Chainsaw Man Episode 5

Chainsaw Man Episode 5

Power Pads Her Chest

The biggest twist of the entire Chainsaw Man anime came in Episode 5. We found out that Power pads her chest. And now that we know she’s smaller than she at first seemed, I like her more. She’s not flat, but she’s a good size.

Also, now that we know she pads her chest, I noticed you can actually see her pads in the OP. In the shot with Power wearing a bikini, you can clearly see the pads in her top. Now that’s the kind of attention to detail that makes it such a good OP. Forget everything else.

Now, you might think that’s the end of me writing about Power padding her chest, but it’s not. You see, I believe she scammed Denji. She said he could fondle her chest 3 times. But, the first time she had her pads in. That shouldn’t count.

Denji and Power being best friends from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 5
Denji and Power being best friends

I’m actually very surprised that Denji didn’t bring up this injustice himself. How is he okay with 1 of his 3 squeezes being on a pad? It’s no wonder he felt empty inside once it was over with. He got cheated out of a squeeze!

Later in the episode, Makima explains why he felt so empty after fondling Power’s chest. Since he has no romantic or sexual feelings for her, it didn’t do anything for him. And, you know what? Makima’s right. But, she’s setting Denji up for disappointment all over again.

Okay, so I don’t think Makima’s actually going to have sex with Denji in this series. I could be wrong about that. But, I can’t see Denji getting that lucky. However, even if it did happen, Denji would realize that it’s not everything he thought it would be. All Makima’s done is move the goalpost.

The True Strongest Devil?

Let’s talk about what Denji has to do if he wants to have sex with Makima. It’s simple, really. All he has to do is kill the Gun Devil. Is it a coincidence that I called Chainsaw Man a No Guns Life rip-off last week and now we learned about the Gun Devil?

According to Makima, the Gun Devil is the strongest Devil. It originated in America but seems to have made the jump to Japan at some point. Through a flashback, we learned that this was the Devil that killed Aki’s family. And I’m assuming he lived in Japan at the time.

The Gun Devil is a bit strange compared to other Devils we’ve encountered so far. For starters, I have no idea how it wiped out 1.2 million people — or however many Makima said — in a single attack. That didn’t seem very gun-like.

Makima looking at her Denji from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 5
Makima looking at her Denji

There’s also the fact that the Gun Devil leaves behind pieces of itself. It moves so fast that pieces of its flesh (bullets) break off. These bullets then have a very small magnetic attraction to the Gun Devil. By collecting enough bullets, you can use them to lead you to the source.

And, the fact that the Gun Devil is so hard to find is also strange. After the attack 13 years ago, it disappeared. But, we know it still exists because bullets continue to be left behind.

Also, the bullets have another property. Any devil that eats them becomes stronger. It’s unclear if there’s someone feeding these bullets to devils or they’re eating them on their own. But, either way, this seems to be setting up another Jujutsu Kaisen rip-off. Is Denji going to eat these bullets to gain power like Itadori eats Sukuna’s fingers?

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Ghost Devil

Power padding her chest and the existence of the Gun Devil are certainly important. But, those weren’t the only two things we learned about in Episode 5. We also met the other members of Aki’s unit. At least, some of the other members. There may be more.

You see, Aki, Denji, and Power only make up half of the unit. The other half includes Himeno, Arai, and Kobeni. Like Denji and Power, Arai and Kobeni are new recruits. And as Aki is Denji and Power’s handler, Himeno is Arai and Kobeni’s handler.

In fact, Aki and Himeno are actually partners, just as Denji and Power are. And it doesn’t seem that they were split up once they got new recruits to babysit. Earlier in this episode, we saw it was Aki and Himeno who teamed up to take down some sort of fish Devil.

Himeno choking Power with her Ghost Devil arm from the anime series Chainsaw Man Episode 5
Himeno choking Power with her Ghost Devil arm

We don’t yet know how Arai and Kobeni fight Devils. But, I’m going to assume that they both have contracts with Devils of their own. We do know how Himeno fights, though. And she does have a contract with a devil. Her contract is why she’s missing an eye.

As you may recall from Episode 4, Aki mentioned to Denji that he has to give up some of his skin to summon the Fox Devil. This seems to be something he has to do every time. That’s not the case for Himeno. She performed a one-time trade with the Ghost Devil.

In exchange for her right eye, she received the ability to use the Ghost Devil’s right arm. Basically, she can force-choke people with an invisible arm. That’s pretty hot — I mean cool. It doesn’t seem like the strongest ability. But, it has the element of surprise.


What do you think of Chainsaw Man Episode 5? Do you think Denji will actually get to have sex with Makima? Is there a stronger Devil than the Gun Devil? The Death Devil, perhaps? And what are your thoughts on Himeno’s Ghost Devil? Let me know in the comments.

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