Re:ZERO Episode 46

Re:ZERO Episode 46

Ram’s Wish

For an episode that was 95% dialogue, I feel like there was a surprisingly small amount of new information that I didn’t already suspect. The first of these new pieces of information is that Ram’s goal is to save Roswaal from being deceived by “the witch,” which in this case likely refers to Echidna, not Emilia.

Although, she does also refer to Echidna as Roswaal’s teacher. So maybe when she uses the phrase “the witch” she really is talking about Satella. I’ve been pretty positive that Roswaal is connected to the Witch’s Cult for a long time. For now, I’m going to say that Ram was referring to Echidna, though.

This revelation regarding Ram interests me for three main reasons. First, it shows that Ram isn’t just a blind follower of Roswaal. Up until this point, the series had been portraying Ram as completely subservient to him. And while she still is to an extent, there’s more to it than him simply being her employer or savior.

Ram kneeling in front of Emilia from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Ram kneeling in front of Emilia

The second reason it’s interesting has to do with that last part about Roswaal being Ram’s “savior.” I’ll be going over this more in the following section, but it was previously implied that Roswaal took Ram and Rem in after their village was attacked. So you could have thought that she served him out of obligation. This idea seems to have been shattered.

And finally, how much is Ram’s stated goal affected by the fact that she’s forgotten about Rem? Would her goal actually be to save Roswaal if her memories of Rem weren’t erased? Something tells me that her main goal would be to protect her younger sister if she had her memories. Is rescuing Roswaal from the influence of the witch connected to protecting Rem in some way she currently forgets?

Ram vs. Roswaal

I’m sure that Roswaal admitting to being the one who attacked the oni village probably came as a surprise to some of you. This didn’t surprise me at all. In fact, way back on September 30th, 2020, I predicted that Roswaal was behind the attack. That’s the date the final episode of Season 2 Part 1 aired.

Now, I didn’t mention that in the review. But I did mention it on Discord, where you can see the message for yourself. It’s still there and unedited.

While I wasn’t surprised when Roswaal revealed this, I was somewhat surprised that Ram would still want to save him despite this being the case. Why would Ram want to rescue Roswaal, the person who slaughtered her clan and destroyed her village, from being deceived by the witch?

Roswaal confronted by Ram at the magic crystal from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Roswaal confronted by Ram at the magic crystal

There are two possible reasons I can think of. It could be that Ram doesn’t necessarily blame Roswaal for what happened. She may blame the witch for deceiving him and causing him to do it. Since we know that Roswaal doesn’t do anything that isn’t laid out in his copy of the Tome, that makes sense.

The other reason could be that despite what Roswaal did to their people, he willingly took in Rem. And this is where we get into the whole “is Ram’s wish currently distorted by her forgetting Rem?”

We know Ram is very protective of Rem. When they were kids, she hated how the other villagers would always put down Rem for “taking” half of Ram’s power. So if Roswaal accepted both Ram and Rem with open arms, that would probably make her view him favorably.

Oh, and I guess I should mention that Puck teaming up with Ram was surprising. I don’t see Roswaal being able to defeat the two of them in his current condition.

Reunion of Roars

I’ve had mixed opinions on Garfiel ever since he was introduced. And my worst opinion of him probably came when it was revealed that he’s actually 14. Maybe making him a year younger than Subaru would have been good. But making him be 14 seems too much like a gag for me to take it seriously.

At the end of this week’s episode is probably when I thought the highest of Garf. His character developed pretty quickly, as Roswaal pointed out to him last week. But I do think it was good development.

I like Garf’s role as a protector. First, he considered himself to be the protector of the sanctuary — even if it was due to his own refusal to recognize the truth. And now, he’s shown up at the mansion to protect his sister, Petra, Rem, and Betty from the threat that is Elsa (and Maylie).

Garfiel showing up to fight Elsa from the anime series Re:ZERO Season 2
Garfiel showing up to fight Elsa

Considering how Elsa was able to fight off everyone in Old Man Rom’s shack at the beginning of the series, I think Garf will have his work cut out for him. But, and maybe I’m giving him too much credit here, I do actually think Garf will be able to beat Elsa.

