Spy x Family Episode 2

Spy x Family Episode 2

Thorn Princess Yor

Spy x Family Episode 2 introduces the third and final main character of the series, Yor. Yor is the woman who will eventually become Loid Forger’s wife and Anya’s adoptive mother. However, just like the rest of her family, Yor has a secret.

As we know, Loid is actually a spy for some country (which country doesn’t really matter). And, Anya has telepathic abilities thanks to some experiments that were done on her when she was younger.

Yor’s secret is that she’s actually an assassin. I don’t believe it was said who she works for, though. We were told that she carries out dirty work for her “employer,” but I believe that was all. I’m going to assume that she doesn’t work for the same country as Loid.

Yor on the phone with her younger brother from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 2
Yor on the phone with her younger brother

As an assassin, Yor’s code name is Thorn Princess. This is probably a reference to her weapons of choice, which are large, thorn-like needles. Yor has also been shown to be very proficient at martial arts, specifically when it comes to using her legs.

So far, Yor seems like a pretty good character. But, I’d have to rank her below both Loid and Anya. Yor’s cute and all. However, I’m not a huge fan of her conflicting personality traits. On one hand, she’s a professional assassin. And on the other, she gets flustered easily and is extremely gullible.

I’d probably like her more if those latter traits of hers were just a ruse. It’s kind of hard for me to take Yor seriously as she is. And yes, I know this is a comedy series. But, an unbelievable character can still detract from that. Yor is almost to that point.

Spy x Assassin

Something I’m curious about since I really know nothing about this series other than what was in the first two episodes is how the dynamic between Loid and Yor is going to work. To me, it seems pretty obvious that they’re not going to find out about each other’s work — at least not any time soon.

Loid, Anya, and Yor are all going to keep their respective secrets because that just seems to be the more entertaining option. Of course, Anya knows Loid’s and Yor’s secrets due to her telepathy. But, I don’t see Loid and Yor revealing those secrets to each other.

So, the part I’m curious about is how their secrets are going to intersect, if they even do at all. Are they working for rival governments? Neutral governments? The same government? Will they ever be sent on opposing missions?

Anya excited about being around a spy and an assassin from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 2
Anya excited about being around a spy and an assassin

For example, Loid may be sent on a mission to blackmail a government official. And at the same time, Yor may be sent on a mission to assassinate that government official. If Yor gets to the official first, that would get in the way of Loid’s mission.

These two could also be tasked with directly opposing each other. Maybe Loid’s told that he needs to uncover the identity of the Thorn Princess and Yor is told that she needs to locate and assassinate Twilight. I think that could be pretty entertaining considering Anya’s unique position.

Of course, such a scenario could be what results in them discovering each other’s secrets. Or, we could get some great content of Anya attempting to sabotage both of their missions to keep their secrets — and family — intact.

I’d definitely prefer the latter option there. I think keeping their secrets from each other will lead to more entertainment.

Mission 2: Complete

When I say “Mission 2” here, I’m referring to the title of the episode, Mission 2: Secure a Wife. It’s not actually one of Loid’s missions, but you could say it’s a sub-mission of his primary mission. He’d have a hard time completing his primary mission without a wife.

Meanwhile, Yor’s need for a partner (boyfriend, husband, whatever) is less vital for her mission. There are two reasons for her seeking out a partner. The first is that she’s told by her coworkers that women who are still single at her age are suspicious and liable to be stopped by police.

Obviously, police suspicion would make Yor’s real job as an assassin a bit more difficult. But, the second reason seems to be what’s really motivating Yor. She told her younger brother and coworkers that she had a partner, and so now she needs to produce one so they don’t find out she lied to them.

Loid proposing to Yor from the anime series Spy x Family Episode 2
Loid proposing to Yor

Really, Yor’s desire to have a partner has nothing to do with her mission, even though it would be a little helpful. She just doesn’t want to let her brother down. And, again, I feel like this kind of takes away from her character for me.

Anya should be able to fairly quickly figure out that Yor is pretty incompetent when it comes to anything aside from assassinations (and apparently, cleaning). So perhaps that will lead to some good comedy. Maybe Anya will take advantage of Yor’s gullibility too.

For now, though, I’m going to keep my expectations for Yor low. She has to earn my trust. So far, I haven’t found anything with her that funny. Maybe you have. But, as I said earlier, I’d rank her below both Loid and Anya, for the time being.


What do you think of Spy x Family Episode 2? Where would you rank Yor in comparison to Loid and Anya so far? And do you expect Loid and Yor to learn each other’s secrets? Let me know in the comments.

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