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Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Review

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Review

Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown anime movie cover art
Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown

Recapping Season 1

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown (ゴブリンスレイヤー -GOBLIN’S CROWN-) is a sequel movie to Season 1 of the Goblin Slayer anime. It comes after the first season and before the second. And, that’s why I finally got around to watching and reviewing it — Season 2 is coming in October.

I’ll go into why you should watch this movie before Season 2 in a bit. But, what should you do if you forget what happened in Season 1? Should you rewatch it before watching the movie? No, because the first third of Goblin’s Crown is actually a recap of Season 1.

Goblin’s Crown only has a run time of 1 hour and 25 minutes. And yet, the first 25 minutes is a recap. So, it’s not a very long movie if you choose to skip that part. But, if you’re like me, you watched Season 1 way back in 2018.

High Elf Archer from the anime movie Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown
High Elf Archer

Because it’s been five years since I last watched this series, I didn’t skip the recap. And, it actually reminded me of a lot of things I forgot. So, that was good. However, I can’t say that I approve of the first third of a movie being a recap.

If you’re going to watch a movie, don’t you want the entire movie to be new content? If I paid to see Goblin’s Crown in theaters when it released back in 2020, I’d be pretty mad about that. It’s really not much more than two to three episodes stuck together.

It would have been a better option to have the recap separate from the movie as a standalone episode. I probably wouldn’t have watched the recap if that was the case. But, at the same time, it’s not like the recap was that important for the plot of the “movie.”

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Noble Fencer’s Party

The main reason I’d recommend watching the movie before Season 2 is for the new character. Goblin’s Crown introduces Noble Fencer, a girl from a noble family who wants to be an adventurer. I doubt she’ll be an important character in Season 2. But, I do expect her to make an appearance.

Noble Fencer leads her own adventurer party that includes four other members. Despite being relatively young, it’s clear why she’s the party leader. She’s charismatic and wants to make a name for herself and her party. And, of course, as a noble, who’s going to say no to her?

Female Warrior is the only other woman in Noble Fencer’s party. She has red hair and, based on the shape of her ears, she’s an elf. There’s really not too much else to say about her.

Noble Fencer from the anime movie Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown
Noble Fencer

Dwarf Priest is the third member of the group and appears to be the oldest. However, due to the nature of elves, it’s entirely possible that Female Warrior is the oldest. I’m going to assume Dwarf Priest is the oldest, though, because he acts like he is.

Mage is the only other human besides Noble Fencer. He seems to be the second-in-command of their party. And, the feeling I got was that he’s been with Noble Fencer the longest. I don’t remember getting any confirmation of this. So, take that as my own theory.

Rhea Scout is the final member of the party. At first, I thought he was a girl. But, due to how the goblins Noble Fencer’s party fights treat him, it’s clear Rhea Scout is male. Also, Rheas are kind of like halflings or something.

So, here’s your first major spoiler of the review: The only party member to survive this movie is Noble Fencer.

Slaying the Goblin King (Paladin)

Based on the title of the movie, you’d expect Goblin Slayer and his party to slay a goblin king, right? Well, they don’t. The main villain of the movie is a goblin paladin whom they slay before he becomes a goblin king.

And, the slaying of the Goblin “King” wasn’t all that exciting. The majority of the fight involved Goblin Slayer and his allies running away. They ran around the fortress the Goblin “King” was residing in. Then, they ran away from the fortress and back down the mountain, while being chased, of course.

In the end, Goblin Slayer delivers the finishing blow to the Goblin “King.” And then, a strategically timed avalanche comes down and wipes out the rest of the goblin horde. It’s not exactly the flashiest way to take down a boss. But, that’s also kind of what makes it work in this series.

Goblin Slayer from the anime movie Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown
Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer isn’t really about the epic battles. Sure, there are a few good ones throughout the series. But, most of the time, the battles in this series are pretty mundane. And, that may be because it reflects how Goblin Slayer himself feels about what he’s doing.

