That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 20

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 20

Yuuki Kagurazaka

I took a decent amount of notes during this week’s episode of TenSura, so this review may go a bit longer than usual, but I’ll try my best to compress everything into a manageable length. And, surprisingly, my notes weren’t all about this series being bad, so you’re welcome.

Let’s start things off with the celebration after the defeat of the chaos-class monster, Charybdis. Hakurou slices up one of the Megalodons, and this is served as the main course for the celebratory feast. It seemed that this Megalodon seemed smaller than the ones we saw during the battle, but that inconsistency doesn’t actually matter.

What does matter is the fact that a dead meme was thrown into this feast scene. In case you missed it, we got a Hoboglin/Goblina version of the “salt bae” meme, in which they’re sprinkling salt on the sliced up Megalodon.

A Hobgoblin and Goblina version of the "Salt Bae" meme from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
A Hobgoblin and Goblina version of the “Salt Bae” meme

Now, while I think this was stupid, I’m not going to say that it detracts from the series or episode in any way. If anything, I’m just interested in at what point this scene was added into the series. I assume it wasn’t in the light novel, so was it added in the manga or is it an anime original scene?

I know a decent amount of you reading this have read either the light novels or manga for this series, so I’d love for you to tell me if this “salt bae” meme was actually included in any of the print material. If so, I can understand it more, but if this is an anime original addition, it seems a bit late.

I’m not sure exactly when this episode was made, but that meme is from January 7, 2017, so for it to be added into an anime episode airing February 18, 2019 is a bit odd. But, for all I know, this was originally in the manga or light novel and perhaps that chapter was written some time in 2017.

Milim’s Work

Next up we get a hot springs scene in which Rimuru is joining the girls on their side of the wall. Finally, a protagonist who isn’t afraid of women (though, to be fair he’s like 35 or something instead of 16 like usual). I’m also pretty sure he’s done this in previous episodes too, but I figured I’d point it out today.

But, the fact that Rimuru is bathing with the ladies isn’t what matters in this scene, what matters is Milim’s abrupt departure in the middle of their relaxation time. She informs Rimuru and Co. that she needs to get back to work, and then blasts off into the sky shortly after.

So, just what is Milim’s work?

In her own words, being a Demon Lord is her work, which is interesting to say the least. Just what is it that the job of being a Demon Lord entails, especially for Milim? If we look at Frey or Carrion, they seem to essentially be the rulers of their respective domains, but I just don’t see Milim actually working as any sort of head of state.

It seems that her only real job is to keep in touch with the other Demon Lords so that none of them interfere with each other. Although Milim doesn’t recall why she originally chose to become a Demon Lord, it’s pretty clear she did so because she wanted the freedom that came with that role.

She specifically says that she’ll tell the other Demon Lords not to mess with the Jura Tempest Federation, but I see this less as her trying to help Rimuru out and more as her just wanting to prevent the other Demon Lords from interfering with her fun.

But, potentially the most important part of this scene was the excessive amount of foreshadowing we were given. Rimuru and all four of the other girls in the hot spring specifically tell Milim not to let the other Demon Lords trick her, and Milim brushes off their warnings and claims she’s too smart to be tricked.

We know she’s going to be tricked, but I’m interested in seeing just what she’s tricked about. Will Clayman try to convince her that Rimuru is using her somehow?

Kingdom of Ingrassia

Rimuru then goes on a journey to the nearby Kingdom of Ingrassia. This is the same kingdom those three recurring adventurer characters whose names I forget are from, and it’s also where one of Shizu’s former students now lives and works.

During this trip we’re also told that at this point Rimuru has been in this world for two years now. It’s kind of amazing when you think about some of the stuff he’s been able to accomplish in such a relatively short time, and yet there are other things which you would have expected to have been completed by now.

Anyway, back to the Kingdom of Ingrassia, despite it being said that they have strict border security, Rimuru is able to gain access to the capital city simply by having an ID card. But, what’s even more amazing is that he isn’t even asked to remove his mask so his ID can be verified.

Rimuru showing his ID to a Kingdom of Ingrassia guard from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Rimuru showing his ID to a Kingdom of Ingrassia guard

And, believe me, I sat here thinking about how this ID card could work without visually verifying that the person carrying it is the true owner, and I couldn’t come up with anything. Even if it’s a magic ID card, Rimuru’s mask blocks his magic signature so it would still be impossible to very he’s who he says he is.

Some other strange things about Rimuru’s adventure to the Kingdom of Ingrassia are that he’s amazed by both glass and automatic, sliding doors. Maybe Rimuru hasn’t noticed it yet, but his own city has glass windows too. Yes, I checked.

Also, the fact that this kingdom has automatic, sliding doors doesn’t really seem all that impressive to me. First of all, the building which had said doors looked extremely modern, so it’s clear it was designed by someone from our own world. But, more than that, automatic doors seem like they would be pretty easy to construct in a world with magic.

