My Hero Academia Episode 87

My Hero Academia Episode 87

Japanese Hero Billboard Chart

Did anyone else think the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart was rigged? I don’t mean the fact that there was a literal washing machine in the top 10. I mean the fact that Mt. Lady wasn’t in the top 10. Based on the previous 86 episodes of this series, I was sure Mt. Lady was up there.

I think she ended up being number 23, which isn’t bad considering how many pro heroes there are in Japan. But when you take into account how many male fans she’s been shown to have around the country, and the fact that she’s a strong hero, you’d expect her to be higher up.

Also, although we didn’t get to see how high up Rock Lock ranked, it was good to see him make an appearance.

Wild, Wild Pussycats Return

I mentioned in a previous episode review that I had thought one of the Wild, Wild Pussycats died during the attack on the summer training camp. That was later stated to not be the case, and in episode 87 we finally get to see this team back together.

The member who I thought died actually just had her quirk stolen by All for One. But, this is important because it gives us an idea of what life will be like for Mirio now that he doesn’t have a quirk.

Although she was an active pro hero, without her quirk Ragdoll is demoted to the position of team secretary. While the other three members of the Pussycats are out fighting crime, she’ll be sitting in an office doing paperwork. So if that’s what happens to a pro hero who loses their quirk, it’s safe to say Mirio can’t be a pro hero without his.

The Wild, Wild Pussycats from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
The Wild, Wild Pussycats

I would have liked to think that Mirio could still be a low level hero even without his quirk. After all, he’s trained extensively in hand to hand combat, and can still effectively fight like that against villains with quirks. But if even a former pro hero can’t continue working without a quirk, he probably can’t either.

And speaking of Ragdoll’s stolen quirk, it’s stated that the only way for it to be returned to her is if All for One chooses to give it back. And even if he were to be so kind, he has to use his own quirk to do so. Obviously allowing All for One to use his quirk is a massive risk, so it’s not going to happen.

But what if there was another way for Ragdoll to reclaim her quirk which didn’t involve All for One? I think it’s reasonable to assume Eri’s quirk would work on Ragdoll just like it may work on Mirio. It would simply revert her body back to before her quirk was stolen.

Number One Hero Endeavor

Obviously, Endeavor was going to be named as the new number one hero on the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. But what I didn’t expect was that he was going to attempt to be a friendly hero so soon after talking with All Might.

Even when he’s provoked by Hawks at the ranking ceremony, he doesn’t retaliate in a manner you would expect from him. He recognized that Hawks was attempting to get a reaction out of him, and he didn’t fall for the bait.

Later on in the episode, we even saw him attempt to be friendly, or at least his version of friendly, with one of his fans. This is something we’ve seen him do before, but it really seems like he’s trying harder now to fill the void which was left by All Might’s retirement.

We have to remember that Endeavor didn’t really see All Might as a rival. Even though he wanted to one day surpass him, he looked up to him first and foremost.

Number one hero Endeavor from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Number one hero Endeavor

Unfortunately, I was incorrect about Endeavor going up against Gigantomachia as his first battle to prove that he’s the new number one hero. Of course, he’s been the number one hero ever since All Might retired, but this would have been the battle in which he won the hearts of the civilians.

It looks like he’ll still get to have a battle like that, which will hopefully finish next episode since it’s the final episode of the season, but it won’t be against Gigantomachia. Instead, Endeavor will be fighting against a new kind of Nobu.

Rising Star Hero Hawks

Hawks is a somewhat interesting character because he’s kind of all over the place. He’s currently the second-ranked pro hero, but he’s also only 22 years old. And I think it was stated that he started his own hero agency at the age of 18 and broke into the top 10 pro heroes by the time he was 20.

So obviously this guy is a strong hero — and we see that this is at least partially the case. At first, it might seem that the fact he has wings and can fly is all his quirk is, but there’s more to it than that. He can also shoot out his feathers and control them freely, which is decently powerful.

However, we don’t know exactly how strong he is in comparison to actual villains, because all we’ve seen him do so far are low-level heroic acts. But due to the fact that he’s the number two hero, I think it’s safe to say he’s taken down at least a few powerful opponents.

Number two hero Hawks from the anime series My Hero Academia season 4
Number two hero Hawks

But the strange part about Hawks is that although he’s ranked so high among the pro heroes, he has no ambition to become number one. He’s perfectly fine letting Endeavor be the number one hero and doing all the work which comes along with that role.

As long as the number one hero does all the heavy lifting, Hawks is perfectly content to sit back, relax, and promote that hero so he has less villains to fight. It’s a pretty odd dynamic for a pro hero to have, especially at his level.

If he just wants to take it easy and let other people fight the powerful villains, you’d think becoming a pro hero wouldn’t be the best career choice. And the fact that he started his own agency at the age of 18 is even stranger because that implies he was working towards becoming a top-ranked hero — it didn’t happen by accident.


What did you think of My Hero Academia episode 87? Which pro heroes do you think deserve a spot within the top 10 rankings? Do you think Eri can recover Ragdoll’s quirk? And, what are your thoughts on Hawks? Let me know in the comments.

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