Remember, Goblin Slayer isn’t a character who’s out on some grand adventure. He’s not trying to create the best party around and go take down the demon king to save the world. For him, slaying goblins is a job and it’s personal.

Also, keep in mind that Goblin Slayer is a very resourceful fighter. He’s always looking to slay goblins in the most efficient way possible. That’s why he moves from weapon to weapon as he fights. And again, that’s why this final battle is such a classic Goblin Slayer moment. Using an avalanche to take out the goblins is very efficient.

Goblin’s Crown: 6/10

As far as movies go, Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown isn’t great. It’s a 6/10. Obviously, the fact that the first 25 minutes of the movie was a recap of Season 1 is a negative. And, even though the anticlimactic ending fits the series, this is a movie. I still want excitement.

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RPG Real Estate

RPG Real Estate

RPG Real Estate anime series cover art
RPG Real Estate

Series Overview

RPG Real Estate (RPG Fudousan / RPG不動産) is a slice of life comedy series set in a fantasy world. And in case you’re wondering, no, RPG doesn’t stand for “role-playing game.” It stands for “Rent, Plan, Guide for you,” which is the tagline of the real estate business our main characters work at.

The premise of this series is pretty simple. The girls of RPG Real Estate have to find homes for all the fantasy-folk who walk through their doors. And the way this happens tends to follow a pretty similar pattern in every episode.

Someone comes to them with extreme needs for their home. The girls then struggle to find a place that matches all the criteria. And in the end, they come up with the perfect solution. Sometimes, we already know of this solution thanks to the magic of foreshadowing. Other times, it comes out of left field at the end.

It’s not an amazing series by any means. For the majority of the season, I had it sitting at a 5/10. But, after it ended and I had a chance to look back on the season as a whole, I raised my score.

Part of the reason I raised my score was that I felt the series nailed the final episode. There are so many anime that fail to stick the landing at the end. RPG Real Estate wasn’t one of them. I didn’t have very high expectations for the ending, to be fair, but it far surpassed them.

The other big reason I upgraded my rating was that I enjoyed all the different client characters. All the client characters are so unique. And it’s fun to see what kind of home each of them ends up paired with in the end.

Main Characters

I don’t like the main characters of this series as much as the supporting characters. But, there are way too many supporting characters for me to go over. And since the main characters appear in every episode, it’s more important to cover them here.

Kotone Kazairo is the protagonist of the series. At the start of the series, she moves to the city from the country to work at the company. Back at home, she has two younger sisters, Tsuzumi and Hibiki. There’s not much else to say about her other than that she dresses like a mage.

Rufuria is the leader of the RPG Real Estate girls. RPG Real Estate is a government agency, though. So, it’s not like Rufuria is a business owner. She’s more like the assistant manager of the local branch of the agency. Her dream is to get promoted.

Rakira, Rufuria, Kotone, and Fa from the anime series RPG Real Estate
Rakira, Rufuria, Kotone, and Fa

Rakira is second in command at the branch office, if you can call Rufuria first in command. In reality, Lady Satona is the one in charge of the branch. But, anyway, Rakira is super strong, obsessed with training, and fights with a sword. Despite this, she wants others to see her as feminine.

Lastly, we have Fa, who’s the most interesting of the four main characters. I’m going to go into some light spoilers with Fa to explain her character.

Throughout the series, there’s a dragon attacking the surrounding lands. And a recurring question is, “is Fa the dragon?” It’s obvious based on Fa’s appearance that she’s a dragon. The other characters don’t seem to recognize that, though.

But, despite it being obvious to the viewers that Fa’s a dragon, it’s still up in the air whether she’s the dragon. So she’s interesting because there’s some mystery surrounding her.

It All Comes Together

I watched the final two episodes of RPG Real Estate today before writing this review. And they improved the series as a whole because they tied everything together. We got answers about Fa and some supporting characters from earlier made a return.

