Spring 2018 Week 10

Spring 2018 Week 10

Love To-LIE-Angle

This week the girls took a trip to the hot springs which would normally signify an obligatory fan service episode, but since this whole series is just fan service, it was a standard episode for the series. I don’t think we’ve had a beach episode yet, but we’ll probably get one soon.

At the hot springs, the girls split into two teams and played strip ping-pong. The prize for the winning team is bathing with Hanabi (which she never agreed to). However, after winning, Iori says that she’ll also accept a prize of going to a festival with Hanabi instead (if I’m remembering correctly).

Since the festival should be the next episode, that would mean there will only be one episode left for the beach. Will we get it? Place your bets now!

Comic Girls

Episode 10 of Comic Girls aired on June 7th, so you know what that means! That’s right, a Christmas/New Year’s episode! I’m not entirely sure why there needed to be what’s essentially a “holiday special” in June, but I’ll look past that for now.

I don’t remember what she did this episode, but in my notes I have written “Fuura is still my favorite character,” so she must have done something fairly entertaining. However, most of the episode focused around Tsubasa, Kaos, and Ruki.

These three went to Tsubasa’s house (mansion) for the holidays. Well, really it was only Tsubasa and Kaos, but then Ruki showed up because she knew everything was going to be a mess if Kaos was left alone with Tsubasa’s family.

Speaking of Tsubasa’s family, they apparently don’t know she’s a manga artist or a tomboy. It appears that Ruki has been helping her keep up this facade over the past few years. Overall, it was a much better episode than I expected when I first saw it was a “holiday special.”

Megalo Box

Comic Girls was followed up by an equally good (if not better) episode of Megalo Box. This week we got to see the semifinal match between the champion, Yuri, and the number two ranked fighter, Pepe “The Spider” Iglesias.

While I enjoyed watching the match this week, there were also a lot of other important developments. First, Team Nowhere has disbanded (probably temporarily) due to Nanbu telling Joe to throw his match against Burroughs (his next opponent).

Later on, Nanbu took Sachio to Shirato’s house and asked her to protect him from Fujimaki who has threatened to kill the entire Team Nowhere if Joe doesn’t throw the match. Apparently Sachio’s father was killed after his work was stolen by Shirato’s corporation.

As I previously mentioned, this episode, much like the one for Comic Girls this week, was very entertaining.

Pepe "The Spider" Iglesias from the anime Megalo Box
Pepe “The Spider” Iglesias


Unfortunately Hinamatsuri wasn’t as good as Comic Girls or Megalo Box this week. The episode focused on Hitomi and Anzu, and we only got to see Hina asleep in the background of a few scenes. Any episode without Hina simply isn’t as good.

The first thing I noticed about this episode was that the new pink-haired girl from last week didn’t make an appearance. Maybe she’s not going to end up as a new character and she was just a one-off instead, but there’s still time for her to make a comeback.

The first part of the episode was about Hitomi moving out because her mother didn’t believe that she had a real job and instead thought she was getting into trouble. The second half was about Anzu wanting to get a present for her adoptive parents, but gambling it all away on horse races instead.

My Hero Academia S3

As usual, My Hero Academia season 3 was good. As I expected, we got to see how All for One was able to wipe out some of the top pro heroes including Best Jeanist in an instant. We also got to see the start of the fight between All Might and All for One which should continue next week.

Unfortunately, All Might wasn’t able to go all out against All for One because Bakugo was too close by. This was remedied by the other UA students who were nearby rescuing Bakugo in what was one of my favorite scenes of the series so far (other than All Might getting angry).

Now that the UA students are away to safety, and All for One transported the League of Villains to an unknown location, there should be nothing in the way of his fight with All Might. I also liked seeing Himeko Toga used as a magnet to pull the other villains to safety.

Gun Gale Online

The most surprisingly good episode of the week came from Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. I had pretty much given up on this series giving me anything really entertaining, but I won’t complain about this week’s episode being a good surprise.

First we saw Pito and M’s team wipe out the seven teams who joined forces to take them down. Unlike when M was teamed up with LLENN, M was the bait this time and Pito defeated most of the enemies.

After that we joined back up with LLENN and Fuka as they made their way through the giant dome. It turns out that there was a savanna environment inside and the three teams located there were working together to take down the girls.

This could have been a boring encounter, or no encounter if LLENN and Fuka had snuck past the enemies, but instead it was possibly my favorite part of the episode. Fuka became surrounded by enemies and then fired off pink smoke grenades all around herself.

Normally you’d think that smoke grenades would be used to cover a getaway, but since the smoke was pink, LLENN was able to blend in and take out all the nearby enemies. Not only did I enjoy the strategy the girls used, but I liked how it referenced the first episode or two when LLENN would ambush players in the pink desert.

Hopefully the final two episodes of GGO continue to be as good as this recent one was.

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