Chained Soldier Review

Chained Soldier Review

Chained Soldier anime series cover art
Chained Soldier

Welcome to the Mato Defense Force

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave / 魔都精兵のスレイブ) is an action ecchi anime series. It follows Yuuki Wakura as he tries to become a hero (not a superhero) in a world dominated by women. But, what does it mean for the world to be dominated by women?

At first, you might think this is a World’s End Harem kind of situation since it’s an ecchi anime. However, that’s not the case. Men still exist just as much as they do in our world. The difference is that, in this world, women can obtain special powers.

How do women gain these special powers, though? Well, portals to another world (Mato) began opening up around Japan. Monsters, known as Shuuki, came out of these portals and attacked humanity. At the same time, humanity acquired fruit called Mato Peaches from within Mato. And, it’s these “peaches” that give women their powers.

Shushu Suruga, Kyouka Uzen, and Himari Azuma from the anime series Chained Soldier
Shushu Suruga, Kyouka Uzen, and Himari Azuma

So, what is the Mato Defense Force? It’s an all-women arm of the military that specializes in fighting within Mato. It’s made up of women with powerful Peach Abilities who fight Shuuki and protect Japan. But, if that’s the case, where does Yuuki come in?

Yuuki ended up within Mato due to a Mato Incident. This is when a new portal opens up and people get thrust into Mato. Luckily for him, the MDF’s 7th Squad came to his rescue. And, thanks to the Peach Ability of its leader, Yuuki got the chance to become the hero he always dreamed of being.

Now, Yuuki spends his days as the caretaker of the 7th Squad’s dorm — living and fighting alongside cute girls. He’s kind of living the dream. Specifically, his dream. I’m all for the living with cute girls part, but not so much the fighting.

Peach Ability System

Let’s briefly go over the Peach Abilities of the seven main MDF girls: Kyouka, Himari, Shushu, Nei, Tenka, Yachiho, and Sahara.

Kyouka Uzen, the commander of the 7th Squad, has the Slave ability. She can turn others into her slaves and control them in battle. However, it comes with the drawback that she has to “reward” her slave afterward.

Himari Azuma of the 7th Squad has the Learning ability. It allows her to copy the Peach Abilities of others. But, she’s not compatible with every ability, so she tends to use the same one.

Shushu Suruga of the 7th Squad has the Paradigm Shift ability. With it, Shushu can resize herself, making herself either giant or very tiny.

Nei Ookawamura of the 7th Squad has the Promise ability. This ability lets Nei sense humans and Shuuki that are within 5 kilometers of her.

Yachiho Azuma, Tenka Izumo, and Sahara Wakasa from the anime series Chained Soldier
Yachiho Azuma, Tenka Izumo, and Sahara Wakasa

Tenka Izumo, the commander of the 6th Squad, has the Ame-no-Mitori ability. She can manipulate space by creating portals and black holes. And, as you can probably guess, that’s a very powerful ability. But, she’s not the only member of the 6th Squad with an ability like this.

Yachiho Azuma of the 6th Squad (and older sister of Himari) has the Golden Hour ability. While Tenka can manipulate space, Yachiho can manipulate time. She can freeze time for everyone but herself and she can even rewind time. So, yeah, the 6th Squad can control time and space.

Lastly, there’s Sahara Wakasa of the 6th Squad with the Crazy Sheep ability. This ability is a little more complex than the others. Sahara First chooses a time limit between 1 and 60 minutes. Then, she gets powered up for that time limit. The shorter the limit, the more powerful she becomes.

Yes, This Is an Ecchi Anime

So far, I’ve stayed away from discussing the ecchi content in this review. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is an ecchi anime. It’s not as ecchi as Gushing over Magical Girls. But, it’s ecchi.

The majority of the ecchi content in Chained Soldier comes from Kyouka’s ability. Remember how I said that she has to “reward” her slave after using her ability? Well, when that slave is Yuuki, those rewards tend to be pretty lewd. And, Kyouka doesn’t have a choice — she has to follow through.

Additionally, Himari can copy Kyouka’s ability, leading her to also have to reward Yuuki. But, what about the other girls? They don’t have abilities that compel them to reward Yuuki, right? That’s mostly correct. Technically, Kyouka can loan Yuuki out to anyone and they’ll have to pay the reward.

Yuuki seeing through Kyouka's, Himari's, and Shushu's clothes from the anime series Chained Soldier
Yuuki seeing through Kyouka’s, Himari’s, and Shushu’s clothes

In reality, though, that doesn’t happen. Only Kyouka and Himari regularly have to give Yuuki rewards. But, there are other girls who want to reward Yuuki anyway. In particular, Shushu and Tenka. They both have crushes on Yuuki and want to be with him.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering which girl has the best ecchi content. It’s not Tenka. Most of her fan service scenes aren’t very ecchi. And, unfortunately for me, it’s not Shushu, either. Shushu is my favorite girl of the series, so I’d love it if she got better ecchi content.

It’s either Kyouka or Himari. Kyouka has the most ecchi content. So, there are more opportunities for her to have good ecchi content. However, I’m going to say Himari’s ecchi content is the best. There’s not as much of it, but every ecchi scene she has is a good one.

Final Thoughts

Chained Soldier is a 6/10. I thought about giving it a 7, but I don’t think it’s quite there. The story’s not all that interesting. And, the action itself isn’t great. However, the ecchi content is good. And, I love when series allow me to theorize about abilities.

For all the fans of Chained Soldier out there, the second season has been confirmed. So, as I did for this season, I’ll likely review that season on a weekly basis. There will be even more girls and abilities for me to discuss.

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