At the end of Episode 10, we got the big reveal that Fa isn’t the dragon that’s been attacking the kingdom. And in Episodes 11 and 12, we learn more about this. The dragon attacking the kingdom was being controlled by someone. That someone also controls Fa at the end of Episode 11 to make her attack Kotone.

I’ll come back to that in just a moment. But first, let me go over the first supporting character(s) to show up. Toto and her pet pegasus Shiro are from Episode 4. But in Episode 11, they give Kotone a lift so that she can rescue Fa.

Kotone showing Lily a house from the anime series RPG Real Estate
Kotone showing Lily a house

Now, back to Fa attacking Kotone while controlled. The wound Fa inflicted was mortal; Kotone died. And, I was quite impressed that the series did this. Killing off the protagonist at the end of a slice of life anime is bold. But, I had a feeling that Kotone wasn’t going to stay dead.

It turns out, I was right. After Kotone died, I remembered that Episode 3 introduced Lily, a necromancer. And sure enough, Lily found Kotone’s soul, put it into a doll, and then was able to later put it back into Kotone’s body.

And, finally, in Episode 9 we learned that gods exist in this world. But, before we learned that, Kotone wished to the gods that she could live in a nice house with her friends. Guess what happened in the end? Kotone’s wish came true — though, the explicit callback wasn’t needed.


In the end, I gave RPG Real Estate a 6/10. That might not sound very good. But, a 6/10 for me means that I enjoyed it. If you like slice of life anime or anime set in fantasy worlds, you might like it too.

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Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul

Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul

Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul anime movie cover art
Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul

Stairway to the Fifth

Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul (Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei / 劇場版メイドインアビス 深き魂の黎明) is the sequel of Made in Abyss. It’s called Movie 3, but the first 2 movies were recaps. The movie picks up from where the first season left off, with Riko, Reg, and Nanachi in the Fourth Layer.

Now, I watched and reviewed the first season of Made in Abyss way back in 2017. So it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. But, that season covered the first 3 layers of the Abyss. This movie covers layers 4 and 5. But, we don’t spend much time in layer 4.

This “speedrunning” of the layers is something I’m not a huge fan of. And it’s very possible I brought up the same complaint 4 and a half years ago. I’d rather each layer of the abyss get its own arc so we could explore the world a bit more.

The main feature we get to see in the fourth layer is the Field of Eternal Fortunes (name taken from the soundtrack). This field of flowers has been overrun by a dangerous insect that made its way up from the fifth layer.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much more of the fifth layer. We see some giant water tower things, and then spend the rest of our time in the fifth layer at or around Ido Front. Ido Front is the forward operating base in the fifth layer used as a launch point for going deeper down.

And, something I want to bring up here is that it’s said the sixth layer is the point of no return. Once you pass through Ido Front, there’s no coming back. Even from the fifth layer, you can get back to the surface.

The Girl with the Curly Green Hair

Prushka is a new character introduced in Dawn of the Deep Soul. And in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, let me warn you that this is where the major spoilers begin. It’s kind of hard to talk about the characters without spoiling things.

Alright, so Prushka is Bondrewd’s adopted daughter. Though, as we later learn, it’s hard to say that Bondrewd is even Bondrewd at this point. Anyway, she’s a pretty good character. And, she’s interesting too. Prushka has lived in the fifth layer for her entire life. She was born there.

But, while I like Prushka, she confused me a bit. You see, Prushka is the same size as Riko, Reg, and Nanachi. But as we can see from her chest, she’s not a very young child. I don’t remember if character ages were ever stated. But I was thinking Riko was like 10 at most.

Prushka and Nanachi from the anime movie Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul
Prushka and Nanachi

The issue here is that these characters are all so small compared to the adults. They come up to about waist height on Bondrewd. And yet, they’re actually supposed to be pre-teens/teenagers. I looked it up, and Riko is around 12, while Prushka is more like 14.

