Spring 2018 Week 6

Spring 2018 Week 6


With week six we’re officially at the halfway point of the Spring season. While I think most of the below series had a good episode six, there’s one anime in particular which disappointed me. Can you guess which one?

Love To-LIE-Angle

This week in our fan service short, there was a water gun fight between all the girls living in the dorm. They split into teams of two and battled it out until one team was completely eliminated.

While we were introduced to a new girl last week (I don’t know her name or the names of any of the characters), she really became a new character this week because it appears she’ll be sticking around for the rest of the season. Originally I wasn’t sure if she was a one-episode character or not.

In all honesty, this was probably the most tame episodes of this series. Although I still have it rated at a 4/10, I keep wanting to move it to a 5. Maybe next week it will finally get bumped up, but only time will tell.

Comic Girls

While Love To-LIE-Angle cemented its new character from last week, Comic Girls introduced a new character this week and she may be my favorite girl of the series so far. Fuura is a second year in high school and was previously living in the dorm with Tsubasa and Ruki.

It’s not entirely clear why Fuura left the dorm, but it may have to do with her tendency to enjoy scaring the other girls. Now that she’s back, Moeta has become her new favorite plaything because she likes hearing her scream in horror.

Fuura is a horror manga artist, which explains her character traits. I’m looking forward to learning more about her character as the show progresses.

However, that was just the first half of the episode, the second half was about Tsubasa and wasn’t as good. In this half, the girls’ teacher finds out that Tsubasa is the famous manga artist who she loves.

I still have this series as a 6/10, but I’m hoping Fuura can push the series up to a 7.

Megalo Box

This week of Megalo Box was much better than last week. There was plenty of action between Joe and Nanbu’s previous fighter. Further, we were introduced to another fighter who will be competing in Megalonia.

This new fighter appears to have a lion persona similar to how one of the earlier fights Joe had was against a fighter with a shark persona. For now, it’s unclear whether this will be Joe’s next opponent or just someone he’ll have to fight eventually.

There are currently three fighters locked in for Megalonia, but we were only really introduced to the lion guy and the champion so my guess is that Joe will fight those two for the semi-finals and finals respectively.

It seems as though we’re getting close to the end of the series even though the season is only halfway over, so I expect the next episode to be slow to make up for this. Megalo Box is still a 7/10.


Hinamatsuri had a good week six. The first half of the series was funny as it always is when it involves Hina, but the second half was an emotional segment about Anzu. I liked how in one episode this series could make me feel two completely different things.

In the first half, Nitta and Hina go to visit Nitta’s family (his mother and sister). Nitta originally has Hina memorize a script for when she gets questioned by his family, but as expected, Hina isn’t able to deviate from the memorized script when necessary and so this plan falls apart.

Eventually he decides to tell them that Hina is actually his daughter rather than the daughter of a fellow Yakuza whose whole family was killed.

The second half saw the outlaw of the homeless camp in the park. Because of this, all the homeless people living there have to split up and go their own ways. However, Anzu likes being able to live together with everyone there and is unwilling to accept this change.

In the end, Yassan is able to get Anzu a place to stay with a family which owns a bakery or restaurant of some sort. Here, Anzu starts her new, non-homeless life, but she’ll never forget the friends she made and lessons she learned while living on the streets.

As you may expect, Hinamatsuri is still an 8/10 for me, and although I like the series a lot, I don’t expect it to go any higher than that.

Gun Gale Online

Gun Gale Online was the disappointment of the week. Although it’s only a one cour season (12 episodes), it had a recap episode this week. Recap episodes are typically used between cours for seasons which are multiple cours long, not within a single cour.

Since it was just a recap episode, I didn’t actually watch the whole thing, but rather skimmed through it until the post-credits scene. However, while I thought I was going to actually get some real content after the credits, instead the series just put a series of dumb gags there.

Due to the uselessness of this episode and the poor choice to include it at all, I lowered this series from a 6 to a 5/10. I was so annoyed by this episode I even considered lowering the series to a 4. Really, there were better things to do than including a recap episode.

They could have skipped this week if they decided they weren’t ready for the next episode. Otherwise, they could have moved every other episode’s airing date up by a week and just ended the series early. I even would have accepted a filler episode if time and budget weren’t the issues.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia season 3 was one of the better episodes this week along with that of Comic Girls. There’s one simple reason for this, we were (more) officially introduced to “best girl” Himiko Toga.

While there wasn’t too much action this week, there was a lot of setup for next week’s episode so I’m expecting that to be one of the best yet. In this episode we saw Tokoyami and his Dark Shadow quirk go on a rampage as well as a short fight between Himiko, Tsu, and Ochako.

Himiko Toga and Tsuyu Asui from the anime My Hero Academia season 3
Himiko and Tsu

Himiko Toga is a villain who’s part of the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad. She’s a yandere character who’s attracted to beat up men to the point where she wants to kill and become them. Sounds pretty yandere to me.

She also uses hypodermic needles to collect the blood of her adversaries, but it’s not entirely clear what the purpose for this is yet. We don’t know what her quirk is because she hasn’t shown it, but the blood may have something to do with that.

Another explanation is that she’s collecting the blood of heroes for Stain to use because she’s one of his followers. Finally, a third explanation is that she’s collecting the blood of heroes so that the leader of the villains, All for One, can somehow steal their quirks.

While I think all of these are viable options, I’m kind of hoping for the first. I think her collecting the blood for Stain or All for One may be more interesting plot-wise, but at the same time I really want it to have something to do with her quirk since she’s a yandere.

It seems that we’ll get to see her in action more next episode so hopefully this will be answered then and we’ll get to learn more about her quirk if she even has one.

My Hero Academia season 3 is still an 8/10.

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