Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 4

Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 4

Leslie’s Past

Unfortunately, it’s now time for my least favorite part of the week — the part when I have to write about the latest Deep Insanity: The Lost Child episode. To be fair, I don’t think there was anything overtly bad about Episode 4. But it wasn’t good either.

Also, I know this isn’t the anime’s fault, but the subtitles that I was watching the episode with weren’t the best. Specifically, the translations were off during the scene pictured below when Sumire meets up with the rest of Vera Platoon after their mission.

After Sumire tells them that Commander Vera is calling, Shigure mistakenly thinks this was directed towards him. But in reality, the message was for Leslie.

The translations had Sumire saying “No?” in response to Shigure’s confusion, followed by Shigure saying “No.” back to her. A better translation would have been Sumire saying “Not you.” followed by Shigure saying “Not me?”

Sumire and Leslie from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Sumire and Leslie

Anyway, Leslie is who I actually wanted to discuss at the start of this review, so let’s move on to him. His background is a mystery, with everyone telling Shigure they heard something different about his time before he became a Sleeper.

It seems pretty clear that all of these rumors are going to be incorrect. And, so, I’m going to make a wild prediction of my own. I’m guessing Leslie is actually a prince of some nation. He looks the part, he seems to be someone important, and that could explain where he acquired his skill with a sword from.

As for that second point about him seeming to be someone important, I’m basing that on something Commander Vera said. She told him that going forward she can’t guarantee “even [his]” safety — implying he was protected by something (his status maybe?) before.

Assassination Mission

In Episode 3, it was implied that the assassination mission Commander Vera gave to Shigure was just between the two of them. But, we now know this isn’t the case. Commander Vera is plotting something that extends beyond the mission she gave to Shigure.

Other than those two, Leslie and whoever the armorer is are also in on the plan. Leslie only agreed to be complicit within this episode, but it was made clear that he already knew about the plan. He knew what Vera’s cryptic message meant and that it was a crime.

So, what is this crime Vera is planning? Obviously, it involves the assassination of the Exile El-Cee. However, what became more clear from this episode is that El-Cee is someone particularly special.

Commander Vera from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
Commander Vera

Sure, you could have guessed that El-Cee was special simply from the fact that she’s being specifically targeted for assassination. That’s fair. But we now know that there are multiple factions that have their eyes on her — with Hayden and Nadia planning to kidnap her for some reason.

I don’t really have any evidence for this, but my assumption is that El-Cee is the answer to the mystery of Randolph Syndrome. She seems to have complete control over her sanity, unlike other Exiles within the Asylum. So perhaps she’s immune to Randolph Syndrome.

If that’s the case, the faction supported by Hayden and Nadia may want to experiment on her to find a cure (probably so they can take advantage of the Asylum’s resources easier). And perhaps Vera wants to eliminate El-Cee to prevent anyone from gaining that kind of control over the Asylum.

Whatever the case may be, I’m fairly certain Shigure is going to break away from Vera Platoon at some point. The other characters he’s pictured with in the cover art still haven’t appeared yet.

Hayden and Nadia

I don’t particularly think Hayden and Nadia are that interesting as characters. Hayden’s personality is pretty bland and almost robotic. I’ve never been a fan of his kind of character, especially since he does the whole “eating real food is inefficient” trope.

Is that supposed to make him seem cooler to viewers? I’ve always found it to be dumb. So any character that does that is automatically boring in my book. Nadia doesn’t have any quirks like that, but she’s still not really any better as far as characters go.

When I see Nadia, all I see is a random loli because this is an anime. The fact that she’s a little girl has no purpose within the story as far as we know. She just is one because that’s the kind of thing you can expect from anime.

Nadia from the anime series Deep Insanity: The Lost Child

As with Vera, it doesn’t appear that Hayden and Nadia are the ones who are in charge of their faction. I don’t exactly remember, but I feel like we saw Hayden reporting to someone else presumably higher up the food chain in a previous episode.

And although Vera is the one who brings up the assassination plot to her subordinates, she doesn’t seem like the one who came up with it. Someone else gave her that mission. But, if they’re all just pawns, that means there’s the possibility that they’ll join forces someday.

Maybe they’ll all grow disillusioned with their leaders and join the resistance that I’m guessing Shigure is going to start or join himself. This just seems like the kind of series in which some big, unforeseen cataclysm occurs, and then all the various factions have to come together to save the world or something.


What do you think of Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 4? What do you think the truth behind Leslie’s past is? Why do you think El-Cee is so important? And how do you feel about Hayden and Nadia? Let me know in the comments.

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