My Hero Academia Episode 64

My Hero Academia Episode 64

The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A

My Hero Academia Season 4 is here, and I’m sure there are a lot of people excited about that. However, I’m not one of those people. I’m not a My Hero Academia hater — I do enjoy the series. But, I don’t think the series is quite as good as many others do and I feel like it’s not going to improve.

In fact, I have a feeling that the series is going to start going downhill. Think of it this way, aside from All Might yelling “United States of Smash,” the best part of the series so far was the tournament arc. And from here on out, we’re probably not going to get another tournament arc or All Might fight.

Midoriya and Bakugo have had their moments throughout the series, but are those two really enough to carry it? The majority of Class 1-A students are little more than background characters, so I wouldn’t expect much from them. Todoroki and Iida exist, but they’ve also both already had their development.

Let’s be honest, the students have never been the most interesting characters in this series — the pro heroes are. Endeavor and many of the other pro heroes are still around, but the series seems to be phasing them out at this point. And after that happens, who are we left with?

We’re left with a bunch of wacky, student characters who feel out of place in this increasingly serious world. The world of My Hero Academia isn’t the same as One Piece, but the characters seem to think otherwise.

Starting Off Strong with a Recap Episode

Maybe I’ll turn out to be wrong and this will be the best season of My Hero Academia yet. But you have to admit that episode 64 was a weak way to start off the new season. It was a recap episode that didn’t even recap the events of the previous season.

And before anyone tries to tell me that this wasn’t a recap episode — yes, it was. I understand that a new character was introduced, and I’ll be getting to him in a bit, but he was introduced as a way to make the recap more interesting. Nothing that happens in this episode is going to have any effect on the story.

So if the previous season wasn’t recapped, what was?

A picture of All Might saving civilians in the newspaper from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 4
A picture of All Might saving civilians in the newspaper

Well, All Might’s retirement was recapped, so technically a small portion of season 3 was recapped. But aside from that we were reintroduced to the fact that Midoriya is All Might’s pupil, and then we got a quick rundown of all the class 1-A students and their quirks.

Basically the recap episode only recapped the things that didn’t need to be recapped. I could already tell you the quirks of the class 1-A students because we’ve been seeing them for the past 60 episodes. What I can’t tell you is what happened in season 3.

I know All Might retired, but not because of this recap. I know we were introduced to some upperclassmen, but I only remember one of their names and quirks. And that’s about it. If they really needed to do a recap episode here, don’t you think they should have recapped the things that needed recapping?

Taneo Tokuda – Whole Body Lens

The new character introduced in this episode is Taneo Tokuda, a freelance journalist who is sent to U.A. in order to figure out which student is All Might’s successor. Of course, we as the viewers already know the answer to that. That’s kind of been a main focus of the previous 63 episodes.

So at first it seems like Taneo is going to be an important character. After all, it’s his job to reveal All Might’s successor to the world. Although we know it’s Midoriya, the rest of the My Hero Academia world doesn’t. But, since this episode is just a recap, nothing that impactful happens.

While Taneo does learn that Midoriya is All Might’s successor, he decides to keep this information a secret. And thus, no plot development happened in these 23 minutes whatsoever.

Freelance journalist Taneo Tokuda from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 4
Freelance journalist Taneo Tokuda

Since 80% of the world in this series has a quirk, obviously Taneo has one. His quirk is fairly niche, but at the same time it’s the perfect quirk for his profession. All things considered, he probably got into his profession as a direct result of his quirk.

That quirk is called Whole Body Lens, and it allows Taneo to create camera lenses anywhere on his body. The pictures he takes with these lenses can then either be stored within his body or be printed out via his chest. I will say that I like this quirk for an investigative reporter like Taneo. It’s a good filler episode quirk.

And let’s not forget that this quirk isn’t only good for reporting. Taneo could use it to go undercover pretending to be quirkless. He could have had a successful career as a spy.


For those of you who might think Taneo has a stupid ability, just let me remind you that Uiharu from Railgun’s ability is to keep objects she holds mildly warm. Definitely a useful ability at times, but I don’t think that’s one anyone actually wants. What niche quirk would you want to have? Let me know in the comments.

Also, are you looking forward to this new season of My Hero Academia? Or are you worried about it like I am?

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