Boruto Episode 202

Boruto Episode 202

A God Revealed

Let’s start off this review of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 202 by appreciating how close I was to getting everything right with my predictions in the Episode 201 review. The only thing I didn’t account for was that the Boruto series would change what is and isn’t “canon.”

I correctly predicted which of the markings Sasuke came across represented Kinshiki, Momoshiki, and Jigen — including the fact that Jigen really is an Ōtsutsuki clan member. The one thing I got wrong was Kaguya’s symbol, which I predicted was Urashiki’s.

Yes, I should have known it was Kaguya because the horn shape didn’t quite match up with Urashiki’s. But in my defense, up until now, the Boruto anime has been considering Urashiki and to a lesser extent Toneri as canon characters.

Kaguya, Momoshiki, and Kinshiki from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Kaguya, Momoshiki, and Kinshiki

So, if we take that into consideration, it would make sense for Kaguya and Toneri to be the two with destroyed symbols because they’re both sealed away. But, I guess the smashed symbols are Urashiki and Toneri since Kaguya’s isn’t one of them.

Although, you could also argue that the smashed symbols aren’t Urashiki and Toneri since it’s implied that the symbols represent pairs. Momoshiki and Kinshiki were obviously a pair. It’s now implied Kaguya and Jigen were a pair. However, Urashiki and Toneri have never been stated to be related.

Urashiki has always been the third wheel with Momoshiki and Kinshiki. You can tell this by their names and because the trio was actually shown together in Naruto: Shippūden Episode 462. And as for Toneri, he’s a member of an Ōtsutsuki clan branch family and was doing his own thing.

So, if these symbols do represent pairs and Urashiki and Toneri aren’t a pair, who do the smashed symbols represent? We’ll likely never know for sure.

Boro the Immortal

Something you may have overlooked to an extent is that Boro was revealed to be immortal. Sure, Boro finding what I assume is one of Koji’s frogs in the downed airship is important. But I don’t care about that. I care about how Boro is immortal.

From what we saw, this immortality isn’t the same as Delta’s. Delta has multiple robotic bodies that she can hop into if her current one is destroyed. Boro gets sliced in half vertically and then the wound closes back up as if nothing happened.

I’m still guessing that Boro’s immortality comes from scientific ninja tools and so isn’t true immortality. But it sure looks like he’s immortal. Maybe if he suffers enough damage to his body then the nanobots or whatever inside of him can’t repair it. I don’t know.

Boro from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

But, Boro’s claim about receiving an immortal body from a god got me thinking about another immortal character. Remember Hidan of the Akatsuki? Hidan is literally immortal and received his immortality from the god Jashin.

Gods aren’t common in the Naruto universe. I believe the only “gods” that have ever been mentioned are Jashin and the Ōtsutsuki clan. So what if Jashin is a member of that clan? Well, it actually kind of makes sense for that to be the case.

Not only did Hidan receive immortality from Jashin, but that’s also where he got his other abilities from. Remember, Hidan didn’t use ninjutsu; he used a “curse.” But, if you look back at it, it looks a lot like a Karma transformation.

Obviously, there’s no concrete evidence to back this up. But it would make a lot of sense to me if Jashin was an Ōtsutsuki who chose Hidan as his vessel.

Jigen Ōtsutsuki

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t surprised at all by the reveal that Jigen is an Ōtsutsuki member — or at least the vessel of an Ōtsutsuki member. Considering he has a Karma symbol on his body, he’s more likely a vessel. But, that still makes him an Ōtsutsuki for all intents and purposes, I think.

As far as I understand it, Jigen is the mind and soul of that Ōtsutsuki member, just in a body that doesn’t have all of his original powers. For example, Jigen doesn’t have the Byakugan or Rinnegan that his original body would have had.

I’m not sure if he would ever be able to get his Byakugan back without obtaining a vessel that already has the Byakugan. But I do assume that he could reawaken his Rinnegan by absorbing the Ten-Tails, eating a chakra fruit, or eating another Ōtsutsuki as we’ve seen before.

A hologram of Jigen's Ōtsutsuki form from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
A hologram of Jigen’s Ōtsutsuki form

With the reveal about Jigen, I realized that we still don’t actually know what his plan is or why he needs a vessel. We know that the overall Ōtsutsuki plan is to harvest the life forces of planets. But Kaguya and Toneri didn’t do that. And there’s no indication Jigen plans to either.

Kaguya basically wanted to rule over the planet and fend off other Ōtsutsuki members. Toneri wanted to rebuild his branch family or something. And Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki simply failed in their mission.

Jigen is a weird situation. He’s very focused on acquiring a new vessel. We’ve seen that the Ōtsutsuki are immortal — so does this imply his vessels don’t gain that power? Also, he mentioned feeding his current vessel to the Ten-Tails after he gets his new one.

If I had to guess, Jigen’s ultimate goal is to regain his former standing and immortality. That’s probably what the Ten-Tails is for. Despite being Kaguya’s implied partner, I don’t think unsealing her again is part of his plan.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 202? How do you think Kaguya and Jigen are going to be connected? Do you think Jashin could have been an Ōtsutsuki? And what do you think Jigen’s ultimate goal is? Let me know in the comments.

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