My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132

Grand and Turtle Neck

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132 starts off following Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame. These are two third-year students from Ketsubutsu Academy High School. And their hero names are Grand and Turtle Neck, respectively. This also isn’t the first time we’ve met these characters.

Grand and Turtle Neck were originally introduced back during the provisional license exam. And since we didn’t get to see Turtle Neck use her quirk in Episode 132, we have to go back to that arc to see what it is. She can pull her head and limbs into her body like a turtle.

Now, if I’m being honest, that doesn’t seem like a very good quirk. As far as I know, her torso isn’t hard like a turtle’s shell. So, while this quirk can help her dodge certain attacks, I’m not sure what it can do beyond that.

Tatami "Turtle Neck" Nakagame from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132
Tatami “Turtle Neck” Nakagame

Grand’s quirk is more practical. He can vibrate things. Alright, so that doesn’t sound like a great quirk either. But, he can vibrate things to an extreme extent. According to him, he can even vibrate an entire building so much that it collapses. So, we shouldn’t brush off his quirk as being bad.

When we catch up with Grand and Turtle Neck, they’re making their rounds as provisional heroes. Due to the current state of Japan, there aren’t enough pro heroes to go around. So, even students have to be out on patrol without a pro hero accompanying them.

Though, these provisional heroes aren’t supposed to be fighting dangerous villains. If there’s a random looter, sure, the students can capture them. But, for the most part, their job is to get civilians to evacuate to the hero schools. Unfortunately for Grand and Turtle Neck, they run into Muscular on their patrol.

En’s Quirk

In last week’s review, I made some vague guesses about the last 3 One-for-All quirks. Those were the quirks of the second, third, and sixth users. Well, we now know what the sixth user’s quirk was. En (the sixth user) had the Smokescreen quirk.

With this quirk, Deku can emit a smokescreen from his body (obviously). But, what’s interesting is that we see him using this quirk in 2 different ways. When fighting Muscular, he uses it to create an advantageous battlefield for himself. Muscular has no way of seeing through the smokescreen.

However, the same isn’t true for Deku. We see Deku use his Float quirk to get above the smokescreen so he can survey his surroundings. And then, he uses his Danger Sense quirk to determine where Muscular is coming from. From this, we can see that Deku is getting used to working with the various tools in his inventory.

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132
Izuku “Deku” Midoriya

The other way we see Deku use the Smokescreen quirk is to hide his identity. For some reason, he doesn’t want people to know who he is. This could be because the public has questions about his quirk. Remember, it came out that he’s the one Shigaraki is looking for.

But, I don’t think he’s worried about people seeing him and reporting his location to villains. In fact, that would probably work in Deku’s favor. He could then let the villains come to him instead of searching for them himself.

Also, keep in mind that Shigaraki can locate Deku whenever he wants. It’s not like he’s waiting to get tipped off about Deku’s whereabouts. He has a quirk that can find Deku. So, I’m not completely sure why Deku’s hiding his identity like this. But, hiding from the press could be the primary reason.

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The Dream Team (and Deku)

Toward the end of episode 132, we see that Deku isn’t actually working alone. He teamed up with All Might, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist. This is kind of a dream team of pro heroes. If we exclude Deku, we have the biggest 4 heroes around.

Okay, so All Might isn’t a pro hero anymore. But, he has a lot of experience. If you combine him and Deku, you have a decent enough hero. The other three members of this team are what really make it something special.

Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist are the current top 3 pro heroes. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t have these 3 all working together. For example, look at the era in which All Might was the #1 hero. All Might and Endeavor didn’t work together. They each did their own thing.

Hawks, Best Jeanist, Endeavor, Deku, and All Might from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132
Hawks, Best Jeanist, Endeavor, Deku, and All Might

Of course, Hawks and Endeavor have been working together for a bit now. Despite being one of the top heroes, Hawks is pretty much Endeavor’s sidekick at this point. And he’s fine with that. He looks up to and wants to support Endeavor. Best Jeanist, however, is different.

Like Endeavor, Best Jeanist has his own hero agency full of sidekicks. But, Hawks was able to convince him to team up with them. From what we know about Best Jeanist, he’s not someone to decline working with rival heroes. That’s the kind of thing we’d expect from Endeavor in the past.

Now, I’m wondering how long this group is going to be working together. It doesn’t seem like this is going to be the final group that takes down Shigaraki. Obviously, other U.A. students will be part of that. So, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Tokoyami might end up replacing their mentors.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 132? Does Turtle Neck have the worst quirk of any known hero student? How do you feel about Deku’s new Smokescreen quirk? And how long do you think the pro hero dream team will last? Let me know in the comments.

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