Spring 2018 Week 12

Spring 2018 Week 12

Love To-LIE-Angle

Love To-LIE-Angle officially ended this week and the finale was actually pretty good which isn’t something I was expecting. As with the previous episode, this one was much less ecchi than the rest of the series, but I thought that actually worked in its favor.

The final episode went for more of an emotional appeal by looking at how the relationship between Hanabi and Iori changed over the course of the series. While Konomi made an appearance near the end of the episode, I liked that Iori seemed to be the one to win over Hanabi in the end.

Also, the final episode being centered around a fireworks show seemed very fitting considering the name of the protagonist is Hanabi, which also means fireworks.

Iori and Hanabi from the anime Love To-LIE-Angle
Iori and Hanabi

Comic Girls

Comic Girls also ended this week with a final episode about the girls moving out of the dorms. However, after Ruki, Koyume, and Tsubasa moved out for the year, Kaos was left behind alone with the Matron so she could finish the second part of her guest spot manga.

Since this episode focused more on Kaos, but without the addition of the other characters for most of the episode, I didn’t find it as entertaining as most of the rest of the series. Also, where was Fuura? Did she move out already? I don’t remember seeing her at all.

I’m also still conflicted about Kaos partially succeeding at being a manga author. I know she’s the protagonist and needs to grow as a character, but her failure was part of her charm. Hopefully we’ll get another season in the future.

Megalo Box

Megalo Box hasn’t concluded just yet, but next week’s episode will be the last. This week Yūri had his Megalo gear removed so that he can have a real fight against Joe in the finals of Megalonia.

The fact that Yūri had his gear removed like that just goes to show how similar he and Joe actually are. They’re both searching for that one opponent against whom their true strength will be brought out. Because of their similarities, at this point I feel like their match will result in a tie.

However, no matter the ending of the series, I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the rest of the series has been so far, so I’m not worried.


Hinamatsuri came full circle with the final episode by ending with an extended scene from the beginning of the first episode of the series. We learn that Mao, the pink-haired girl stranded on a deserted island, is the same girl as we saw in the opening scene of the anime.

Apparently that opening scene takes place three years after the events of the rest of the series as Mao was traveling in an attempt to find a lead on where Hina and Anzu were living. However, with the exception of this part about Mao, the rest of the episode wasn’t anything special.

I’m hoping that there will be a second season which follows the characters from season one three years later, with the addition of Mao, but at the same time I kind of like how the series ended. I’m not sure if Hina would be the same person after three years of living a “normal” life.

My Hero Academia S3

This week’s episode was both the 12th episode of season three as well as the 50th episode of My Hero Academia overall. The good news is that it wasn’t simply a recap episode like the 50th episode of Boruto, but the bad news is that there wasn’t any action.

Instead, we watched as the police, pro heroes, and UA teachers faced the aftermath of All Might’s battle with All for One, as well as the loss of All Might as the symbol of peace. To deal with the increasing threat from villains on the lives of the students, UA is now going to open a dorm for the students to live in on campus.

All Might and Eraser Head were tasked with personally going to the homes of each of the UA students to get permission from their parents for their students to move into the dorm. It was unclear to me whether living at the dorm is a new requirement for attending UA.

Gun Gale Online

Like Megalo Box, Gun Gale Online also has one remaining episode of the season before it concludes. Because of this, I assumed that LLENN would defeat Pito this episode, leaving the next episode to wrap everything up, however, I was incorrect.

Some of the “highlights” of this episode were Pito’s lightsaber (photon sword) turning out to be double-sided like Darth Mauls, and P-chan once again becoming sentient. While I’m fine with P-chan, I don’t really like the whole photon sword thing.

Fuka and the rhythmic gymnastic girls were eliminated by choice, which was a pretty dumb turn of events if you ask me. They claim it was done to give LLENN back her fighting spirit, but it seemed more like a quick way to dispose of remaining characters since the end of the series is fast approaching.

Next episode we’ll see LLENN defeat Pito and then I assume M will retire from the match. Then, there’s apparently one other all-girl team remaining in a far corner of the map. I have no idea what could happen with them.

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