I get that the size of these characters has to do with style choice. But, Prushka’s chest threw me off when I was thinking she was an 8-year-old based on her height and personality. Speaking of style, though, Prushka does have a great character design. I love her outfit.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about Prushka without bringing up her end. Prushka gets chopped up and stuffed in a suitcase (alive) by her “father.” That’s pretty brutal. But, I also think that was a good end for her character storywise. She got to be the focus of the emotional climax.

Encounter the Umbra Hands

Bondrewd looks cool. Can we all agree on that? But, I have to say that I wasn’t a huge fan of his voice. The voice itself, but also the way he spoke, didn’t fit very well to me. I guess it fits his “dad” persona. But it doesn’t fit him.

I wasn’t all that impressed by Bondrewd for the first half of the movie. It’s only once we got the reveal that he’s immortal that I took a real interest in him. And the use of “Transcendence and Hanezeve” (the best song on the OST) during that scene made it all the better.

Okay, so the part at the end of the movie with the Prushka cartridge was the emotional climax, as I’ve stated. But, it can’t match Bondrewd reviving as the organ of “Transcendence and Hanezeve” hits. That’s the point at which he became the villain.

Bondrewd and the Umbra Hands from the anime movie Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul
Bondrewd and the Umbra Hands

Not everything about how Bondrewd is immortal made sense to me. I get that he uses some giant machine to transfer his consciousness between bodies. But, we never got a good explanation for how it works. And by the end of the movie, he was still alive in a new body.

Something that did get explained is the true nature of the white whistles. A white whistle is the product of a human sacrifice. Prushka “sacrifices” herself to become Riko’s white whistle. And Bondrewd sacrificed his original body. Why is this important? Because a white whistle unlocks the sixth layer.

But, this made me question something. If you can’t come back from the sixth layer, what are Bondrewd and Ouzen doing with their white whistles? Does that mean they’ve never gone down into the sixth layer despite being able to? Or did Bondrewd use cartridges to return?


Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul is an 8/10, which is the same score I gave the first season. It’s a very good movie. But, there was some questionable content, because of course there was. I may have given it a 9 if that stuff wasn’t in there.

What questionable content? Well, there was a lot of weird stuff with Reg. For example, there’s the scene when the Umbra Hands are examining his body — and his urine. In that scene, and a few other times, there’s also a focus on penetrating his belly button. Oh, and Reg getting “excited” is a recurring theme.

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Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song

Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song anime movie cover art
Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song

Movie Overview

Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song (劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] III.spring song」) is the final movie in the Heaven’s Feel trilogy. The first movie is Presage Flower and the second movie is Lost Butterfly.

By this point in the route, it’s been established that Sakura Matou is the antagonist. The first movie set up the Holy Grail War, and the second movie set up Sakura’s character. Now, we follow Shirou as he teams up with Rin, Illya, and Medusa to save Sakura from herself.

You’ll notice that I said Medusa is on Shirou’s side here, not Artoria. That’s something I liked a lot about this movie. Although Artoria was corrupted in Presage Flower and was an antagonist in Lost Butterfly, I assumed that Shirou would somehow bring her back over to his side in Spring Song.

Artoria Alter (Saber) from the anime movie Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song
Artoria Alter (Saber)

However, Artoria never came back. She remained as an antagonist. What this means is that Shirou and Sakura effectively traded servants. Shirou has Medusa and Sakura has Artoria. I liked this because I think Artoria is a way better antagonist than she is a protagonist.

I know a lot of people really like Artoria. But to me, she’s extremely bland. At least when she’s an antagonist, she’s a very formidable opponent. And, I like Medusa as a protagonist more than an antagonist.

The problem with Medusa being an antagonist is that she tends to get defeated extremely easily. For example, Artoria one-shots her in Presage Flower. But as a protagonist, Medusa actually gets a chance to show what she’s capable of. So, this switch, I feel, brings out the best in both Artoria and Medusa.

