My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116

Sealing Off the Exits

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116 starts off with Team Edgeshot’s attack on the PLF’s hideout. In fact, we don’t see what Team Endeavor is up to at all in this episode — they’ll be back next week.

At first, it seemed like Team Edgeshot’s plan was simply to overwhelm the PLF with numbers. And, to an extent, that is what they did. But, they actually had more of a plan than this. The first phase of the plan was to incapacitate those on the surface. And the second phase was to trap those in the tunnels below ground.

Mudman, Shemage, and Midnight all have quirks that allow them to stop large numbers of enemies. Other heroes like Cementos and Kamui Wood can also do this. But, the best 3 for the job are Mudman, Shemage, and Midnight. So, that’s exactly what they did.

Pro Hero Edgeshot from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116
Pro Hero Edgeshot

After taking care of the PLF members outside the hideout, it was time to move on to phase 2. Thanks to his reconnaissance, Hawks located all the tunnel exits around the compound. Now, all the heroes have to do is seal them off so the PLF members can’t escape.

Murkrow (Fumikage Tokoyami, not the Pokémon) and Dark Shadow are in charge of blocking off the main exit. A dark tunnel is the perfect place for Dark Shadow to show its true strength. In case you forgot, Dark Shadow becomes more powerful the darker the surrounding area is.

But, there’s a potential problem. When Dark Shadow makes it all the way down into the bunker, he senses a “monster.” This monster is none other than Gigantomachia. However, Fat Gum assures Murkrow that per the heroes’ intel, Gigantomachia won’t fight. At least, he won’t fight without direct orders from Shigaraki.

Hawks vs. Twice

It’s no secret that Twice is one of the villains with the highest potential. He can create an infinite army of clones. That’s pretty dangerous when in the hands of a villain. But, I’m not sure I would call Twice one of the strongest villains, even with this in mind.

Yes, he can create an infinite army. But, you also have to consider that every clone is weaker than the one it came from. You’d have clones that can’t survive a single punch from a quirkless person. And it’s not like Twice has another quirk on top of his cloning.

Effectively, he can create an infinite army of frail soldiers. Now, that’s still a dangerous quirk because of how fast he can multiply. In theory, he could even overwhelm someone like Endeavor. Though, I have a hard time seeing that ever actually happening.

Hawks vs. an army of Twice from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116
Hawks vs. an army of Twice

Anyway, Hawks knows how potentially dangerous Twice can be. That’s why he’s cornered Twice — to prevent him from using his quirk. We know from one of the previous seasons that Hawks is one of the fastest pro heroes. And now that he has Twice in a confined space, he uses that speed to destroy the clones as fast as they’re made.

With Hawks standing over him, Twice can’t generate an overwhelming number of clones. But, it’s not as if this battle was an automatic victory for Hawks. He doesn’t have the “perfect” quirk for stopping Twice.

The reason Hawks is able to hold Twice at bay here is two-fold. First, the confined space prevents any of Twice’s clones from escaping Hawks’ attacks. Second, nobody else is interfering. At least, nobody was interfering until Dabi showed up. And as we saw, as soon as Dabi arrived, things got harder for Hawks.

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One Less Villain

My predictions may be wrong a lot — especially when it comes to Boruto. But, I can proudly say that my prediction from the Episode 114 review regarding Twice’s fate was right. Back then, I predicted that Hawks would kill Twice by the end of the arc.

Now, I didn’t expect Twice to be dead only 2 episodes after I made that prediction. But, I was correct nonetheless. If you want to know why I predicted this would happen, go back and check out the Episode 114 review. I explained my reasoning there.

Now, it’s time to build upon that initial prediction a bit. We know that Twice is dead. But, we don’t know what became of Hawks. The last time we saw him, he was being roasted alive by Dabi’s flames just before he cut down Twice. It’s possible that Dabi killed Hawks.

Twice returning Himiko's handkerchief from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116
Twice returning Himiko’s handkerchief

Other than the position we last saw Hawks in, what other evidence is there for him dying? Not much. But, I’d say the best hint toward that being the case is that Tokoyami was thinking about him. To me, that felt like a minor death flag for Hawks because it set up Tokoyami as someone who would mourn him.

With that said, I don’t believe Hawks is dead or that he’s going to die in this arc. A minor death flag isn’t enough to convince me. And since his thoughts about Twice in Episode 114 were in the past tense, that tells me he survived this fight.

Also, during his fight with Dabi, Hawks was questioning who Dabi actually is. So, I could see him surviving this fight and starting to look into Dabi’s past. Though it could also be that Hawks dies, and Endeavor looks into Dabi in his place.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 116? Do you think Gigantomachia is going to receive orders from Shigaraki to fight? Was Twice really as dangerous as the pro heroes believed him to be? And do you think Hawks is going to survive his encounter with Dabi? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. While Twice by himself is certainly dangerous, what made him priority number one was his ability to clone others. We are talking a potential army of Shigarakis, Gigantomachias and High Ends.
    Also, while it’s true that each consecutive clone is weaker than the previous one, that weakness goes away if every Twice uses their quirk in the original one, making the clone only slightly weaker than the original.

    1. I forgot that Twice’s clones could use the quirks of the people they copy. I was thinking the clones just looked like others.

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