To Your Eternity Episode 8

To Your Eternity Episode 8

Fushi’s Creation Power

To Your Eternity Episode 8 continued the trend of the series focusing much more on the supporting cast than on Fushi himself. Since Fushi develops via those other characters, we don’t miss out on his development when we don’t focus on him specifically.

With that said, we did get some direct Fushi development right at the start of the episode. Fushi has three main abilities that we know of. He’s immortal, he can transform, and he can create objects. In this episode, we learned a bit more about that third ability.

The majority of objects (or maybe all of them until this episode) that we’ve seen Fushi create are clothes. Fushi’s clothes are partially fused to his body since he creates them in the same way he creates his body. But, they can be peeled off.

Fushi creating a replica of the knife Gugu cut him with from the anime series To Your Eternity
Fushi creating a replica of the knife Gugu cut him with

Clothing creation aside, since that’s connected to his body creation, Fushi can also create other objects. However, there appear to be some limits placed on this ability. He can only create objects that have hurt him (or, more likely, left an impact on him in some way).

Fushi was able to create a spear that once pierced him, a knife that cut him, and a piece of firewood that burned him. However, as Gugu learned through his experiment, Fushi is unable to create things like fire, which is a plasma.

So far, everything that he’s made has been a solid at ambient temperature. So, either he can only create solids, or he can only create things in their ambient temperature state. For example, he may be able to make water, but not ice, if it’s warm out.

Gugu’s Body

Moving on to Gugu, we finally have an answer to what happened to his stomach. If you recall, he was concerned that his stomach seemed to be protruding more than usual after he awoke from the surgery that saved his life.

Last week, I wasn’t sure if Gugu actually meant that there was something wrong with his stomach or if that was just his response to being full for the first time in his life. We now know it was the former. There really is something wrong with his stomach.

While performing surgery to save Gugu’s life, the Booze Man (he needs to be given a real name) decided to perform an additional, unnecessary surgery as well. He added an additional organ into Gugu’s body that distills alcohol.

The Booze Man removing alcohol from Gugu's body from the anime series To Your Eternity
The Booze Man removing alcohol from Gugu’s body

As the Booze Man explains, there was no practical reason for doing this. It doesn’t help Gugu in any way and he doesn’t even plan to sell the high-quality alcohol Gugu produces. He simply did it because he always wondered if it was possible.

Gugu’s face is, obviously, the other part of his body that was affected by the surgery (and the accident itself). Personally, I don’t think we’re ever going to get a good look at his face since it doesn’t really matter what he looks like at the end of the day.

However, I do find it interesting that Gugu is confident enough in his appearance now that he doesn’t need his mask. This is interesting because based on the OP, he wears his mask again when he’s older. So what caused him to decide to wear it again?

It would be pretty depressing if he began wearing the mask again because his real face scared Rean. I’m guessing that’s not the case, but I have no idea.

Monster Brothers

I don’t remember if it’s in the OP, ED, or both, but we’ve seen that when Gugu is older, he has the ability to “breathe fire.” Now that we know he has an alcohol-producing organ in his body, it’s clear that he’s spewing alcohol and lighting it as it exits his body.

But, the fact that Gugu can produce fire on its own doesn’t interest me. There are a lot of anime characters that can create fire. That alone isn’t anything special in my mind even if it’s special within the context of this series.

Instead, I’m much more interested in how Fushi and Gugu have complementary abilities. Fushi can create objects, but not fire. And Gugu can create fire, but not objects. So if you put them together, the “Monster Brothers” can overcome challenges that they wouldn’t be able to on their own.

Fushi and Gugu from the anime series To Your Eternity
Fushi and Gugu

If the need ever arises, Fushi can rely on Gugu to produce fire. Likewise, Gugu can rely on Fushi to produce other objects he may need. And, I think we’ve actually already seen an example of this cooperation between the two of them.

In the OP, we see an older Gugu throwing a spear. What’s the first object Fushi created when showing Gugu his creation ability? A spear. I’m betting that the spear we see Gugu using in the OP was created by Fushi.

Obviously, if Gugu is using a spear that Fush created, then combat is probably involved. Sure, he could use a spear for hunting. But I have a feeling that’s not going to be the context. Perhaps Fushi and Gugu will have to rescue Rean from kidnappers.

On the other hand, I can’t really think of a situation in which Fushi would need Gugu’s fire. He’s immortal. So, maybe Gugu will be able to use his fire to help someone like Rean in a way Fushi can’t. Maybe they need to warm her up and so he creates a fire.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Episode 8? Do you think Fushi is able to create liquids and gasses with his creation ability? Why do you think Gugu chooses to wear his mask again? And what are your thoughts on Fushi’s and Gugu’s complementary abilities? Let me know in the comments.

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