To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19

To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19

Fushi’s Immortal Army

In To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19, Fushi finally learns that he can revive people. Of course, he could always revive people and he had done so in the past. He’s been reviving Hairo, Kai, and Messar throughout the battle.

Anyway, after Fushi awakens as Bon, Bon (in ghost form) tells Fushi that he can revive people. And to show him that this is true, Bon has Fushi revive his ghost allies. Fushi revives Gugu, Tonari (and Liggard), Hairo, Kai, Messar, and Oniguma here. This is the first time Fushi’s seen some of them in hundreds of years.

Well, we know it’s been about 200 years since he last saw Oniguma. And I don’t remember how long it’s been since he saw Gugu. So, I’m going to guess 150-125 years. And for Tonari, I believe it’s been like 75 years.

Fushi's immortal allies from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19
Fushi’s immortal allies

I know it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since Fushi last saw Tonari. After all, we saw her alive in the present timeline at the start of this season. But, what you need to remember is that it’s been a long time since then. It’s been generations since then.

When Tonari died, Hisame was the reincarnation of Hayase. We then met Hisame’s granddaughter. And, eventually, Kohaku came along. I believe he’s at least 4 generations removed from Hisame. So, it’s safe to say that Tonari died a long time ago. It’s not like it’s only been 10 years.

Oh, and we know the start of Season 2 is 40 years after the end of Season 1. So, that’s how we know that Gugu’s death was likely at least 50 years before Tonari’s. But, they’re back now. And, what’s more, Fushi gets many new immortal allies in Episode 19. It’s an immortal army.

Cleaning Up the Nokkers

With at least some of his friends back, Fushi can refocus on the battle at hand. That’s all he needed to get his head back in the game. Now that he knows he’s not alone and that his friends are back, he has something to fight for again.

Also, he’s able to create even more immortal soldiers out of those who fall in battle. So, Fushi and the people of Renril begin to turn the tide of the war. It’s not long before all the Nokkers within city limits are gone. That is, all except for one.

The final Nokker is the one passed down through generations of the Yanome clan. When we first see it in this episode, it’s still in Eko’s arm after it jumped from Kahaku to her. And it’s using Eko’s body to attempt an escape from Renril.

The city of Renril from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19
The city of Renril

As we know, Kahaku catches up to Eko and retakes possession of the Nokker. He then leaves the city and returns to Yanome, vowing that his ancestors will come to Fushi’s aid if called upon. But, would Fushi ever actually call upon the Yanome clan? All they’ve ever done is bring him misfortune.

But, the big question here is, why did Fushi allow Kahaku to escape? He could have killed Kahaku and the Nokker within him. So, why didn’t he? To me, the answer is simple. Fushi has no problem killing Nokkers because they’re killing humans. But, Fushi doesn’t want to kill a human — even Kahaku.

Still, it would have been in Fushi’s best interest to kill them both. That Nokker has a number of Fushi’s forms. Fushi doesn’t have all the forms we saw it create to fight Kahaku. Unless he kills that Nokker (and Kahaku), he can’t retrieve them.

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Bon’s Body Is the Best Body

Something I wondered while watching this episode is why Fushi wasn’t reviving Bon. But, then I started thinking about the benefits of not reviving him. And toward the end of the episode, Bon himself confirmed what I had been thinking.

The reason Fushi didn’t revive Bon is that he would lose Bon’s form. Why does that matter? Because it’s Bon’s form that allows Fushi to see the dead. And if he can’t see the dead, he can’t revive them (unless he already knows them).

Basically, in order to continue growing his immortal army to defeat the Nokkers, Fushi has “be” Bon. And there aren’t really any downsides to this current state of affairs. Despite his armor, Bon isn’t a warrior. He wouldn’t be of much help on the battlefield. Letting Fushi use his body is how Bon can be of use.

Bon as a ghost telling Fushi not to revive him from the anime series To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19
Bon as a ghost telling Fushi not to revive him

On top of that, Bon being a ghost is different than anyone else being a ghost. Why? Because when Bon is a ghost, Fushi can take on his form and still communicate with him. It’s not like Bon’s sitting on the sidelines and waiting while Fushi uses his body.

He still has a role to play even as a ghost. He can think things through with Fushi and kind of serves as a second brain. If Fushi wasn’t in Bon’s body, anyone else who died would just sit around as a ghost. They wouldn’t be able to communicate with Fushi.

With all that said, I don’t see Bon being a ghost forever. He still has a family that wants to see him again. I mean both his biological family and his new family. Fushi wouldn’t keep him from them even if Bon insisted.


What do you think of To Your Eternity Season 2 Episode 19? Which of Fushi’s immortal allies were you most happy to see make a return? Do you think Fushi should have killed Kahaku? And do you expect Bon to stay a ghost or not? Let me know in the comments.

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