Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1

Let’s Make a Movie (Continued)

The anime of the season has begun. Mushoku Tensei what? Jujutsu Kaisen who? I only know Rent-a-Girlfriend.

But, in reality, Rent-a-Girlfriend (Kanokari, from here on out), isn’t that good. I just had a pretty good time reviewing the episodes of Season 2, so I figured I’d do the same for Season 3. And, after the first episode, I have it rated as a 5/10. Let’s see if that rating goes up or down over the course of the season.

Anyway, Season 3 Episode 1 started off great with a shot of my wife Chizuru taking a bath. In one of the previous seasons (I think Season 2), we got a shower shot of her. So, I’m glad I now have a bath shot to add to my collection.

If only Kazuya knew what he was missing out on.

Chizuru Ichinose taking a bath from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1
Chizuru Ichinose taking a bath

Moving on from Chizuru’s bath time, I forgot what happened at the end of Season 2. Kazuya proposed that he and Chizuru make a movie. Why? Because Chizuru’s grandmother is dying and likely won’t be around for much longer. And Chizuru wanted her grandmother to see her on the big screen.

Obviously, that means Chizuru is going to star in the movie. And Kazuya is going to serve as the producer. He’s in charge of setting up the crowdfunding and hiring the various staff required. But, is that all that he’s going to do? Is he not going to make an appearance in the movie, too?

I could see it happening. It would kind of make sense for Chizuur to push him into being in the movie, as well. But, my gut feeling is that it won’t happen. Kazuya’s not cut out for acting and is better at being a creep behind the scenes.

Mini Entered the Chat

Kanokari Season 3 Episode 1 also introduced a new character who was teased at the end of Season 2. Enter, Mini Yaemori. She’s a first-year student who attends the same university as Kazuya and Chizuru. And, she also moved in next door to them.

Specifically, Mini moved into apartment 202. Kazuya is in apartment 203 and Chizuru is in apartment 204. And, Mini introduced herself to her new neighbors by asserting her dominance. She told Kazuya and Chizuru to stop being so noisy on their balconies. If they want to be all lovey-dovey, they can do it inside.

To an extent, I agree with Mini. It was late and they were making some noise. However, I don’t see what Kazuya and Chizuru were doing as anything that bad. Does Mini expect her neighbors to be silent? It’s pretty normal for neighbors to speak to each other outside.

Mini Yaemori on her balcony from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1
Mini Yaemori on her balcony

Also, once Mini found out that Kazuya is her senpai, her demeanor changed. She began being polite to him. So, does she not think she should be polite to her neighbors by default? I wouldn’t like my new neighbor if they told me to shut up right after moving in.

Now, the big question is: What role is Mini going to play? Kanokari is a harem rom-com, so she’s going to develop a crush on Kazuya. But, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is how is she going to fit into the current dynamic of the series?

My bet is that she’ll be the one who knows about all of Kazuya’s relationships. As his next-door neighbor, she’ll see the other girls coming and going. She already knows about Chizuru. And with Ruka showing up at the end of the episode, Mini probably knows about her, too.

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Home Cooking and Girlfriend

In the second half of the episode, Chizuru invites herself over to Kazuya’s apartment. She does this because the two of them still need to discuss the crowdfunding of the movie. And, thanks to Mini, they can’t use the balcony anymore.

Now, if they really want to avoid making noise that would bother Mini, Kazuya’s apartment isn’t the best. His is still right next to Mini’s; they share a wall. I don’t see them being in Kazuya’s apartment being all that different from being outside.

Sure, a wall has more soundproofing than the glass of Mini’s balcony door. But, there’s also a divider between the balconies and it’s not like Kazuya and Chizuru were being that loud. They’re more likely to be loud in Kazuya’s apartment where there’s the illusion of more privacy. They’re not thinking of how thin the walls may be.

Chizuru Ichinose preparing to cook for Kazuya from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1
Chizuru Ichinose preparing to cook for Kazuya

The problem, however, is that Chizuru can’t invite Kazuya into her apartment. It’s a better look for her to be in his apartment than for him to be in hers. Also, Chizuru likes having her privacy. And, let’s not forget it could be fatal for Kazuya.

Do you actually think Kazuya could function even somewhat normally in her apartment? He’d be sitting there hyperventilating. Not because there’s anything wrong, but so he can breathe in more air that smells like her. Or, you know, he could pass out from excitement.

We have to remember that Kazuya’s brain doesn’t work properly when girls are involved. And that’s especially true when that girl happens to be Chizuru.

But, things turned out alright in the end for him. He got to spend time with Chizuru. They finished going over the crowdfunding campaign. And he even got to eat a meal cooked by Chizuru.


What do you think of Kanokari Season 3 Episode 1? Do you think Kazuya and Chizuru’s movie is ever going to get made? Where would you rank Mini against the other girls of the series? And, what do you think Mini’s role in the series is going to be? Let me know in the comments.

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