My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137

New and Improved U.A. Defenses

My Hero Academia Episode 137 was the worst, most boring episode in Season 6. The entire thing was the civilians getting mad about nothing. And then we saw the heroes telling them they’re getting mad about nothing. That’s all that happened.

With that in mind, today’s review is going to be rough. There’s really not that much to discuss. But, I’ll try my best. And I’ll start by bringing up U.A.’s new defenses. In my Episode 136 review, I questioned how much this wall would actually protect those within it.

Principal Nezu had to reassure his students that U.A.’s defenses are more than just a wall. After all, villains breached this wall before. So, if they could do it in the past, what’s stopping them from doing it again? And, we need to consider that the villains have gotten stronger since the last time they got in.

Principal Nezu explaining U.A.'s new defenses from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137
Principal Nezu explaining U.A.’s new defenses

For starters, Nezu mentions that U.A. has the same defensive capabilities as Tartarus. That’s great and all. But, Shigaraki was able to break into Tartarus very easily. So, while those defenses might stop random villains, they’re not going to stop him.

This is where Nezu’s personal touches come in. He used his own brainpower (and money) to further enhance the school’s defenses. It turns out that the school can actually move. But, it can’t move in the way you might have hoped. I thought the whole school was actually going to get up and move.

No, it can’t do that. Instead, each section within the wall can descend into a network of tunnels. The sections can then use these tunnels to get away from the danger. And, there are layers of reinforced plates underground to protect against Shigaraki’s Decay.

Uravity’s Rooftop Speech

Uravity’s rooftop speech was pretty pointless. All she did was state the obvious multiple times until the civilians listened. Oh, and have you noticed that Ochaco has been saying “hero academia” a lot recently? She’s been so close to having a “this really is My Hero Academia” moment.

There was only one part of Ochaco’s speech that I was even remotely interested in. It was when she paused for a moment to think about Himiko. This happened as she was saying that she wants to be able to smile together with everyone in the future.

So, what does this mean? It seems pretty obvious, to me, that Himiko is to Ochaco as Shigaraki is to Izuku. Izuku wants to save Shigaraki even though he’s a villain. And Ochaco is now realizing that she feels the same way about Himiko.

Uravity giving a speech from U.A.'s rooftop from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137
Uravity giving a speech from U.A.’s rooftop

Ever since Himiko’s introduction, I’ve felt that she could become an ally of the Class A students. And now, we’re finally seeing how that could come to fruition. It’s not going to be Deku who brings her over to their side. It’s going to be Ochaco, and probably Tsu, who saves her and gives her a place to belong.

This also makes sense if Deku’s goal is to save Shigaraki. We know that Himiko views the League of Villains as her friends. She views Shigaraki as her friend. So, the fact that the hero students plan to save Shigaraki seems key to getting Himiko to defect.

What happens when Himiko and Shigaraki join the heroes’ side, though? Well, they’re still kind of mass murderers. So, I could see them helping the heroes take down All for One. But, they’d still have to go to prison afterward for their past crimes.

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The Heroes Who Remain

We need to talk about one of the big misunderstandings the civilians have. They have a lot of misunderstandings. For one, they believe everything that’s going wrong is the fault of the heroes. Personally, I’d place more fault on, you know, the villains. But, what do I know?

They also don’t see how they themselves are partially at fault. They pretend like they have nothing to do with the current situation. And that’s not the case. As Ochaco understands, civilians play a huge role in helping heroes fight. When civilians are cheering heroes on, the heroes can overcome anything.

And as we saw in Episode 135, it works the other way around, too. If all the civilians do is complain and harass the heroes, it demoralizes them. This is where the big misunderstanding the civilians have that I want to talk about comes in.

All Might on a stage from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137
All Might on a stage

After Ochaco’s speech, one of the civilians gives a speech of his own. And in it, he claims that many (most) heroes were only in it for fame and fortune. And, he points to how many heroes have quit recently as proof of his claim. But, this is false.

Sure, some heroes would have quit for those reasons. However, based on what we’ve seen, that’s not the case. Most of the heroes who quit did so because they lost the support of the civilians. They got tired of risking their lives every day to protect people who are actively hostile.

At least, there was one good thing to come out of this guy’s speech. He pointed out that the heroes who remain are doing it because they actually want to protect people. Though, again, that misses the point that heroes who retired also wanted to protect people.


What did you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 137? Did you find this episode to be as boring as I did? Are you expecting Himiko and Shigaraki to help in the final fight against All for One? And are you as annoyed with the civilians as I am? Let me know in the comments.

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