To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17

Losing the Battle

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17 shows us that the tides are turning in the battle for Renril. The humans are losing ground to the Nokkers. And even the safe zones, such as the church, are no longer safe. The Nokkers are everywhere.

But, losing ground isn’t really the issue. There are 2 more pressing problems for Fushi. The first is that he’s losing manpower. No matter how many Nokkers Fushi’s forces kill, more keep flooding into the city. But, every human killed or wounded is a blow to Renril’s fighting force.

The second problem is that morale is plummeting. As more people suffer injuries and die, those remaining lose the will to fight. They’re starting to see that maybe it’s impossible to defeat the Nokkers. Resistance may be futile. And, on top of that, they’re losing trust in each other.

Fushi thinking as Sandel from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17
Fushi thinking as Sandel

At one point in the episode, we see Hairo allow a thief to go free. That thief then commits a murder a short while later. And when Hairo learns of this, he thinks about how it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t let the thief go free.

Is he right? Sure. But, this is a dangerous way to think in the current situation. It’s going to lead him to be less trusting of the Renril citizens going forward. He may even end up killing someone because he believes they’re a bad person. And whether or not they are doesn’t matter. What matters is that Fushi probably won’t like that.

Of course, Fushi is also contributing to the mistrust. The citizens don’t understand that Kai, Hairo, and Messar are immortal. So, when they see Fushi kill Hairo to send him somewhere else, they call him a murderer. This is also going to lower morale.

Those Who Can’t Be Revived

Of course, I can’t talk about people losing trust in others without bringing up Bon. He still hasn’t told Fushi the truth behind Fushi’s ability to revive people. In fact, as far as I remember, Fushi doesn’t even know about Bon’s ability to talk to the dead.

And thanks to Kahaku, Fushi is becoming increasingly wary of Bon. Kahaku kept prodding Fushi and telling him Bon was using him. And it even got to the point where Fushi confronted Bon about his secrets. But, even then, Bon refused to tell him.

It’s Bon’s belief that this knowledge will only burden Fushi. And while he does say he’ll tell Fushi after the battle, he doesn’t want to distract Fushi with that knowledge now. The issue is, this stance only makes Fushi trust Bon less. And that lack of trust leads to Fushi becoming more stressed.

Princess Alme infected by a Nokker from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17
Princess Alme infected by a Nokker

In Episode 17, we saw Fushi attempt to revive 2 people. First, he attempted to revive March after he saw a handprint on a wall resembling hers. But, this failed. He believes it failed because he can’t revive people. However, we know it failed because she’s already alive.

The second person he attempts to revive is Princess Alme. She took her own life after becoming infected by a Nokker. But, he can’t revive Princess Alme because she already moved on to the afterlife. When Messar asks Bon, he confirms this is the case.

Bon also says that she must have moved on because she no longer wanted to live in reality. I thought this was interesting because it could lead to Fushi losing his allies. What if Messar decides he doesn’t want to keep fighting now that he lost Alme? He could choose to move on, as well.

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Nokker Sleeper Cell

Continuing on with the theme of mistrust, it’s clear that Fushi and Kai don’t trust Kahaku’s Nokker. Twice in this episode, we see them talking directly to the Nokker and questioning its actions. And, to be clear, they’re questioning its lack of action.

First, Fushi asks the Nokker why it isn’t out fighting for Renril. He knows that the rope which is binding Kahaku isn’t enough to restrain the Nokker. And if the Nokker is on the side of the humans as it claims, why is it wasting its time being “captured?”

Later, Kai is a bit more direct in asking why the Nokker isn’t doing anything. And then, to force it to act, he attacks the Nokker with his power washer. When he does this, the Nokker leaps out of the way and proceeds to kill Kai.

Kahaku witnessing the Nokker in his arm killing Fushi from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17
Kahaku witnessing the Nokker in his arm killing Fushi

At the end of the episode, we see Kahaku acting strangely. He’s covered in Kai’s blood and acting like nothing’s wrong while making food for Fushi. So, is Kahaku an enemy? I went over this in the previous episode review, and my stance hasn’t changed. Kahaku may sympathize with the Nokkers, but he’s Fushi’s ally.

The episode ends with Kahaku’s Nokker killing the revived Messar, Kai, and Hairo. Then, it attacks a tired Fushi. And this is the important bit when it comes to Kahaku. The fact that the Nokker in his arm is killing Fushi horrifies Kahaku.

Kahaku isn’t a willing participant here. The Nokker has been using him this entire time. It’s been using Kahaku to gain Fushi’s trust. And now that Fushi is tired and has no allies around, the Nokker strikes. This has always been the plan. This is why the Nokkers announced their attack months in advance.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 17? How can Fushi increase the morale of the citizens? Will Messar choose to stop being immortal without Alme? And did you expect Kahaku’s Nokker to be a sleeper cell? Let me know in the comments.

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