WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me Special

WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me Special

You Never Let Us Down

The WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me (Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! / 私に天使が舞い降りた!) Special is exactly what you would expect. It’s a single episode that just includes more content from the series. But unlike the main series episodes, it’s broken into four parts that each tell a different story.

The first story, “You Never Let Us Down” is what I would call the primary story of the special. It’s one of the two longer stories, but it’s also the one that has the most plot. Or, at least as close as WATATEN will ever get to a plot.

In this story, the three main girls, Hinata, Hana, and Noa, go camping at a lake with Miyako and her mother. They talk swim in the lake, Mikayo takes some photographs, they have a barbecue, they make s’mores, they sleep in tents, the whole camping experience.

Hinata and Hana playing in a lake from the WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me anime series special
Hinata and Hana playing in a lake

I don’t remember if there was an obligatory beach episode in the main series. But if there wasn’t, this is as close as you’re going to get to a beach episode of WATATEN. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect any ecchi fan service. These characters are like 8 years old and Miyako would never wear something revealing.

I’m not really sure who would go into a special for this series expecting it to include ecchi. But I’ve come across some Miyako fan art in the year since this series released, so I know there are people out there who want that.

Always Growing Closer

The second story, “Always Growing Closer” is definitely the worst of the four. It tells the tale of how Miyako and Matsumoto “met.” There’s not much to say about this story. It’s maybe two minutes long and was already shown in the full series, so I’m not sure why it was included here as well.

My best guess is that they needed to fill up two more minutes of the special’s run time so they just added it into the middle. There’s really no other reason I can think of for it to be included.

I was going to say that there’s a possibility that it was included as a refresher of who Matsumoto is considering she’s featured somewhat prominently in the third story of the special. But even that doesn’t make sense because Matsumoto is already introduced in the first story of the special when she shows up at the campsite.

Yeah, I can’t think of any good reason as to why this is included in the special.

Let’s Change You Into This!

Story number three is the second of the two longer stories. This is a Halloween story, which doesn’t exactly make sense considering that this special was released in May. But, I guess the timing doesn’t really matter considering there are many series that have holiday episodes or specials in the middle of the summer.

While the first story was the main plot portion of the special, the third, “Let’s Change You Into This!” is the main fan service portion. The Halloween theme of this story is effectively just in place so that we can see the various characters all wearing costumes. However, considering that Miyako likes to dress the girls up in cosplay anyway, that Halloween excuse wasn’t really necessary.

Hana wearing a devil Halloween costume from the WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me anime series special
Hana wearing a devil Halloween costume

Ignoring Miyako’s fantasies about what costume Hana will be wearing (one of which is pictured above), the first two characters we see in costume are Kouko and Yuuna Matsumoto. Kouko is dressed as Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” and Yuuna is a jack-o-lantern.

In case you were wondering, Yuuna has the best costume of the episode.

Next, the Matsumoto sisters convince Miyako to wear a fairy costume that the elder Matsumoto made. And finally, the rest of the girls arrive. Hinata is a werewolf, Noa is a devil, Kanon is a witch, and Koyori is a bat.

What I like about all of these costumes, I believe with the exception of Koyori’s, is that they’re all costumes Miyako fantasized Hana wearing. The fairy, werewolf, devil, and witch were all possible costumes for Hana. But if they’re already being worn, what’s Hana’s costume going to be?

If you guessed that Hana would show up as a Higero zombie, you’re the winner.

I’m Your Big Sister

The fourth and final story of the episode, “I’m Your Big Sister” is another shorter part. This time, it focuses on Miyako when Hinata was born. It’s overall pretty boring and the only reason I’m not saying that it’s the worst of the four stories is that we had literally already seen the second one.

So instead of talking about this story anymore, let’s take a detour and discuss how Koyori is the true best girl of the series and how every time I see her I think she’s cross-eyed. As for the first part of that statement, I think it’s pretty self-evident as to why Koyori is the best girl.

She’s a tsundere with twin-tails. Is there really anything more I have to say?

Kanon and Koyori wearing Halloween costumes from the WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me anime series special
Kanon and Koyori wearing Halloween costumes

The second part of my statement is probably throwing some of you off, so allow me to explain. Koyori’s eyes are a different shape compared to the other characters in this series. They flair out on the outer sides towards the top, which in turn reveals more of the whites of her eyes on those sides.

All of the other characters generally have their pupils in the center of their eyes, but because of Koyori’s eye shape, her pupils are more towards the inside edge of her eyes than the outside edge. So, while I know that her eyes are just supposed to be more slanted than the other characters’, I can’t help but see her as being cross-eyed with her pupils turned inwards and downwards.

But, I also think that adds to Koyori’s charm. It’s cute.


Just like the main series, I have to give the WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me Special a 6/10. It was enjoyable enough, but not to the point that I would use the word “good” to describe it. If you liked the main series, there’s no reason you wouldn’t like this special as well.

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