Best Action of the Trilogy

Spring Song easily had the best action of the trilogy. I remember Presage Flower had some good action with Artoria vs. Medusa and Cu vs. Hassan. And while Lost Butterfly’s Artoria vs. Heracles was cool, I don’t really like the animation effects on Heracles.

But, Spring Song really had the best of everything. It still had cool Heracles action like Lost Butterfly. And it also had an amazing rematch between Artoria and Medusa. Honestly, the Artoria vs. Medusa fight in this movie alone is probably enough to make this movie the best of the three.

As I just explained, Artoria is way cooler as an antagonist because she’s so powerful and intimidating. And Medusa didn’t get one-shot this time because she’s on Shirou’s side. We actually got to see Medusa use her mystic eyes and Noble Phantasm. It was an awesome fight, and that’s the best part of any Fate anime.

Medusa (Rider) from the anime movie Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song
Medusa (Rider)

Going back to Heracles for a moment, I also want to point out how much I liked his “death.” I think Shirou is a dumb character so having him defeat Heracles was pretty lame, even if he wasn’t really Shirou in that moment. He was a Shirou/Emiya (the servant) hybrid.

But, anyway, I loved that we got to see a glimpse of Heracles without his madness enhancement. I’ve wanted a non-Berserker Class Heracles in Fate/Grand Order for a very long time. Seeing Heracles’s personality show through just before he disappeared in this movie just made me want him even more.

Oh, and since this section is about the action in the movie, we also got some pretty decent action at the end. I didn’t really care too much for the Shirou vs. Kirei fight. But, Rin vs. Sakura wasn’t bad even if it wasn’t much of a fight.

The Hentai Plot Is Gone

Easily the best part of Spring Song was that the hentai plot of Lost Butterfly was gone. Presage Flower didn’t have that kind of plot. It was just Lost Butterfly that was the problem. And because of that, I think the trilogy would actually be better if Lost Butterfly was cut out.

Sure, there are still parts of Lost Butterfly that are important, such as the reveal that Sakura is the corrupt Grail. But overall, I think Lost Butterfly was a waste of time. Spring Song fixes everything wrong with Lost Butterfly simply by dropping the hentai part of the plot.

It’s kind of crazy how a simple change in Sakura’s character can have such a drastic effect. I couldn’t take her seriously in Lost Butterfly because she was so horny 24/7. But remove that aspect of her character, and suddenly she becomes a tragic antagonist who you’re rooting for to be saved.

Rin Tohsaka using the Jeweled Sword Zelretch from the anime movie Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song
Rin Tohsaka using the Jeweled Sword Zelretch

I’d also argue that Rin becomes a better character in this movie, as well. I’ve always liked Rin. But since Heaven’s Feel is Sakura’s route, Rin takes a bit of a back seat and didn’t get much development in the first two movies.

That changes in Spring Song because Rin and Sakura are linked as sisters. We get to see Rin step up as the older sister to bring down her younger sister. And while Rin didn’t succeed with this in the end (because she didn’t want to kill Sakura), I still really enjoyed seeing her conviction.

As a shounen battle series fan, there’s just something I love about seeing a hero break out their biggest attack. That’s precisely what Rin did when she pulled the Jeweled Sword Zelretch. She doesn’t even need to truly fight with it; simply the fact that she flexes on Sakura with it is enough to be cool.


Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring Song is an 8/10 from me. That’s the same score I gave to Presage Flower, but I think this movie is definitely the better of the two. And it’s way better than Lost Butterfly.

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Violet Evergarden Movie

Violet Evergarden Movie

Violet Evergarden Movie anime cover art
Violet Evergarden Movie

Movie Overview

The Violet Evergarden Movie (劇場版 ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン) is the conclusion of the Violet Evergarden series. It takes place after the events of the TV series and the Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll movie.

Now, before I go any further, I need to make you aware that I’m going to spoil everything about this movie in this review. It’s highly suggested that you watch everything the series has to offer before reading any further.

