Fate/Grand Order: Prisma Codes

Fate/Grand Order: Prisma Codes


I just recently got back into playing Fate/Grand Order, and it looks like I picked the right time to get back into this game. The newest event comes straight out of the Prisma Illya timeline, which happens to be my favorite in the entire Fate series.

The story for this event was also written by the writer of Prisma Illya 3rei!! so it’s probably pretty good. I wouldn’t know, however, because I skip all of the dialogue in Fate/Grand Order, even for this event.

Fate/Grand Order: Prisma Codes event logo
Fate/Grand Order: Prisma Codes Event Logo

As a bonus, for completing this limited time event, you receive a four-star Chloe von Einzbern Archer card, well, actually you receive five of them if you complete everything there is to do. This means you’ll be able to have her NP maxed out. I’ve heard she’s one of the best four-star Archers in the game.


So you can get Chloe as a servant through completing the event, but what about the other two magical girls, Illya and Miyu?

Well, if you want Illya, you’re in luck! Or, should I say, you’ll need luck. She’s a five-star summon and although her drop rate is increased in the Prisma Codes pickup summon, that still doesn’t mean you’re likely to get her. Unfortunately I haven’t rolled an Illya yet.

Illya will also not be added to the Story Summon once this event is over, so if you really want her, good luck. As for Miyu, she’s not a servant, sorry Miyu fans. However, she is featured prominently on a five-star Craft Essence card which I was lucky enough to roll.

Miyu’s CE card is called Magical Girl of Sapphire and can be seen in the bottom right of the picture below.

Prisma Codes event pickup summon from the game Fate/Grand Order
Prisma Codes Pickup Summon

So what else can you get from this limited time summon? There’s a four-star CE called ill on Sight and a three-star CE called Zunga Zunga!, but those don’t really interest me too much. What’s really important here are the other servant summons besides Illya, although we know she’s the most important.

Depending on the day, either Illya or Queen Medb will be the featured five-star servant with an increased drop rate. Some days it will even be both of them! I’ve been eyeing Queen Medb ever since she was first released and haven’t gotten my hands on her yet, so hopefully this event helps with that.

As for the four-star servants, Medea (Lily), Nursery Rhyme, and Helena Blavatsky all have increased drop rates. The one here that interests me is Medea (Lily), another card I’ve wanted ever since I first saw her. I think she’d go great with my Altria Pendragon (Lily). I just love her design so much.

Illyasviel von Einzbern Caster card from the game Fate/Grand Order
Illyasviel von Einzbern Caster Card


So you have terrible gacha luck like me and won’t or haven’t rolled anything you wanted from the summon, what else is there? Well, dear reader, there’s the gameplay of course!

The map is split up into five different parts. The candy, ocean, city, and snow regions are the four main parts of the event, but once all of these are complete it appears you unlock the fifth region which is that large, blue singularity at the top of the screen (pictured below).

So far I’ve completed the candy and ocean regions, and am making my way through the city. I probably could have completed the entire event by now considering I have over 60 Golden Fruit for recovering AP, but I like to save those until the final days of events just in case I need them.

Prisma Codes event map from the game Fate/Grand Order
Prisma Codes Event Map

Each of the main four regions, and potentially the fifth, has a boss. For the candy region it was Nursery Rhyme, the ocean region was Medea (Lily), the city is Helena Blavatsky, and the snowy region will be Queen Medb.

Out of the three I’ve faced so far, I found Medea (Lily) to be the hardest simply because she’s so good at recovering both her own, and her ally’s HP. She recovers at least 15,000 HP every turn, so you need to constantly be dealing out massive damage to her.

Now, these battles may not seem all that difficult, and in reality they aren’t, but they are set up a bit differently than the usual battles in the game. For starters, you only need to defeat the boss to win the battle, not their allies. Because of this, I tend to ignore the allies altogether.

Each boss is also either weak to either Arts or Buster cards. This, paired with some of the limited time CE cards, and the fact that certain female servants deal double damage to the bosses, means that if you actually setup your party correctly (unlike me) you can take out the bosses in just a few hits.

But what really makes these battles different is that they’re split up into parts called episodes. Every time you defeat a boss, that chunk of HP you took down is removed from their “total HP.” This means you have to fight each boss multiple times to get their total HP all the way down to zero.

It should come as no surprise that each time you fight the boss they’re also slightly more difficult to defeat.

Prisma Codes World End battle against Medea (Lily) from the game Fate/Grand Order
Prisma Codes World End Battle Against Medea (Lily)

The Shop

Finally, this event comes with two different limited time shops. The first one is where you can exchange the event items you’ve received throughout your battles for some special CEs or skill/ascension-up materials.

Unfortunately, other than one copy of the CEs Kaleid Ruby and Kaleid Sapphire, there’s nothing in this shop that’s actually limited to this particular event. I say unfortunately, because although those CEs are good for the event, you can get them without going through this shop, and they lose a lot of their potential once this event ends.

Prisma Codes event items shop from the game Fate/Grand Order
Prisma Codes Event Items Shop

However, the other “shop” is the one you should be more interested in. This isn’t really a shop, but that’s what I’m going to refer to it as anyway. Here, you can redeem your completed event missions for a variety of rewards such as Golden Fruit or even Summon Tickets.

As is the custom for events like these, there are 100 different missions to complete over the course of the event. Some of them will be necessary to get further within the event, and others will only unlock after specific, other missions are completed.

There will also be some missions that don’t unlock until a certain date. These are likely going to be tied to the fifth region of the event map, but I don’t know for sure at this time. The final mission is also likely to be unlocked by completing all 99 other missions and will likely grant you a Crystallized Lore.

Prisma Codes mission rewards shop from the game Fate/Grand Order
Prisma Codes Mission Rewards Shop


If you’d like to add me on Fate/Grand Order, my friend code is 217,535,152. I have some nifty servants added to my support setup which you may find useful (although not for this event specifically) such as a level 90 Mordred and level 90 Scáthach among others.

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