He’s not going to kill her, or even badly injure her. I can’t see him beating her to that extent. However, I think it’s entirely possible that Garf will be able to fight back enough that Elsa needs to withdraw. She also may withdraw simply to regroup with Maylie, in which case I don’t think Garf could beat them both.

I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode, though. We should get some good action between Ram and Puck fighting Roswaal, Garf fighting Elsa, and maybe even someone else (Otto and Subaru?) fighting Maylie.


What do you think of Re:ZERO Season 2 episode 46? Is there another reason you can see as to why Ram is devoted to Roswaal? Were you surprised when Roswaal revealed that he was behind the destruction of the oni clan? And do you think Garf has a realistic chance of beating Elsa? Let me know in the comments.

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5 Replies to “Re:ZERO Episode 46”

  1. I think part of the reason Ram is devoted to Roswaal is because although he initially forced her to serve him, she was grateful that she was spared and maybe she is even attracted to his devotion to Echidna even though he refuses to look at Ram romantically, much to her chagrin. Roswaal noted in this episode that she used to point his wand at him, which shows she was initially hostile. So she has since warmed up to him, whether it be because of a truly good relationship between a master and servant or whether it is actually a case of Stockholm syndrome made worse with memories of Rem having disappeared.

    This episode revealed why Ram looked pleased when Roswaal plunged his arm right through her body in Cour 1. It’s because they had a pact that one of them would kill the other in exchange for using each other to further their own goals. Ram’s smile must have meant she was happy that she died by Roswaal’s hand.

    No, I was not surprised that Roswaal was involved in the destruction of her clan. I had always found it highly suspicious that Roswaal conveniently showed up to ‘save’ Ram and Rem after Ram’s horn was cut off and thought he was involved in some way.

    I think Garfiel should be strong enough to show viewers the secret behind how Elsa can come back after supposedly being killed given how little damage Elsa took from Reinhard’s nuke, but I wonder if he is strong enough to defeat her on her own because we don’t know whether she can undo certain types of damage to her or whether she simply has multiple lives.

  2. I gave it some thoughts, and I have an idea that explains why Ram is working with Roswaal even though it doesn’t explain everything about their relationship.

    On Ram, I know her relationship with Roswaal is still murky, but I am speculating about something regarding their relationship based off of what we’ve seen in Season 1 and Season 2, inferring that Roswaal is the one keeping Ram alive. Roswaal indicated in Season 1 at the end of the first arc that Ram had used a lot of mana, so he’ll have to tend to her, which entailed touching her horn area. At the time, I thought it had a sexual purpose given Ram’s reaction to it, but after episode 40 when Ram started bleeding from her horn area when she used her demon powers to fight Garfiel, it’s clear that Ram overburdened herself by attempting to tap into those powers without her horn, so given Roswaal’s remark that she had lost a lot of mana, I now conclude that Ram cannot regain her mana naturally because of her horn being cut off, meaning that Roswaal is the one keeping Ram alive. I remember in Season 1 during the White Whale fight that the Night Banisher’s brightness dimmed some time after Rem used her horn, which shows that demon horns draw in mana from the atmosphere, and that’s how I came to this conclusion. Ram lost the part of her that naturally replenishes her mana, so she must have somebody who has the sufficient mana reserves to keep her alive with that being someone powerful and having plenty of mana like Roswaal.

    1. That makes sense to me. But at the same time, I feel like Rem should be an important part of the equation here. I don’t think Roswaal being the one to keep Ram alive would be enough for her to be so subservient to him. I think it’s more like, Ram follows Roswaal because he keeps her alive which allows her to continue watching over Rem. So if Ram doesn’t have any memories of Rem right now, that could explain why she’s suddenly acting against Roswaal. She forgot the person she was surviving for.

    1. The resident Re:Zero expert in our Discord server (Rain) tells me that he just hopped into that gem after the green gem he was in previously was shattered. I didn’t remember and didn’t feel like rewatching, so I asked.

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