Fate/Grand Order: Tunguska Sanctuary Review

Fate/Grand Order: Tunguska Sanctuary Review

Anti-Primate Biosphere Tunguska Sanctuary from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order
Anti-Primate Biosphere Tunguska Sanctuary

Anti-Primate Biosphere

It’s time for a relatively short review of Fate/Grand Order: Tunguska Sanctuary. And by relatively short, I mean when compared to my other FGO story chapter reviews. Those tend to be very long because there’s a lot to cover. That’s not the case this time around, so it’s going to be a normal-length review.

Now, I wanted to start off by mentioning the length of the Tunguska Event to show that it’s not a main story chapter. It’s not even a main interlude like Heian-kyo was. It’s an event. But, that’s not entirely accurate, either.

Tunguska Sanctuary is a weird case of half-event, half-main interlude. It has to do with the main story of the Lostbelts. It’s not some separate thing. But, at the same time, it’s not considered important enough to be a true main interlude. And, that’s weird considering the content.

Dobrynya Nikitich from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order: Tunguska Sanctuary
Dobrynya Nikitich

This chapter is where Chaldea has its “final” showdown with Koyanskaya. Koyanskaya has been a major antagonist throughout the Lostbelts. So, shouldn’t she get her own main interlude? I mean, Douman got his own. And I’d argue that Koyanskaya is more important to the story than he ever was.

But, the key difference might be what this chapter is. It’s not a Singularity, Pseudo-Singularity, or Lostbelt. Instead, it takes place within Koyanskaya’s Reality Marble. A Reality Marble is someone’s inner world manifested. So, in Koyanskaya’s case, it’s located in the Tunguska region of Russia and is a place hostile to humanity.

That last point is important because it limits the servants Chaldea has access to. Well, at least in terms of NPC support. The only servant who could come with us was Ibuku-Douji. And within the Reality Marble, we met Dobrynya Nikitich and Taigong Wang. It’s just those three, Mash, and Koyanskaya here.

Evil of Humanity Reproduction

Alright, let’s talk about the boss fights in this chapter. From what I remember, there were only four major fights. First, we had a rematch against Ivan from Lostbelt 1. Next, we had a rematch against Surtr from Lostbelt 2.

Then, we had a rematch against immature Beast Koyanskaya from Lostbelt 5.2. And, finally, we had the big boss of the chapter, a fight against Evil of Humanity Reproduction. That’s Beast IV: L for you nerds out there who care about the specific Beasts.

Now, I feel like the rematches were harder in this chapter than they were originally. I don’t actually know for sure, though. But, if they were, that makes complete sense. After all, you should have more resources at your disposal by this point. Haven’t you summoned new servants (power creep) since then?

Tamamo no Mae soloing the Evil of Humanity Reproduction (Beast IV: L Koyanskaya) from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order: Tunguska Sanctuary
Tamamo no Mae soloing the Evil of Humanity Reproduction (Beast IV: L Koyanskaya)

But, if you need some help with these fights, I can give you at least some idea of what I did. For the Ivan fight, use Koyanskaya of Light. She has class advantage and buffs in this chapter and is a good servant anyway.

I have my exact team for the Surtr fight saved, so I can give you more info about that. I used Artoria Archer, Merlin, Artoria Caster, Euryale, Paris, and Heracles. Single-target Arts Archers are your friends.

For the immature Beast rematch, I just used the classic Himiko, Merlin, and Artoria Caster team.

And, now, for the big finale. Are you struggling to beat Evil of Humanity Reproduction? Well, I have a very simple solution for you. Solo it with Tamamo (as seen above). Tamamo has class advantage and the perfect kit to solo this fight. That’s what I ended up doing after trying a few other teams.

Koyanskaya and the Space Egg

If you haven’t made it to the Tunguska Sanctuary yet, you might be wondering if the story is any good. Did you miss out by not participating in this event? If that’s you, then I have two pieces of good news.

First, you didn’t miss out. The story isn’t very good. And second, even though it was an event, I believe you can still complete it. As far as I know, it should be available in the Rare Prism shop for anyone who missed it.

And, also as far as I know, you should be able to read the prologue and epilogue anyway. Those are the only parts that are important for the main story. I think they’re actually mandatory for progressing. It’s the rest of the event that should be in the shop.

Koyanskaya going into her egg capsule from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order: Tunguska Sanctuary
Koyanskaya going into her egg capsule

Why isn’t this chapter good, though? For starters, there’s the character writing. The dialogue is atrocious. For example, Nikitich’s dragon says some pretty cringe things directed toward women. I’m not really sure who the target audience of that was. It felt like a 14-year-old boy wrote it. So, I guess that’s who.

Taigong Wang’s character was alright. I liked it when his super special magic did nothing to Koyanskaya. That was pretty funny. But, we also had to sit through him referring to Koyanskaya as Daji a million times. This was despite being told that she’s not Daji. And then when he finds out she’s not Daji, we never hear the end of that, either.

Finally, there’s the egg. At the end of the chapter, Chaldea is at the end of its rope. But, in a last-ditch effort, we pull out the talk-no-jutsu. We convince Koyanskaya to get into an egg and get blasted into space. That’s the whole resolution.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, Tunguska Sanctuary was a very disappointing chapter. How could they do Koyanskaya dirty like this? After all the build-up over the previous six Lostbelts, this is what she gets in the end? At least we have a main interlude to look forward to next. I think it drops in June.

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