The final thing I want to mention about the Kingdom of Ingrassia is the church. The church isn’t actually important yet, but Rimuru did mention that they probably view monsters like him as their enemy, because that’s just how the church is.

But, maybe you’ll remember that in my review of episode 17 I pointed out that there’s a place called Holy Kingdom Ruberium, which I also mentioned is probably going to be a major antagonist nation in the future. Well, this little comment from Rimuru as he passes the church in the Kingdom of Ingrassia seems to be setting that future conflict up.

The Grandmaster

We then meet the Grandmaster, Yuuki Kagurazaka. Yuuki is a former student of Shizu’s and now works as the head master of a school for children from other worlds. I’d guess that he’s also in his early 20s considering he doesn’t look that old and Rimuru refers to him as “kid.”

But, despite his age, not only is he referred to as the Grandmaster, but he also seems to be fairly powerful for a human. This seems significant, because from my understanding, he really is just a regular human, unlike Rimuru or Shizu.

From what I remember, there are three different ways to be brought from another world to this one, and each has a different effect on the person crossing between worlds.

  • Otherworlders who were reincarnated
  • Otherworlders who spontaneously transported
  • Summons

Rimuru is an example of the first type of Otherworlder who died in his own world, and then was reincarnated in this one. As we see, those such as him don’t necessarily have to be reincarnated as a human again, and they get a whole bunch of unique skills when reincarnated too.

Yuuki seems to be the second type of Otherworlder, because he believes it’s possible for him to return to his old world. It’s not impossible for him to be the first type of Otherworlder, but he never mentions that he died and was Reincarnated, so I think it’s likely he was spontaneously transported.

The final type are the summons like Shizu. We have some conflicting information about such people which I’ll go over in the next section, but basically these are people summoned from another world by a group of mages to be used as tools of war. They’re theoretically stronger than those who come to this world via the previous two methods.

Grandmaster Yuuki Kagurazaka reading manga from the anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Grandmaster Yuuki Kagurazaka reading manga

Along with teaching children from other worlds, Yuuki also appears to be researching how to return to his old world. We see that his office has items which remind him of that world, such as a toy motorcycle replica, and he loves manga/anime.

Unfortunately, because he was transported to this world, he missed out on reading the conclusions, or continuations, of his childhood favorites. Luckily for him, Rimuru is able to reproduce copies of these manga for him from his memory.

Summoned Children

In the end, Yuuki gives Rimuru a job as an instructor at the school for children from other worlds. In this position, Rimuru would be responsible for five children, and in return he gets a room, three meals a day, and maybe a salary (I forget if that was included).

It’s almost like Rimuru temporarily forgot that he’s the Hokage of the Jura Tempest Federation. But, I’m fairly certain his plan when he accepted this position was to take these children back with him to his country in the East.

So, let’s talk about these children for a bit. According to Yuuki, all five of them were summoned to this world just like Shizu. They also seem to have known Shizu, if only for a short period of time before she left to search for the Demon Lord who summoned her.

Speaking of the Demon Lord who summoned Shizu, I thought it was supposed to be Clayman, but they refer to him as Leon instead. Light Novel readers, are these two the same person or no?

Because these children were summoned, they theoretically have some pretty special powers due to the summoning process, and this seems to be confirmed. We see one of the boys unleash some sort of fire magic attack at Rimuru the very first time they meet, and I imagine this isn’t something most 10-year-olds can do.

However, it’s also stated that these children have five years to live at most, which doesn’t quite make sense to me. This is apparently because the sheer amount of magic energy that was pumped into their bodies upon summoning puts too much of a strain on them.

My issue with this is that Shizu was summoned as a child and she turned out just fine. She lived a long life and had even more magical energy stuffed inside her body in the form of Ifrit. I guess the explanation is just that Shizu was special? That’s not really an explanation, but I don’t see any other difference between her and them.

Also, one of the girls looks just like the adventurer Ellen from the Kingdom of Ingrassia, and another looks just like Shizu. For some reason, the one who looks like Shizu “resonated” or something with Veldora sealed inside Rimuru. We don’t know what that’s about yet, but my guess is that she’s related to the hero who sealed him in some way.

Perhaps she’ll be the key to unsealing Veldora as well, because I think he must eventually get unsealed, right? I mean, he’s currently playing less of a role than Kurama when he was sealed inside of Naruto.


In this episode we also got some information about one of Shizu’s other students who surpassed her in skill and power. There’s not much to say about her as of this episode, but my prediction is that she now works for the church or Holy Kingdom Ruberium in some fashion.

So, what did you think about this episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? And, what did you think of this review? Did you like it more than usual since I wasn’t bashing your favorite anime as much? Or, do you like it when I make you mad?

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