Record of Grancrest War (cour 2)

Record of Grancrest War (cour 2)

Record of Grancrest War anime cover art
Record of Grancrest War Cover Art


In case you missed it, my review of the first cour of Record of Grancrest War can be found here. This post will specifically be about the second cour of the series as well as my opinions on how this cour compared to the first (there will be first cour spoilers).

If I remember correctly, the first cour of the series left off with the deaths of Villar Constance and Margaret Odius, the redheaded mage who was contracted to him. This is the turning point for the series for our protagonists Siluca and Theo.

Up to this point, Theo was serving under others (mainly Villar Constance) as a way to gain enough power to one day go back and free his homeland of Sistina. After the death of Villar, however, Theo becomes the leading lord of the Union, albeit from the shadows.

While freeing Sitina is still Theo’s primary goal, he now also holds the fate of the rest of the lands in his hands. This part of the series begins Theo’s true rise to power as he attempts to collect the Grancrest, become the first emperor, and free the land from the age of chaos.

(More) Characters

Last time I mentioned four of the most important characters in the series, Theo, Siluca, Lassic, and Irvin, so this time around I’ll skip over those and instead mention some of the other characters who greatly impact the series in the second cour.

Alexis Doucet is the leader of the Union, although by the second cour of the series he considers Theo to be more worthy of leading than he is himself. He was originally scheduled to be married to Marrine Kreische, now the leader of the Alliance.

Although Alexis and Marrine are the leaders of the two main opposing factions, they’re still in love with each other although Marrine doesn’t want to admit it. The Great Hall Tragedy which took place during their would-have-been wedding is where the series began.

Priscilla is a priestess of the Order of the Crest whose goal is to one day end the age of chaos by combining the Holy Grail crest within her with the Grancrest of the would-be Emperor. For most of the series she’s an unimportant supporting character, but her Holy Grail actually serves a purpose later on.

The last character I’ll mention here is Dimitrie, the Vampire King who resides in the Forrest of Eternal Darkness. Originally introduced in the first cour of the series (I think), Dimitrie comes back as one of the primary antagonists later on. Unfortunately I felt the final battle against him was lackluster.

Siluca Meletes from the anime Record of Grancrest War
Siluca Meletes


I had some complaints about the animation in the first cour, and to be honest, the animation wasn’t really any better throughout the second cour. That said, I did find that the plot became much more interesting and I was actually looking forward to watching this series each week.

However, even after finishing the series I rated it at a 6/10 which I believe is what I rated the first cour. The increasingly interesting plot of the latter portion of the series wasn’t enough to make up for the shortcomings of the anime. It still has a slow start, and less than stellar animation.

If you’re looking for a series with a lot of good action/fight scenes, this probably isn’t the anime for you. Instead, this is more for those who want a longer story about the politics surrounding warring nations in a fantasy setting.

The second OP for Record of Grancrest War has multiple versions. The second version of this OP can be found here.

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