With that disclaimer out of the way, the Violet Evergarden Movie is the story of Violet being reunited with Major Bougainvillea. It’s discovered that the Major has been alive this whole time living on an island within the nation that he and Violet once fought against.

However, Violet’s journey to be reunited with the Major isn’t the only plotline of the movie. It also tells the story of a young boy with a terminal illness named Yuris. Yuris wants Violet to write letters to his parents, younger brother, and friend to be delivered after he dies.

If you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like the plot of episode 10 of the series, that’s because it is. In episode 10, which I regard as the single best episode of anime I’ve seen, Violet writes 50 letters from a mother to her daughter to be delivered on the daughter’s birthday every year after the mother dies.

That’s not the only connection to episode 10, though. The movie actually starts out in the “present” with the granddaughter of the girl who received those 50 letters. And throughout the movie, we jump through time to follow this girl’s search for more information on Violet.

Episode 10 left such an impact on me that I immediately recognized the house in the movie.

I Didn’t Need This Movie

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think this movie was necessary. I didn’t need Violet and Gilbert to be reunited and live happily ever after. In fact, I would have actually preferred if Gilbert had just continued to be presumed dead — like how the anime series ends.

I’m generally not someone who needs a “hard ending.” Leaving the ending open, especially if that open ending is the more tragic option in a drama, is preferable to me. And, I don’t particularly think that Violet needed to be reunited with Gilbert for her character arc to be concluded.

I never felt that Violet’s journey as a character was leading her to the point at which she would be reunited with Gilbert. Rather, it’s Gilbert’s “death” that jumpstarts her journey of self-discovery and learning how to connect with others.

Violet standing on a harbor from the Violet Evergarden Movie anime
Violet standing on a harbor

I was also a bit underwhelmed by the ending. If we’re going out of our way to have Violet reunite with Gilbert, then at least make the payoff at the end worthwhile. They hug while standing in the ocean and then we’re just told that they lived together on the island for the rest of their lives.

Did they get married? Did they have children? Do they have surviving descendants in the “present?” Was their relationship even a romantic one? We don’t even have the answer to that basic question.

Sure, they both say that they love each other. And it’s very probable that Violet has romantic feelings for Gilbert. But at no point did Gilbert confirm he felt that way about Violet. He could just as easily love her as an adopted daughter. He’s like twice her age (which doesn’t really matter in context) and has always treated her as a child.

The Highlight of the Movie

The portions of the movie that have to do with Yuris, the sick boy I mentioned earlier, are the best. It’s a great reversal of episode 10. Instead of a parent leaving behind letters for their child, it’s a child leaving behind letters for their parents (and sibling).

I hate to admit it, but I may have shed 1 or 2 tears during the climax of Yuris’s story. That’s the first time any movie or series has achieved that. Episode 10 came extremely close. And if I rewatched it, it might succeed.

But, not only was Yuris’s story emotional, but it also tied together an overarching theme of the whole series. That theme is that nothing is permanent. People die, the world progresses, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop time from moving forward.

Yuris talking to Lucas on the phone from the Violet Evergarden Movie anime
Yuris talking to Lucas on the phone

One of the ways this theme is illustrated via Yuris is his use of the telephone. Because it’s been so long since I watched the original series, I don’t remember if the radio tower was being constructed during it. I feel like it was. But I can’t say for certain.

However, the radio tower was definitely being constructed in the Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll movie. Its construction and progress were mentioned multiple times in that movie. In particular, an old woman asks Benedict about it at least two separate times.

At the start of this movie, Iris comments on how once the radio tower is completed, telephones are going to put auto memory dolls out of business. And at the climax of Yuris’s story, it’s a telephone that allows him to talk to his friend Lucas one last time when there was no time left to write a letter.


Despite the issues I have with this movie, such as it really not being necessary and the “present” timeline portion not amounting to much, it’s still a 9/10. For an anime to make me feel the way this one did, it has to be at least that high.

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