Chained Soldier Episode 11 Review

Chained Soldier Episode 11 Review

Formation S and Himari’s Secret Weapon

Chained Soldier Episode 11 was all about the battle between the MDF and the humanoid Shuuki. Kyouka and Tenka were fighting Aoba. Shushu and Sahara were fighting Coco. And, Himari and Yachiho were fighting Naon.

At first, these fights weren’t going the MDF’s way. But, the MDF members have a few tricks on their sleeves. The first of these that we saw was Shushu and Sahara’s “Formation S.” What does the S stand for? Small (shrink?). This might be the first time we saw Shushu shrink herself in a combat situation.

Shushu shrunk down and had Sahara throw her directly into Kuma’s mouth (Kuma is the bear Shuuki). Then once swallowed by Kuma, Sahara uses her Paradigm Shift to become giant. Of course, this didn’t end up well for Kuma, who was ripped in half from the inside. Though, his wounds healed not too long after.

Himari using her secret weapon from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 11
Himari using her secret weapon

Okay, so while I liked Shushu’s “Formation S,” I wasn’t really a fan of how Himari helped to defeat Naon. Himari tells Yachiho that after the exhibition match, she did some serious training. And, the result of this training was the creation of a new, secret weapon.

What is this secret weapon? Himari can now have an afro of guns. Alright, so that’s not quite what the secret weapon is. But, it’s the most prominent way that she can use it. The actual secret weapon is that she’s further mastered the weapon ability that she often copies.

I don’t remember if we’ve seen her transform her legs into guns. But, at the very least, she could transform her arms into guns. Now, she can transform even more of her body into guns — like her hair. So, basically, her secret weapon is that she’s more proficient with this ability.

Tenka’s Bright Future

Episode 11 didn’t include any rewards for Yuuki. But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t get any fan service. We got to see Shushu imagining some ecchi content involving Coco, Naon, and Aoba. We also got to see some ecchi content involving Tenka. And, we even got a random panty shot of Himari.

But, the best fan service of the episode wasn’t ecchi fan service. Well, most of it wasn’t. It was when we got to see the bright future Tenka was imagining for herself. She imagined her future with Yuuki and her sister-in-law, Aoba.

First, we see Tenka having a nice dinner with Yuuki and Aoba. This appears to be a date at the Wakura family home where she’s getting to know her future sister-in-law. Next, we see Tenka and Yuuki kissing at their wedding, with Aoba in attendance.

Tenka imagining her future with Yuuki from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 11
Tenka imagining her future with Yuuki

After that, comes the ecchi part of Tenka’s bright future. Here we see Tenka spending some quality time with Yuuki from Yuuki’s perspective. Surprisingly, in this scene, Tenka’s on the bottom. I assumed she’d be more of a top considering her personality. She’s pretty assertive and calls Yuuki “Slave-kun,” after all.

A few months after that last shot, we see a heavily pregnant Tenka. And, Aoba is pressing her ear up against Tenka’s stomach so she can hear the baby’s heartbeat. Finally, the baby’s born and we get a scene of Aoba holding it while Yuuki and Tenka look on.

This was some wholesome fan service. But, I think my favorite part was how Aoba was still a humanoid Shuuki throughout it all. I guess that makes sense since Tenka never saw Aoba when she was a human. However, it’s still funny, to me, that she pictures Aoba this way in her “bright future.”

The Eight Thunder Gods

In Episode 10, Shikoku told Jouryuu that it was time for them to make their God’s declaration. I took this to mean that they were going to declare something about the God they followed. You know, their God.

But, apparently, that’s not what she meant. Shikoku wasn’t talking about the declaration of their God. She was talking about their declaration as gods. That’s pretty different. Shikoku, Jouryuu, and Rairen aren’t the followers of some God. They’re gods themselves — at least, according to them.

Shikoku also now refers to them as the Eight Thunder Gods. That’s very interesting considering there are only three of them, that we know of. So, I guess over the course of the series, five more are going to be revealed. And, it should be noted that Aoba, Naon, and Coco are not included in this.

Jouryuu and Shikoku of the Eight Thunder Gods from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 11
Jouryuu and Shikoku of the Eight Thunder Gods

Well, at least, these three aren’t included right now. Shikoku refers to them as mutts, heavily implying that she views them as beneath her. But, if that’s how she really feels, why has she been searching for them? It seems like there’s more to this than Shikoku’s saying here.

My prediction is that — at the very least — Aoba is set to become one of the Eight Thunder Gods. That doesn’t mean Aoba herself is one. She might be a vessel for one of them to take over. And, that doesn’t mean this will happen. But, my guess is that’s Shikoku’s plan.

What evidence do I have to back this prediction up? Well, there must be some reason Shikoku’s interested in the humanoid Shuuki. And, it was said that Aoba’s the only one who can handle eating multiple Mato Peaches to power up. So, there’s something special about her.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Chained Soldier Episode 11? Do you like Himari’s secret weapon, or do you think it’s dumb like I do? What was your favorite part of Tenka’s bright future imaginary scenario? And, do you think Aoba is meant to be one of the Eight Thunder Gods?

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