My Hero Academia Episode 67

My Hero Academia Episode 67

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Not all that much happened in My Hero Academia episode 64. But, there are a few important things to discuss regarding the episode — namely, Eri’s quirk and All Might’s future. And by discuss, of course I mean theorize because we don’t actually have any concrete information.

However, before we get into those topics, let’s quickly go through the initial encounter Midoriya and Mirio had with Eri and Overhaul.

First, we now know Mirio’s hero name: Lemillion. He says he decided on this name because his dream is to save at least 1,000,000 people. He even has that number featured prominently on his chest. But, why did he decide that he only wanted to save 1,000,000 people and not all of them?

There isn’t really a reason given, other than that Mirio seems to doubt himself just a little bit. Maybe even he knows that saving everyone isn’t entirely realistic. Or, maybe he didn’t want to imply that he was as great as All Might. Whatever the reason for choosing it, we now know his hero name and the meaning behind it.

Now, as for their encounter with Eri and Overhaul, each of the heroes has a different rationale. Mirio wants to get away from Overhaul as quickly as possible so he doesn’t suspect anything. Midoriya wants to help Eri, and he thinks leaving too quickly would be more suspicious because they’re heroes.

As far as Midoriya is concerned, heroes wouldn’t disappear after seeing a child in need of help. And so far it seems like his gamble paid off — thanks in part to Eri “willfully” going back with Overhaul when he teased the threat of violence against the two heroes who came to her aid.

Eri’s Quirk

So far we don’t really know anything about Eri. We know that she’s an orphan from the ED of the season, so she’s not really Overhaul’s daughter. We also know that she’s a demon-like person on account of her singular horn. But does this horn have anything to do with her quirk?

There are two possible options I can see right now. The first is one I laid out in the previous episode review which revolves around Eri having some kind of powerful quirk which can be weaponized. Perhaps she has some demonic power — remember that appearances are often tied to quirks.

Eri holding onto Deku and crying from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Eri holding onto Deku and crying

But, thanks to some new information we received in this episode I have an alternate theory. The heroes don’t yet know what Overhaul’s quirk is, and because of this they have a potential misunderstanding.

It was mentioned that during some bank robbery Overhaul was involved in there were no casualties, but everyone had all of their health problems fully healed. They believe this to be related to Overhaul’s quirk. It’s possible that he “overhauled” their body’s regenerative abilities, but that seems unlikely based on how we’ve seen him use his quirk thus far.

Instead, perhaps this healing effect comes from Eri’s quirk.

I’m not sure what that would have to do with demons or why it would be used during a bank robbery, but I do think it ties into her somehow. And I did have one more theory last week which seems to tie into the next episode preview: does Eri’s blood power up other quirks — and also their regenerative abilities?

We now know powered up quirks are a thing, and her bandages could be covering up needle marks left behind from when her blood was drawn.

All Might’s Future

We also learned about Sir Nighteye’s quirk last week, and this raised the question of why All Might would have chosen Midoriya over Mirio as his successor. Well, this week we learned the answer to that question: All Might simply met Midoriya before Mirio and decided he liked him.

However, one thing All Might didn’t mention was whether or not he regretted his decision afterwards. I assume the answer is no, but you’d think that’s something Midoriya would have asked now that All Might has met Mirio.

It’s also not entirely clear what Sir Nighteye saw when he looked into All Might’s future. On one hand, he predicted All Might’s death at the hand of a villain, but on the other, he didn’t seem to see All Might choosing Midoriya as his successor.

So was Sir Nighteye’s foresight wrong?

Injured All Might from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Injured All Might

I’m actually not sure because perhaps Sir Nighteye didn’t look at that aspect of All Might’s future.

What we do know is that he saw All Might’s death, and I can see three possible ways the series could go about this topic. The first is that the foresight was wrong and All Might survives longer than anticipated. The second is that he dies (probably by Shigaraki’s hand). And the third is that he’s already dead.

Those first two paths are kind of self explanatory, but let me tell you what I mean by that third one. All Might is his hero name. With that in mind, it could be said that All Might died when he was forced into retirement after the final battle against All for One. So in this case, while All Might would have survived physically, it’s his hero persona which has been killed.


I’m interested to know what your thoughts are about the topics discussed in this review of My Hero Academia episode 67. Who do you think handled the Eri/Overhaul situation better: Midoriya or Mirio? What do you think Eri’s Quirk is? And, do you think All Might is going to die soon? Let me know in the comments.

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