That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 11

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 11

Gabiru Is Here!

Gabiru, the lizardman envoy, has arrived at Rimuru’s village and declares himself the new leader of the village. It’s unclear if he acted in such a manner to the other goblin villages, or if this is a more recent development in his character due to his men boosting his ego.

However, what we can be sure about is that Gabiru isn’t the smartest, nor strongest man around. He’s not smart enough to know he should be afraid of Ranga, and he’s not even strong enough to defeat Gobta in a fight, although as we learn, perhaps Gobta is actually a prodigy.

However, Gobta being a prodigy isn’t without its own pitfalls. How is he suddenly able to teleport himself via shadows? This isn’t an ability we’ve seen anyone other than the wolves be able to use, so why can Gobta suddenly use it? It seems that the protagonist isn’t the only one who can gain random skills out of nowhere.

After Gabiru is defeated by Gobta, Rimuru announces that although they may end up forming an alliance with the Lizardmen in order to fight off the orc army, they will not be subjugated by them. The Lizardmen then temporarily retreat, leaving very little in the way of lasting impact.

I won’t go on and on about it again this week, but these lizardmen seem to be just as pointless as those from Overlord. We can be pretty sure that they won’t really matter after this arc, and we can definitely be sure they won’t be helpful during this arc.

The Goblin Village

But, aside from the arrival of the Lizardmen envoy, what’s been going on in the goblin village since the oni were named and evolved into kijin last week?

For starters, the oni (I know they’re now kijin, but I’m going to keep referring to them as oni) seem to have already assimilated into the goblin society. Each of the oni now has a particular job within the community, at least on the surface.

Princess Shuna knows how to weave, and so she’s been tasked with creating clothing for the village out of the silk from some special kind of bug. To make this process go by faster, Rimuru had the dwarves construct a loom for Shuna to use.

Meanwhile, the other female oni, Shion, has become both Rimuru’s secretary and bodyguard. However, Rimuru isn’t someone who needs a bodyguard, and instead of doing secretarial work, all we’ve seen Shion do is maid work, and she’s not even good at that.

The two women also seem to have some sort of rivalry over Rimuru. I’d like to say it’s a romantic rivalry, but I don’t actually think that’s the case. Instead I think it’s more like they both want to prove their worth to him because he’s their new master, but since power fantasies are a thing, it’s twisted in a pseudo-romantic way.

Shuna and Shion fighting over Rimuru from the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Shuna and Shion fighting over Rimuru

Kurobee, the large oni, has been helping Kaijin, the dwarf, with his work. Apparently he’s a weaponsmith as well and is able to use some sort of oni ability which is the equivalent of material science. Souei, the ninja oni, is also making himself useful by serving as the village security alarm.

However, the two strongest oni, Hakurou and Benimaru, don’t appear to actually do anything around the village to help out. They even refused to warn Rimuru of how bad Shion is at cooking, and pretended to ignore him when he needed them most.

200,000 Strong

While most of the episode was taken up by the appearance of Gabiru and the general day-to-day work around the village, the end of the episode was actually somewhat interesting, even if it only lasted a couple of minutes.

At the end of the day, the high-ranking citizens of Rimuru’s village gather together to discuss what should be done about the orc army which is making it’s way through the forest. They know the army must be strong because it was able to take down the oni village, but at this point they don’t quite know where this strength comes from.

However, during the meeting, one of Souei’s sentries comes across a rare traveler, a dryad named Treyni. The dryad appears to know of Rimuru’s true strength, and perhaps even that he holds the storm dragon Veldora inside him.

She then requests that he and his men bring down the orc champion which is leading the 200,000 strong orc army. Previously it had been a possibility that an orc champion was behind the unification of so many orcs, but it’s only now that this is finally confirmed.

But, let’s be honest, we already knew that there was an orc champion, so that’s not really too surprising. Instead, what I’m really interested in regarding this final scene is the dryad, Treyni, and how she’ll be worked into the series going forward.

Will she be a one-and-done type character, will she make infrequent appearances, or will she join Rimuru’s village as a new member? Also, what kinds of abilities does she have and how could she possibly be useful either in or out of combat?


So what are your thoughts on this week’s episode of TenSura? Do you like Gabiru and the lizardmen? Which of the oni is your favorite (Shuna)? And, what do you think will happen with the dryad? Let me know your answers to all of these questions in the comments.

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