Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 293

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 293

Kawaki vs. Code

The final episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 1 is here. And, as expected, it was a good episode. It had drama, it had action, and most importantly, it didn’t have comedy. That’s the one thing that could have ruined the episode.

Let’s start by talking about the action. The fight between Kawaki and Code was great. It could have involved a bit more ninjutsu use. But, it had a good mix of taijutsu and other abilities. It wasn’t pure taijutsu and it wasn’t all Kawaki and Code relying on their unique abilities.

I should also point out that I’m not entirely sure how to classify some of the abilities these two have. Taijutsu is easy — it’s using martial arts. Kawaki also uses dōjutsu, which are eye techniques. But, what about the other things they do?

Kawaki preparing to kill Code from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 293
Kawaki preparing to kill Code

What does Kawaki’s ability to turn his body into a weapon count as? He’s not using hand signs, so it’s unlikely to be ninjutsu. And he could still use it when he didn’t have his Karma. So, it’s more like an innate ability he has, likely created by Amado.

And the same is true for Code’s claws and claw mark ability. They’re not ninjutsu. Instead, they’re innate abilities Code has — again likely created by Amado. Maybe we should start calling them Amadojutsu? Or, we could stick to calling them abilities, which is what I’m going to do. It’s easier that way.

Of course, Kawaki does also have Karma abilities. He can use his Karma to absorb ninjutsu. And the blast attack he uses against Code at the end also comes from his Karma. You may recall Kawaki using this same attack to kill Garo in Episode 189. Luckily for Code, he has Daemon.

The Threat of Momoshiki Is Gone

One of my predictions from my Episode 292 review came true. Though, it didn’t come true exactly as I expected it to. What was that prediction? I predicted that Boruto’s death would eliminate Momoshiki’s ability to revive himself.

Since Boruto is the protagonist, he obviously wasn’t going to stay dead. But, my reasoning was that the act of dying would void Momoshiki’s Karma. With no other vessel for his soul to go into, Momoshiki would disappear. And then, Amado and Sakura could revive Boruto with jutsu and science.

Instead, it was Momoshiki who revived Boruto. So, does that mean Momoshiki can still use Boruto as his vessel? As far as we know, no. Momoshiki had to use part of the Karma to revive him. And in doing so, he made it so he can no longer use Boruto as his vessel.

The Karma spreading over Boruto's Body from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 293
The Karma spreading over Boruto’s Body

Before I go any further, this means Kawaki doesn’t need to view Boruto as a threat. Momoshiki can’t come back, so there’s no longer a reason to kill Boruto. But, Boruto doesn’t tell Kawaki this. So, what we have is a classic case of “anime misunderstanding syndrome.”

Why would Momoshiki have done this, though? Sure, he didn’t want his vessel to die. But, by reviving Boruto, he voided Boruto as his vessel anyway. Since the outcome is the same either way for Momoshiki, you’d think he’d let Boruto die. He hates Boruto, after all.

Well, there is one difference between these two situations for Momoshiki. By reviving Boruto himself, Momoshiki saved his own soul from disappearing. Why does this matter? Because now it’s even more likely that Momoshiki will become “Boruto’s Kurama.” He’ll be a godly presence within Boruto who can lend his power to Boruto when he needs it.

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Boruto and Kawaki

At the end of Episode 293, we got one step closer to the events from the beginning of Episode 1. But, we’re still not there yet. And as far as I know, the manga isn’t there yet, either.

We now have a bit better of an understanding as to why Boruto and Kawaki will face off. Kawaki views Boruto as a threat to Naruto because of Momoshiki. And, as Kawaki states, he’s going to kill anyone who puts Naruto in danger. However, this still doesn’t quite add up with what we know happens.

In Episode 1, Kawaki very clearly stated that he’d send Boruto to where he sent Naruto. Based on everything we know, Kawaki wouldn’t physically harm Naruto. So, this seems to imply that where he’s sending Boruto isn’t “bad.” He’s not saying he’s going to kill Boruto in Episode 1.

Boruto Uzumaki declaring he'll fight against his fate from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 293
Boruto declaring he’ll fight against his fate

So, if that’s the case, what’s going on? If he’s no longer trying to kill Boruto, then he (rightly) doesn’t view Momoshiki as a threat anymore. The problem then becomes, if that’s not why he’s fighting Boruto, why is he fighting Boruto? I have a theory.

It’s clear that Kawaki has gone tsundere when it comes to Naruto. He wants to protect Naruto so much he doesn’t care about the pain he causes Naruto. As an example, he had no problem killing Boruto right before Naruto’s eyes. So, I could see Kawaki viewing all shinobi as a potential threat to Naruto.

Remember, in Episode 1, Kawaki tells Boruto that the age of shinobi is over. Based on what we now know, this sounds like Kawaki is planning to become the ruler of the world. He’s going to eliminate the need for shinobi and create a peaceful world by force.


So, where did Kawaki send Naruto for safekeeping? And where is he planning to send Boruto? The Infinite Tsukuyomi kind of makes sense considering Kawaki is now an Ōtsutsuki. He technically has the ability to send Naruto into a “world” of peace and safety. He’ll pretty much become Madara Uchiha if this is true.

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