Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven anime cover art featuring Arata and the members of the Trinity Seven
Trinity Seven Cover Art


Is it time for another harem anime again? Yes, yes it is, and this time we’ve got Trinity Seven. After a breakdown phenomenon destroys the city in which our protagonist, Arata, lives, he decides to join a school for mages in order to learn how to fix his world.

At this magic school, the top seven students are known as the Trinity Seven. These students decide to help Arata because he’s what’s known as a demon lord candidate (edgy name, I know) which is basically someone who has a high magic potential.

Every student (and teacher?) at the academy studies magic in a “thema” that is farthest from themselves. For example, Arata’s thema is control because he’s not in control of anything. Likewise, the members of Trinity Seven are each given a name based on their respective thema so Lilith is the Trinity Seven of Lust.


Arata, the protagonist, has the ability to copy and cancel magic used by others which seems like a fairly standard main character ability if you ask me. His main goal is to revert the world back to the way it was before the breakdown phenomenon destroyed everything. Although he wants the world to go back to how it was, what he really wants is to be able to save his cousin Hijiri who disappeared along with everything else.

Hijiri is Arata’s cousin who gets destroyed along with the rest of the world. She gives Arata a grimoire just before she disappeared which helps him use magic.

Lilith is the leader of the Trinity Seven, if you will. She’s not quite a student, but also not quite a teacher at the magus academy. Basically, she’s the prodigy of the school which is why she was sent to scope out the breakdown phenomenon where she met Arata.

It’s been years since I watched this anime so we’ll do a quick rundown of some of the other members of the Trinity Seven.

Levi is a ninja mage and is the best character; Arin looks just like Arata’s cousin and barely shows any emotion; Mira and Akio are basically security for the school; Yui is a sleeping girl trapped in a dungeon; and finally Lieselotte is the troublemaker who has a twin that went missing.

Levi Kazama using her magic from the anime Trinity Seven
Levi Kazama


Trinity Seven is a 6/10 as far as I’m concerned. I understand that it’s a harem anime first and foremost, but I felt like they took the harem aspects too far to the point where it was a detriment to the characters. In the end, the only character I really liked was Levi because she was the only one who wasn’t just another member of the harem.

If you’re into harem anime then you’d probably like this series, but if you’re tired of them like me then I’d suggest skipping this one. At least it’s not also an isekai because then it’d really be the most generic thing around.

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