Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9 Review

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9 Review

Gushing over Pop Idols!

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9 was a good Loco Musica-focused episode. She seems like a fun character and I’m glad we got to see more of her (in more ways than one) this week.

Now, in my Episode 8 review, I made a pretty soft prediction. I said that Loco Musica would split off from Lord Squad — which she did. But, I said I wasn’t sure if she’d join up with Enormita. I should have made a more rigid prediction about that because, thinking back on it, of course she was going to join.

With that said, I couldn’t have predicted that Leberblume would also join Enormita. But, in my defense, even Leberblume herself didn’t know she was going to. Loco Musica decided that for her. And, the fact that Loco Musica made that decision is, at least a little, interesting.

Loco Musica performing for her "fans" from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9
Loco Musica performing for her “fans”

Prior to this episode, I didn’t get the feeling that Loco Musica and Leberblume liked each other. However, we now know that’s not the case. They’re friends, at least to some extent. And, Leberblume only acts cold toward Loco Musica because she’s a tsundere.

Loco Musica has no fans. But, she thought she at least had a few because people attended her concerts. Well, it turns out that Leberblume was using her ability to force those people to attend. Why? Probably because she wanted to support Loco Musica. She didn’t want her friend to give up on her dream of becoming a pop idol.

Obviously, finding out that she doesn’t have any fans hurt Loco Musica. But, it looks like she forgave Leberblume for tricking her like this. After all, Leberblume only did it for Loco Musica’s sake. She wasn’t trying to hurt Loco Musica — she wanted to protect her.

Leberblume’s Magic Ability

We still don’t know what Lord Enorme’s ability is. But, after seeing Leberblume’s ability, we know the abilities of the three Lord Squad underlings. Loco Musica is able to fight with the power of music. Sister Gigant can become giant. And Leberblume is Shikamaru Nara from Naruto.

Back in my review of Episode 7, I said Leberblume’s outfit looked like that of an assassin. It looks like I was right. Her ability lets her control anyone whose shadow she comes into contact with. Where her ability goes beyond Shikamaru’s is that she can also become a shadow.

The first way we saw her using her ability in the episode was to control Loco Musica’s “fans.” At first, I thought she was only preventing them from leaving. But, it looks like she was actually forcing them to cheer for Loco Musica, as well.

Leberblume and Loco Musica from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9
Leberblume and Loco Musica

In the fight against Enormita, Leberblume shows what else she can do. She controls and uses Leoparde to attack Magia Baiser. And, she does this by entering Leoparde’s shadow via the shadow of one of Magia Baiser’s scissors. The more shadows there are, the stronger Leberblume is because she has more to work with.

Also, in line with her assassin/kunoichi outfit, Leberblume uses shuriken as weapons. This is a good backup attack in case her opponents begin avoiding shadows. And, I guess she can also use the shadows cast by the shurikens she throws. That’s probably pretty useful.

Despite all of this, though, she was still caught in Nero Alice’s dollhouse. And unlike Sister Gigant, she can’t break free with brute force. Once she’s in the dollhouse, there’s nothing she can do. So, Magia Baiser uses the trapped Leberblume as a hostage to also defeat Loco Musica at the same time.

Loco Musica Is Replacing Magia Magenta

It’s been a little bit since I talked about the kinks of the girls in this series. But, it’s time to bring that discussion back. And, the reason is that Loco Musica appears to be replacing Magia Magenta. At least, a little bit.

You might not remember, but Magenta’s original thing was exhibitionism. Baiser stripped her in the middle of the playground. And, at the time, it looked like that was going to be a recurring gag. However, then we got the episode with Nero Alice and Magenta.

I could make an argument for that still falling under exhibitionism. Magenta was still being exposed (to Nero Alice) while Nero Alice was babying her. But, the overarching story of Episode 6 made it seem like age play was the real kink going on. So, that could be more of Magenta’s thing.

Loco Musica performing nude from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9
Loco Musica performing nude

Now, with Loco Musica, it seems very clear that exhibitionism is going to be a recurring gag for her. She wants to be an idol, but she’s terrible at singing. However, when Baiser forces her to strip on stage, she can suddenly sing better. And, she really enjoyed how Leoparde and Nero Alice were watching her.

Did being stripped make Loco Musica a great singer? No. She was definitely way better. But, she still wasn’t amazing. Also, being better at singing doesn’t matter too much when the lyrics are still horrible. She needs to be a better singer and a better songwriter.

I wonder how this is going to affect her going forward. If she’s better at singing when naked, is she going to strip on her own in the future? Or, are the Tres Magia and members of the Lord Squad going to strip her? It has to happen somehow, right?

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 9? Were you expecting both Loco Musica and Leberblume to defect to Enormita? What do you think about Leberblume’s ability? And, did this episode change your opinion of Loco Musica? It definitely made me like her more.

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