Overlord IV Episode 3

Overlord IV Episode 3

What Are the God-kin?

It’s happening. It’s finally happening. At the start of Overlord IV Episode 3, Ainz brought up that someone brainwashed Shalltear in Season 1. Now, I know this doesn’t actually mean that we’re going to get to the bottom of that any time soon. But, it’s nice to see it wasn’t forgotten.

From what I remember, the implication at the time was that other humans (players) were behind it. If true, that’s a huge deal. As far as Ainz knows, he’s the only player stuck in the game world. So, confirmation that there are other players — even enemies — would be positive.

If there are other players, that could mean the other members of Ainz’s guild exist somewhere too. And, in case you forgot, finding his friends is Ainz’s goal. The reason he’s taking over the world is so that he can find his friends.

Two God-kin from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 3
Two God-kin

Now, a bit later in the episode, the leaders of the Theocracy discuss how to deal with Ainz. Based on the reports they have, no human could win against even Ainz’s army — forget Ainz himself. But, one of the leaders mentions that the combined power of two God-kin could defeat such an army.

We’re shown what these two God-kin look like. But aside from that, we know nothing about them. We don’t even know what God-kin are. Still, based on context clues, we can make some basic assumptions about them.

Albedo & co. call Ainz and the other players Gods. So, God-kin wouldn’t be the Gods themselves, but rather those closely connected to the Gods. So, to me, that means the God-kin are on par with Albedo, Demiurge, Shalltear, etc.

The Theocracy leaders also think Ainz is a descendent of a god himself. Little do they know, he’s the real thing.

Adamantite Adventurers

As we know, Momon is the strongest adventurer in all the lands. And as the strongest, that puts him in the adamantite adventurer rank. In case you forgot, the ranks go copper -> iron -> silver -> gold -> platinum -> mithril -> orichalcum -> adamantite.

Now, Emperor Jircniv hired a team of five adamantite adventurers to be his bodyguards. Their job is to protect the Emperor while he meets with members of the Theocracy. And, these adventurers aren’t any adamantite adventurers. They’re Silver Thread Bird, the strongest adventurers in the entire empire.

At this point, I should remind you that Momon isn’t your typical adamantite adventurer. The members of Silver Thread Bird aren’t on the same level as Momon. Despite being adamantite adventurers, they’re still humans. Momon is an undead “God.”

The adamantite adventurer team Silver Thread Bird from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 3
The adamantite adventurer team Silver Thread Bird

As you may recall from the first part of the episode, the Theocracy leaders mentioned the human limit. When referring to Ainz’s army, they said it was too much for any human to handle. But, as we know, Ainz could handle it. And, because Ainz and Momon are one and the same, Momon could handle it too.

Also, you may have forgotten (I did), but Momon’s “power level” is off the charts. When it came time to measure his level, it was too high for the adventurer’s guild to measure. So, while Momon is an adamantite adventurer, that’s only because a higher rank doesn’t exist.

If Silver Thread Bird confronted Ainz when he appeared, I’m not sure they’d survive. They might be able to survive if their goal was to escape. But, as adamantite adventurers, I don’t see them doing that. Instead, I could see them fighting against Ainz to the very end — and losing.

A Meeting with the Theocracy

Speaking of Ainz appearing, he showed up at Emperor Jircniv’s secret meeting. Jircniv invited members of the Theocracy to join him at the Colosseum. The Emperor selected the Colosseum in an attempt to prevent eavesdropping. The roars of the crowd will drown any conversation out.

Even before their meeting got interrupted, I can’t say it was going in the Emperor’s favor. The Theocracy is wary of the Empire because Jircniv has been cooperative with Ainz. In Jircniv’s defense, he’s basically Ainz’s hostage. But, it doesn’t look that way from the outside.

When Ainz shows up at the Colosseum, he doesn’t help to alleviate the Theocracy’s concerns. He speaks to Jircniv in a familiar manner, playing up the fact that the two of them know each other. And to the Theocracy leaders, this is a huge red flag.

Ainz appearing before Emperor Jircniv in the Colosseum from the anime series Overlord IV Episode 3
Ainz appearing before Emperor Jircniv in the Colosseum

Rather than stick around to converse with Ainz, the Theocracy leaders make their exit. And, much to my surprise, Ainz allows them to leave. I was sure that he’d tell (order) them to stay and watch his fight. He could even use a spell to prevent them from leaving.

But, destroying the Theocracy isn’t Ainz’s goal at this point. For now, all he wants to do is keep his potential enemies separate. By making the Theocracy believe Jircniv is his ally, Ainz stopped any cooperation. He’s dividing and conquering his enemies one by one rather than taking them on all at once.

I have to say, I enjoyed this episode a lot — especially the parts with Jircniv. It was great to see Jircniv know that Ainz was pulling all the strings and yet have no way to stop him. He recognizes the situation he’s in and he’s desperately trying to find a way out.


What do you think about Overlord IV Episode 3? Do you think I’m right that the God-kin are NPCs created by players? What adventurer rank would you put above adamantite? And, what was your first thought when the challenger turned out to be Ainz? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Overlord IV Episode 3”

  1. I just rewatched the first three seasons of Overlord a few days ago and picked up on some things I missed the first time around. It was actually agents of the Slane Theocracy who brainwashed Shalltear in Season One. From Ainz and Nazarick’s point of view it’s a mystery but we – the audience – were actually told quite early on.

    Just to clarify in the meeting of the Slane Theocracy Cardinals they didn’t describe Ainz as a descendant of a god. They said “the descent of a god?”. Which I take to mean they are asking if Ainz is a god who has descended to their world from wherever gods come from. Probably not heaven in the case of Ainz. Having rewatched the series recently a lot of the conversations that take place in the Slane Theocracy seem to indicate this isn’t the first time a powerful ie. god-like being has come to their world. In fact in season one we are shown one of the god-kin playing with a Rubik’s cube and she even calls it a Rubik’s cube. Something that obviously came from another world.

    The Slane Theocracy has special forces groups made up of their most powerful individuals which they call Scriptures. At the start of season one Ainz took out one of the Scriptures – the Sunlit Scripture – that was attacking Carne Village.

    Shalltear ran into the Black Scripture and was partially brainwashed by one of their members who I believe was killed or badly injured before they could complete the brainwashing. The Black Scripture were there on a mission that had nothing to do with Ainz or Shalltear and beat a hasty retreat back to the Slane Theocracy after Shalltear effed them up. If I remember correctly the Black Scripture were on a mission that had something to do with a dragon.

    1. Yeah, it’s been so long since I watched the first season that I don’t really remember anything about it. But, also, I must have misread what the Theocracy Cardinals said in reference to Ainz’s ability to use tier 11 magic.

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