That’s Just Senpai’s Dick

That’s Just Senpai’s Dick

That's Just Senpai's Dick manga cover
That’s Just Senpai’s Dick


It’s been over a year since my first manga review, so it’s about time I reviewed another. I was originally planning to do a dual review of the Scum’s Wish manga and anime, but I dropped the manga and didn’t actually want to watch the anime so that fell through.

Luckily I was recommended this masterpiece called That’s Just Senpai’s Dick (Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko / それはただの先輩のチンコ). And, since it’s only one volume made up of eight chapters, it’s a nice, quick read which I appreciate since manga isn’t really my medium of choice.

So, what’s this manga about? It must be a hentai manga due to the title, right? Actually, no. According to MAL, it’s a comedy, ecchi, fantasy series, but I’d argue that doesn’t really describe what you’ll find inside. It’s not fantasy in the popular sense, and although it includes dicks, I wouldn’t really classify half of it as ecchi either.

It’s an anthology of seven short stories which take place within the same world in which dicks can be cut off, stay “alive,” and eventually grow back. While I’d say a few of the stories have ecchi parts, they’re all pretty different and cover a wide range of genres including comedy, romance, action, drama, horror, and slice of life.

And, while I’ll say that this manga is probably 18+, that’s mainly due to a few visuals and implied scenarios in it. Like I said, it’s not a hentai manga.

That’s Just Senpai’s Dick

The first chapter sets up the world in which all the other stories take place. We follow a high school girl who just wants to have a relationship with her favorite senpai’s dick (no, she doesn’t really care all that much about the person attached to it at this point).

This is when we learn the lore of the world, that it’s just like our world, except dicks can be cut off with specially-made guillotines without the owner dying. In fact, the dicks don’t die either, and instead become semi-sentient. The only problem is that they eventually do die after about a week, at which time they regrow on the original owner.

The main character of this story is having trouble keeping her senpai’s dick alive due to a number of different obstacles. However, in the end she opts to just harvest a new one every time the previous one dies.

And Now For That Warmth

While I can’t say that this second story is the most absurd of them all, I did find the premise to be one of the best. Unlike the girl from the previous arc, the main character this time around has no attraction to any one particular dick. Instead, she has a dream.

Her dream is to collect enough dicks to fill her back tub with them so that she can take a dick bath. It’s an ambitious dream and I was rooting for her all along the way. This one may have been the funniest of all the stories, especially when you see the scenes of her tossing around piles of dicks.

Also, it’s at this point that we learn that despite the cutting off of dicks being a possibility in this world, most girls don’t do it. In fact, this main character’s friends find her hobby to be a little weird.

Vol 1 Chapter 2: And Now For That Warmth from the manga That's Just Senpai's Dick
Vol 1 Chapter 2: And Now For That Warmth

Buried Relief

The third story was probably my favorite of them all because of how much of an emotional roller coaster it was. This story had horror, slice of life, romance, and drama. And if you know me, you’ll know I like my drama.

While I don’t want to spoil the endings of any of these stories, I think that goes double for this one. What I’ll say is that it’s about a romance between a girl and the dick (named Giovanni) of her ex-boyfriend. It’s a great story and I didn’t think that a manga about dicks could make me feel the way this chapter did.

It Was Like When I Caught That Grasshopper

Story number four is actually two chapters long and due to that is the most developed story. This one tackles more real-world topics about puberty and growing up, but in a very surreal way.

Basically it’s about a girl who finds a dick that attaches itself to her body. She’s unable to get it to come off, and must track down the boy who it belongs to. However, along the way she experiences what it’s like to have a dick for the first time, and her experiences are roughly equivalent to those of a boy going through puberty.

I actually think these two chapters had a decent amount of interesting things to say about sexuality, even if the plot was a bit strange. Also the grasshopper metaphor is definitely not the metaphor I would have chosen.

Rain of Life

Rain of Life was definitely the most absurd story in the entire anthology, and it technically wasn’t even about dicks, though they are involved. Instead it’s about a girl who collects the dicks of famous people, and then throws out a sex toy she had.

This sex toy then lands in some radioactive sludge and turns into a giant, sex toy monster, because why wouldn’t it? The monster then goes on a rampage through the city and the military has to be called in to fight it.

Remember how I said this manga had some action? Well this is the action chapter. Oh, also the sex toy monster grows stronger and larger by eating dicks, so there’s that. Some of the dialogue in this series, man.

The Last Dick

The Last dick is a continuation of the story from the first chapter of the manga. Remember how I mentioned that the girl kept on cutting off her senpai’s dick every time it regrew? Well now we learn that dicks actually only regrow a certain number of times.

This is a tale of two choices. Will Sakashita-san choose the boy she loves, or his dick? I thought it was actually a fairly compelling story about how her feelings have evolved over time, but what really made it good was the twist at the end. I mean, it’s still no Buried Relief, but The Last Dick is good too.


Fireworks is the third part of the trilogy which started with That’s Just Senpai’s Dick and continued with The Last Dick. I can’t really say too much about this story because it would spoil the ending of the previous chapter, but it follows Sakashita-san after the choice she made.

And, let me tell you, if you think the twist at the end of The Last Dick is something, wait until you see the twist at the beginning of Fireworks. In the end, Fireworks was a good way to conclude the series, though I do wish we got an epilogue of sorts like this for each of the previous stories.

That said, there is a bonus chapter at the end of Fireworks which has a mini epilogue for the second story, And Now For That Warmth.


I’ve only completed two manga, but That’s Just Senpai’s dick was definitely the better of the two. And, because I enjoyed reading it so much, I think I’ll give it a 10/10. I realize that this manga probably isn’t for everyone, but I really liked how it took such an absurd concept, told absurd stories with it, and was still able to have meaningful points.

Also the fact that it was a short anthology series also helped with the rating since I can’t do long manga. I simply prefer anime as a medium. If this series ever receives an anime adaptation, I’ll watch it. I’d expect it to be a short, and it might not be as good as the manga, but I’d still watch it.

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