NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! OVA

NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! OVA

Brother, Sister, Lover

The NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! OVA (Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!: Ani, Imouto, Koibito / この中に1人、妹がいる!兄、妹、恋人) is the unaired 13th episode of the anime series. The title of the episode is Brother, Sister, Lover. And, somehow, it’s actually worse than the main series.

When I originally watched NAKAIMO, the fact that it was uncensored surprised me. I wasn’t expecting a series like this to have an uncensored version. But, since it did, I assumed that the OVA would take the ecchi content further than the series. That’s not the case.

The NAKAIMO OVA has no uncensored ecchi. It doesn’t have that much ecchi at all. And the ecchi it does have is relatively tame. This is why the OVA is worse than the main series. NAKAIMO is very boring without the ecchi component. That’s the only thing the series had going for it.

Miyabi feeding Shougo from the anime NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! OVA
Miyabi feeding Shougo

Complaints aside, what’s the OVA episode about? Well, the first thing to re-establish is that we know Miyabi is Shougo’s younger half-sister. So, even though this is a siscon anime, that takes Miyabi out of the running to be Shougo’s romantic partner.

But, Miyabi isn’t willing to be cast aside so easily. She decides that none of the other girls can date Shougo without her permission. And so, the girls come up with a competition. They’ll each plan out and go on a date with Shougo — and Miyabi will judge these dates. Whichever girl has the best date wins Shougo (in theory).

So, who are the competitors? In order of their dates, they are Mana, Mei, Ikusu, Rinka, and Konoe. It was pretty surprising to see both Mana and Ikusu on the list but not Yuzurina. During the series, Yuzurina felt more like a real option.

Date Competition

Let’s go over each of the five dates in order, starting with Mana Tendou’s. Mana doesn’t seem to know what a date is. Her idea of a date is buying a bunch of snacks from convenience stores and then eating pancakes. But, she did have the best ecchi scene.

Mei Sagara’s date didn’t fare much better. Her idea of a date is to visit various cafés, including her own. She also had a decent ecchi scene. But, it could have been better. The highlight of her date was definitely the Wife Café. If there was one near me, I’d frequent it.

Ikusu Mizutani’s date was the most standard of all the dates. But, that’s not a bad thing. She and Shougo did all the typical date things, and I’d say it was probably the best date of them all. However, I’m not the judge.

Rinka introducing Shougo to her parents from the anime NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! OVA
Rinka introducing Shougo to her parents

Rinka Kunitachi decided to skip the date portion of her date altogether. Her “date” involved introducing Shougo to her parents and receiving their consent. Look, it’s not much of a date, but I do like Rinka. She gets straight to the point. Why date when you could consummate a marriage?

Finally, it’s Konoe Tsuruma’s turn. Her date has 2 phases. The first phase involves everyone going to an amusement park together. And there’s a focus on Konoe, Shougo, and Miyabi as a group. Don’t get me wrong, going to an amusement park with friends is fun. But, it’s not exactly a date when it’s with a group.

The second phase of her date takes everyone to a wedding hall where a bridal fair is being held. At the bridal fair, the girls can try on dresses and have their pictures taken with Shougo. Again, more of a group activity.

And the Winner Is…

Who do you think the winner is after all the dates? The answer has actually been obvious from the very start of the episode — and even the series. If you guessed Miyabi, you’d be incorrect. The winner isn’t explicitly stated.

But, the implied winner is Konoe.

So, how is it implied that Konoe is the winner? Well, for starters, let’s go back to the first episode of the series. Who’s the first of the girls we meet? It’s Konoe. Konoe may not have been Shougo’s sister in the end, but she’s always been his romantic interest.

Okay, what other evidence is there? How about the title of this episode, Brother, Sister, Lover? Shougo is the brother, Miyabi is the sister, and someone else is the lover. This doesn’t tell us who the lover is exactly. But, it does imply that the lover and the sister are different.

Konoe and Shougo getting fake wedding pictures taken from the anime NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! OVA
Konoe and Shougo getting fake wedding pictures taken

The last piece of evidence ties in with the title and is also the most conclusive. Look at the dates the girls planned out. Mana, Mei, Ikusu, and Rinka all planned dates that focused on themselves and Shougo. Konoe’s date was different.

Not only did Konoe’s date involve everyone, but it focused on Konoe, Shougo, and Miyabi as a trio. Konoe was the only one who included Miyabi in her relationship with Shougo. With that context in mind, Konoe is the obvious answer to the question of who the lover from the episode title is.

Konoe understands what Miyabi wants. Miyabi wants her friendship with the other girls to continue as it always has been. And, she doesn’t want whoever marries her brother to steal him away from her. Miyabi doesn’t want to lose Shougo as a member of her family.


So, earlier in this review, I mentioned that the NAKAIMO OVA is worse than the series. That’s true. In the end, I gave the OVA a 3/10, which is 1 point lower than I gave to the series. If it actually delivered on the ecchi, it could have been better.

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