One Piece Episode 1099 Review

One Piece Episode 1099 Review

Release the Seraphim!

It didn’t feel like much happened in One Piece Episode 1099. CP0 landed on Egghead Island and Rob Lucci defeated Atlas in one hit. That’s it. We didn’t even get much in terms of lore, which would have made the episode feel more full.

For example, the Vegapunks released the Seraphim to fight CP0. And yet, we didn’t learn which additional Warlords the Seraphim are based on. We only got to see the Seraphim we already knew about — S-Hawk, S-Snake, S-Shark, and S-Bear. There should still be three more.

Now, as I’ve gone over in previous reviews, we can guess who the remaining Seraphim are. For example, since they all have animal names, Crocodile is definitely going to be one. But, what about the other two? As I see it, there are three potential warlords who could fill those slots.

S-Hawk, S-Snake, and S-Shark of the Seraphim from the anime series One Piece Episode 1099
S-Hawk, S-Snake, and S-Shark of the Seraphim

Anyway, despite the Seraphim being “released,” we didn’t get to see them in action, this week. I don’t watch the next episode previews for One Piece, so I don’t know if they were shown in that. But, I have to assume that they’re going to fight CP0 in Episode 1100.

Something I’m a little confused by, though, is when Zoro is going to fight S-Hawk (shown in the OP). From what we saw in this episode, S-Hawk is under Vegapunk’s control. And, since Vegapunk is allying with the Straw Hats, there shouldn’t be any reason for Zoro and S-Hawk to fight.

Of course, it may be that Zoro requests to fight S-Hawk. After all, S-Hawk is the Mihawk Seraphim. Zoro wants to defeat Mihawk in a duel, so fighting S-Hawk could be good practice. However, the OP may have been hinting that CP0 will gain control of all the Seraphim.

Egghead Island’s Frontier Dome

I said there wasn’t really any lore in this episode. But, that’s not entirely accurate. We got a little bit of lore about Egghead Island (and Stussy of CP0). It turns out that Stussy is very familiar with Egghead.

Did Stussy grow up on the island — potentially alongside Bonney? That’s definitely one possibility. And, to be honest, I’m predicting that’s the case. She may also be familiar with Egghead because she’s been there before for another reason. In either case, we should get to learn a bit about Stussy’s backstory in this arc.

What we should keep in mind, for now, though, is that she’s very familiar with Egghead. She knew the giant dragon monster was a hologram. She knew who Atlas was. And, she even knew about the Frontier Dome that protects Punk Records from attack.

Stussy explaining the Frontier Dome from the anime series One Piece Episode 1099
Stussy explaining the Frontier Dome

So, let’s talk about the Frontier Dome. Punk Records sits on the clouds that are above Egghead Island. Those clouds have two yellow lines around them which serve as the boundary of the Frontier Dome. Anything that goes beyond those lines gets shot down by lasers. It’s a laser defense system.

Of course, it makes sense for Punk Records to have a defense system like this. That’s where Vegapunk’s brain is located. If anything happened to that, it would be a major disaster for Vegapunk. Also, remember that Vegapunk wants to share his brain with the rest of the world. So, its destruction would be bad for everyone tapped into it.

However, is the Frontier Dome enough? Based on what we’ve seen of it, I’m going to go with “No.” Sure, it stopped Kaku. And, in Stussy’s example, it stops missiles. But, could it stop a powerful devil fruit user like Blackbeard? I doubt it.

Allies of the Four Emperors

The most interesting part of Episode 1099, to me, was when Stussy warned Rob Lucci not to fight Luffy. She said that since Luffy is now a member of the Four Emperors, they shouldn’t fight him. Not because he’s too strong, though.

Stussy’s reasoning is that the Emperors tend to have a lot of allies. If CP0 (the World Government) starts a fight with one of the Emperors, it could lead to an all-out war. This is why the World Government generally leaves the domains of the Emperors alone.

Could the World Government have taken out Big Mom or Kaido? I’d say so. But, by attacking one of them, they would have opened themselves up to attack. If they attacked Big Mom, they’d have to fight all of her allies. That would leave them open to attack by someone else, like Kaido.

Atlas after being attacked by Rob Lucci from the anime series One Piece Episode 1099
Atlas after being attacked by Rob Lucci

Luffy is now in a similar situation as Big Mom and Kaido were. Shanks and Blackbeard are a bit different. But, Luffy has a lot of allies around the world. As far as nations go, he’s allied with Alabasta, Amazon Lily, Fishman Island, Dressrosa, Zou, and Wano. He also has the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. And, he’s friends with Shanks, another Emperor.

When you consider all those allies, what Stussy said makes a lot of sense. Luffy has powerful allies among pirates, World Government member countries, and rogue countries. If they came to his aid in a war, that would be disastrous.

However, I highly doubt Rob Lucci fighting Luffy here would lead to that outcome. Luffy’s not the same kind of Emperor as Big Mom and Kaido. He’s far more like Shanks — someone who’s willing to overlook slights against himself. Luffy wouldn’t start a war over a fight.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1099? Were you disappointed by how little happened in this episode? Which devil fruit users do you think the Frontier Dome would be useless against? And, do you think the World Government has to worry about starting a war with Luffy and his allies over a fight?

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