My Hero Academia Episode 95

My Hero Academia Episode 95

Endeavor’s Successor

In My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 95, there was a fair amount of emphasis placed on the successors of past and present heroes. Obviously, Deku is All Might’s successor. But he’s not the only pro hero successor within Class 1-A.

The other three are Shoto, Iida, and, to a lesser extent, Tokoyami. Let’s skip over Shoto for now since his situation is a bit unique. Iida is the most obvious successor other than Deku. He took over the hero name Ingenium from his brother who was injured by Stain.

With Iida, it’s not that his brother’s quirk was passed down to him as All Might’s was to Deku. He already had the same, or a similar enough, quirk as his brother. What was passed down was the hero name and everything that comes with it.

Endeavor from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5

Tokoyami isn’t really Hawks’ successor — at least not officially. But he trained under Hawks and learned to do “bird-like” things, such as fly, with his quirk. Tokoyami also sees his relationship with Hawks as similar to Shoto’s relationship with Endeavor (which it isn’t really, but whatever).

Now, with Shoto, he doesn’t really view himself as Endeavor’s successor. However, that’s exactly what he is whether he wants to be or not. Not only is he Endeavor’s son who has a similar quirk, but he was also trained by Endeavor specifically to surpass Endeavor.

Apparently, Shoto’s older brother actually has a fire-based quirk that’s stronger than Endeavor’s. But, he wasn’t “mentally strong” enough to make use of it according to Endeavor. This left Shoto as Endeavor’s last hope to raise a successor, and so Endeavor taught him all of his signature moves.

And, if the conveniently placed flashback of Endeavor’s big fight is anything to go by, that includes Prominence Burn — Endeavor’s ultimate move.

More Class 1-B Quirks

Of the four Class 1-B students featured in the third exhibition match, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is the one we’re the most familiar with. He’s been one of the more prominent Class 1-B students throughout the series thus far. His quirk is effectively the same as Kirishima’s, just steel-based.

Tetsu (鉄) is Japanese for Iron. But, that doesn’t mean his name translated into English would be Ironiron Ironiron. Part of the joke with his name is that all four tetsu in it are actually different words. Only the first tetsu is written with the kanji for Iron.

Moving onto a newer character, we have Pony Tsunomaki, potentially my favorite of these four Class 1-B students. Pony’s quirk is that she can shoot her horns and control (up to four of) them through the air. The tsuno (角) in her name means horn.

Pony Tsunotori from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Pony Tsunotori

At first glance, you might think that Pony’s quirk is pretty weak or useless. However, as we saw, the fact that she can freely control her horns after they’re launched is quite strong. Theoretically, she could use them to fly herself and another person around.

Sen Kaibara probably has the worst quirk of the four on this team. The kai (回) in his name means revolve, which ties into his quirk being that he can spin any part of his body like a drill. I don’t know if he can use these drill appendages to dig. But even if he can, it seems like a weak quirk.

The final member of the team is Juzo Honenuki, who I think is the strongest by far. His last name, Honenuki (骨抜) means debone. This is a tenuous reference to how his quirk makes anything he touches soft. Think of it like if you had no bones; your body would just be a soft meat sack.

Class 1-B’s Surprisingly Strong Team

I’ll admit that when I first saw the two teams going up against each other in match 3, I assumed it would be an easy win for Class 1-A. Shoto is an extremely strong long-mid range attacker, Iida is faster than anyone else, Ojiro is very proficient at close-quarters combat, and Shouji is an effective scout.

Overall, I think this Class 1-A team is probably the single strongest and most balanced team we’ve seen so far — at least on paper. With that said, this Class 1-B team is surprisingly strong. I do think Class 1-A is going to win in the end, but it’s going to be a much closer match than I originally expected.

And, a big reason why this match is going to be fairly close is Juzo of Class 1-B. The fact that his quirk can affect large portions of the landscape makes it a very oppressing quirk to fight against. It’s something that the Class 1-A students are going to have to constantly work around.

Juzo Honenuki from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Juzo Honenuki

I think, for now, it’s safe to basically forget about Sen. Maybe he’ll do something in next week’s episode. But for now, he’s basically useless. Pony and Tetsutetsu are actual threats, though — Pony to a lesser extent, but she makes up for some of Tetsutetsu’s deficiencies.

How are you supposed to defeat Tetsutetsu normally? His body is literally made of steel and he can hit hard. There’s really no good way to handle him, which is why I think we might see Shouto break out Prominence Burn.

And as for Pony, since her horns can be used to fly Tetsutetsu around, she can cover his main weakness: Mobility. Without Pony’s assistance, Tetsutetsu wouldn’t be able to effectively fight within the area affected by Juzo’s quirk.

Engine Tuning

One last thing I want to mention briefly is Iida’s engine tuning. Apparently, he can upgrade his quirk by “tuning” the engines in his legs. When this was first mentioned, I thought, “Oh, that makes sense considering it’s an engine-based quirk.”

However, the tuning process isn’t what I expected. I thought there was going to be actual engine tuning involved. That’s not what this is. Instead, Iida has to rip the mufflers out of his legs (which are apparently grown in), and then train with his quirk for new and improved mufflers to grow in.

When this was all fully explained, my “Oh, that makes sense” turned into “This is extremely stupid.” However, once I thought about it a bit more, I realized that it’s not nearly as stupid as I thought. Iida was literally born with engines in his legs. If you consider that, nothing about this tuning situation is any stupider.

I think this is the first time that I’ve viewed My Hero Academia in the same way I view One Piece. Crazy things can happen in One Piece and I don’t think twice about it because it’s One Piece. My Hero Academia has now reached that point for me — and I’m all for it.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 95? Is Shoto going to become Endeavor’s successor by using one of Endeavor’s signature moves like Prominence Burn? And which of the four Class 1-B students in this episode is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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