Fire Force Season 2 Episode 6

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 6

The Time to Choose

Last week or the week before, I mentioned that based on what we’ve seen of her pyrokinetic ability, Inca might be a second-generation. Now, that didn’t really make sense on account of her being one of the eight people with an Adolla Burst, but we hadn’t actually seen her create fire.

All Inca had done was ignite the hot air that she was able to see. That much should be within the range of a second-generation’s abilities. However, this week we did see her create her own fire. And we also learned why we hadn’t seen her do this at any point previously.

Starting with when Inca created fire, you may not have noticed, but she did so in order to remove her handcuffs. There was no line here that she saw and traced. She merely created a burst of flame to destroy the cuffs like it was no big deal — but at least that confirms (or seems to confirm) that she’s a third-generation.

Inca Kasugatani from the anime series Fire Force season 2
Inca Kasugatani

But despite being an apparent third-generation pyrokinetic, Inca doesn’t view her flames the same way as any other third-generation we’ve come across. Or, at least, the way she views them has a different twist.

Let’s use Arthur as an example since he seems to be the closest to Inca. He can control plasma but solely does so in the form of a sword because that fits his knight persona. Inca is the same way. While she can apparently freely control flames, she only does so when she sees lines telling her to because she believes it’s fate instructing her to act.

And this is also partially why she agreed to go with Charon and the White Clad. She believed fate was telling her to — though there’s more to it than just that.

Eight Pillars and the Evangelist

Despite Captain Oubi stating that there were four known Pillars, we know that there are five. We just don’t know the name of the First Pillar. But aside from the number of them, some of their abilities, and that they’re connected via their Adolla Bursts, we don’t really know what the deal is with the Pillars.

Sho, Shinra, and Inca are all from Japan (or what’s left of Japan). We don’t know where Haumea and the First Pillar are from, but since they’re in Japan as well, I’m just going to assume that’s where they originated from as well. But does this mean every Pillar will have ties to Japan?

If you had asked me this question even an episode ago, I would have said that’s probably the case. This is an anime, after all. But now that Shinra and the gang are headed to the Chinese mainland in the next episode, it makes me think that this series might be more worldwide than I initially suspected.

And while I would say Haumea could be from Hawaii, those islands no longer exist according to the world map we were shown.

Haumea from the anime series Fire Force season 2

Another question I have about the Pillars is whether or not their abilities have any significance. Like, are their pyrokinetic abilities connected in some way beyond simply the Adolla Burst? I’m not entirely sure, but as I’ve been thinking about it, I am beginning to see a vague connection.

Shinra has the ability to create flames out of the soles of his feet. Inca has the ability to ignite the air with her fingertips. The First Pillar (according to the OP) can turn her entire body into flame. Haumea can connect her mind to others via plasma. What do all of these have in common? Their abilities are connected with a different part of the body.

Shinra is the feet while Inca is the hands. The First Pillar is the (main) body. Haumea is the head (or maybe brain?). The only one I can’t figure out how to include is Sho. But if we ignore him for now, it looks like the other four Pillars all have body parts associated with their abilities.

So could the Adolla Burst be the manifestation of the abilities of some sort of demon? And if the Evangelist can gather all eight Pillars, will he be able to reawaken said demon to create a second Great Cataclysm?

Chinese Peninsula Arc

As I previously mentioned, Shinra and the gang are headed to the Chinese Peninsula for the next arc. Their reason for doing this is to learn more about the Great Cataclysm, the Pillars, the Evangelist, and what connects them all together.

I’m not sure if China is supposed to be the epicenter of the Great Cataclysm or if it’s just the next closest spot that’s significant outside of Japan. But from the next episode preview, it looks like they have their own eternal flame housing structure just like Japan does. So it should be as least as important as Japan.

What I didn’t notice in the preview were any new characters. From what I saw, China appeared to mostly be a wasteland, so it may be that Japan is one of the lucky few regions on the planet that has been able to rebuild to any great extent. But if we do meet some new characters, I wonder if their pyrokinetic abilities will be unique to the region.

A map of the world after the Great Cataclysm from the anime series Fire Force season 2
A map of the world after the Great Cataclysm

I guess I should also mention the connection between Viktor and Joker since the former is part of the Chinese Peninsula expeditionary team. Was this the first time we saw that Viktor and Joker are connected? I don’t remember seeing them together before, but the scene with them seemed so nonchalant that I figured I must have missed an earlier reveal.

Regardless, I don’t yet want to say that Viktor is going to turn out to be a villain. If anything, because of what he said to Joker about becoming a fire soldier, it seems like Joker isn’t really a villain himself. He was working alongside the White Clad earlier on in the series, but it now seems more like he’s a third party.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Viktor’s and Joker’s goals here.


What do you think about Fire Force season 2 episode 6? Do you think my prediction about how the Pillars are all connected is accurate? Or do you have a different theory? What about Viktor and Joker? Do you think they’re good, bad, or somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. The first time we saw Licht he was hanging out with Joker.

    Also the Tokyo empire is pretty much the only spot in the known world that you can have a decent standard of living. Their perpetual energy generator Amaterasu is what allowed this and the formation of the Tokyo Empire as they discovered the Flame of Sol in the ruins of Tokyo after the Cataclysm. Because people from all over the world came to the Tokyo Empire to live there it became fairly westernised. (Plus its founder Raffles I was a foreigner as well.)

    1. Thanks for pointing out the previous connection between Viktor and Joker.

      As far as Amaterasu is concerned though, it looks like there’s one on the Chinese Peninsula as well from what I could tell from the preview. There’s a large structure that looks like the one that contains Amaterasu in the Tokyo Empire.

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