rivalry with Todoroki. I’m still convinced that the two of them will end up doing their work-study programs with the same pro hero after they eventually get their provisional licenses, and hopefully it will be with Gang Orca.

As for the villains, it’s clear that Overhaul is going to be making an appearance as a main antagonist, but I’m not sure exactly how closely he’ll be working with the rest of the League of Villains. Will he be a member of the Vanguard Action Squad, or will he lead his own men as a squad of their own?

I’m also expecting Himiko Toga to play a fairly major role since she’s so obsessed with Deku. She seems to often go off on her own solely so that she can stalk him, which means she may be around even if the rest of the League of Villains aren’t.

Also, the fact that she got some of Deku’s blood during the provisional hero license exam arc further hints that she’ll be playing a fairly major role in the upcoming season. With his blood, Himiko can transform into Deku, which could create trouble for our protagonist and his friends.


So, what did you think of the season three finale of My Hero Academia? While I enjoyed the action brought about by Mirio’s fight with Class 1-A, I still would have liked to be given more information about the direction the series will be going in the future.

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