Chained Soldier Episode 10 Review

Chained Soldier Episode 10 Review

The Yin Yang Dorm

Chained Soldier Episode 10 reveals what happened to Aoba and the rest of the humanoid Shuuki. And, it also reveals that there are two separate factions of humanoid Shuuki. There’s Aoba’s faction and there’s Shikoku’s faction — more on that later.

We already knew from Episode 9 that Aoba hadn’t eaten a Mato Peach at the time of her Mato Incident. Now, we have confirmation that the same was true for Naon and Coco, as well. These three all ate a Peach in order to help themselves survive within Mato.

But, unlike everyone else who eats a Peach, these three had negative experiences. The Peaches they ate went out of control and began transforming them into monsters. Why? Is it because they ate the Peaches while within Mato? That’s all I can think of. But, at the end of the day, we don’t know.

Naon Yuno captured by the Yin Yang Dorm from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 10
Naon Yuno captured by the Yin Yang Dorm

Now, after eating the Peach, Aoba found the cave that the humanoid Shuuki now call home. She remained in there and held onto her humanity as best she could. However, Naon and Coco had very different experiences after eating their Peaches.

Naon tells Yuuki about waking up in the Yin Yang Dorm. This is an offshoot of the Mato Defense Force that performs experiments. And, they proceeded to experiment on Naon and the other humanoid Shuuki they had at their facility. These experiments had the potential to help figure out how to cure these women. But, it’s clear that wasn’t the main goal.

Eventually, Naon used her Peach ability to break out of the facility along with others. At some point, they met up with Aoba and told her about their experience. And, this is why the humanoid Shuuki view the MDF as their enemy.

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Coco Juice and Hitori Shizuka

Like everyone else (female) who’s eaten a Mato Peach, the humanoid Shuuki received Peach abilities. So, what are Aoba’s, Coco’s, and Naon’s abilities? Well, Aoba’s actually hasn’t been confirmed yet. But, her ability seems pretty obvious — at least to me.

Unless this is a feature of her being a humanoid Shuuki, her hair manipulation is her ability. In this episode, we saw Aoba use her hair to lift and bind Yuuki to get him out of her way. That seems like it would be a Peach ability.

Coco’s Peach ability has the best name of all the Peach abilities we’ve seen so far. It’s called Coco Juice and it’s a slimy coating on her skin. When an opponent attempts to hit Coco with blunt force, her Coco Juice causes the blow to slide off. This prevents Coco from taking the full force of the hit.

Coco showing off her peach ability from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 10
Coco showing off her Peach ability

As Coco says during her fight, Shushu and Sahara are the two with the worst matchup against her. They fight with raw power and their fists. However, her Coco Juice wouldn’t help against Kyouko’s sword or Himari’s and Yachiho’s guns.

Naon’s Peach ability is called Hitori Shizuka. It lets her pass through objects — including the ground and other people. If you’ve seen My Hero Academia, you probably understand how powerful this ability can be. And, as far as we know, Naon doesn’t have the same drawbacks as Mirio in that series.

What do I mean by that? If you haven’t seen MHA, allow me to explain. Mirio’s quirk (ability) comes with two major drawbacks. First, he has to concentrate on using his ability, or else he’ll fall right through the ground. And second, he can’t breathe while passing through objects. I don’t think Naon has these issues.

God’s Declaration

Okay, so earlier in this review I mentioned that there are two humanoid Shuuki factions. There’s Aoba’s faction and Shikoku’s faction. Before this episode, I assumed they were all working together. We hadn’t ever seen them together. But, this is what I assumed.

We now know that’s not the case — though, the MDF probably still thinks that. Shikoku’s group includes Shikoku herself, Jouryuu, and Rairen. Shikoku’s the snake girl, Jouryuu’s the winged woman, and Rairen is the large guy. Rairen’s the only one the MDF has fought before.

So, how do we know that Aoba’s and Shikoku’s groups are separate? Other than the fact we’ve never seen them together, Shikoku’s group seems to be searching for Aoba’s. And, at this point, I’m assuming they’re responsible for what happened to Aoba, Naon, and Coco.

Jouryuu watching the fight between the MDF and the humanoid Shuuki from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 10
Jouryuu watching the fight between the MDF and the humanoid Shuuki

Are both factions humanoid Shuuki, though? Technically, I guess they are. If they’re considered Shuuki, then by definition, they’re humanoid Shuuki. That’s because they’re humanoid — they resemble humans. However, there are definite differences between the groups.

Aoba’s faction is made up of humans who turned into Shuuki via the Mato Peaches. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Shikoku’s faction. They look different than those in Aoba’s faction. And, based on how they’ve spoken about humans, I don’t think they were ever humans themselves.

Additionally, in this episode, Shikoku refers to a god. She says it’s time for their god’s declaration. So, that’s another thing that tells me this is a separate group. Aoba’s group hates the MDF for experimenting on them and wants to become human again. Shikoku’s group acts as the messengers for some unknown god.

It seems obvious that Aoba and the MDF are going to team up against Shikoku.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Chained Soldier Episode 10? Do you think the Yin Yang Dorm had something to do with turning humans into Shuuki? Which of the humanoid Shuuki abilities is your favorite? And, what do you think Shikoku’s group is actually after?

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