Summer 2018 Week 6

Summer 2018 Week 6


This week, Setsuna and Rinne go on a date, and because of this, Sara and Karen decide they aren’t going to let Rinne “win.” Sara then goes on to make up some space-time distortion excuse as to why Setsuna and Rinne shouldn’t be romantically involved, but we know she’s just jealous.

Rinne also reveals to us that Setsuna isn’t the real Setsuna. While she appears to be fine with this, we were just previously told that there’s a legend that says Rinne will kill herself when the real Setsuna does happen to show up because she accepted the fake Setsuna instead.

Since this is a legend that Rinne is apparently aware of, it doesn’t really make sense for her to accept that Setsuna is a fake. I’m sure some sort of technicality will come up later on which nullifies the legend, however, so it’ll all end up fine.


A badminton tournament begins this week and most of the girls seem to be on edge about their match-ups. But more importantly, the girls got new uniforms! Back to the tournament nerves, Izumi is the most concerned about her matches because this is her final year on the team.

In the first round Izumi is playing against an old middle school friend of hers who just so happens to be one of the best players in the tournament. After failing to gain the lead in the first half, Izumi comes up with a game plan for the second half.

She knows that while her opponent is highly skilled, she doesn’t have very much endurance. To take advantage of this, Izumi focuses on returning all of the volleys in order to prolong the match and wear out her opponent.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, Izumi loses to her friend, Nozomi.

Attack on Titan season 3

Despite how Attack on Titan episodes generally work, this week had a surprising lack of action and instead focused on two different character backstories. At the beginning of the episode we learn about Historia’s past, and honestly it didn’t make that much sense to me.

Apparently Historia never knew she was a member of the royal family until this point in time. That means that throughout all of seasons one and two, although she was in hiding and referred to her past as something important, she never actually knew why she was in hiding.

In season two there’s an episode which focuses on the relationship of Historia and Ymir and in that episode she asks Ymir if her (Historia’s) family has anything to do with why Ymir is protecting her. This interaction alone implies that Historia knows how important she is, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

The second half of the episode focused on Commander Erwin. During the episode he steps down as the commander of the Scout Regiment and appoints Hange as his successor. I would have expected Levi to be his successor, but I’m sure he has his reasons for doing things this way.

Erwin’s plan is to rescue Historia (and Eren I suppose) and make her the new Queen since the current King is just a fake. By doing this, he believes he can achieve a bloodless revolution, but that simply doesn’t seem feasible to me.

Just because Erwin, someone who has been designated a criminal by the crown, says that some random girl, Historia, is the new Queen, doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly going to be okay. Why would the people in charge accept that? Why would the civilians accept that?

Clearly all that would do is make the fighting even worse because the civilians would split up into different factions backing the opposing sides while the branches of the military continue to fight each other as well. There’s no reason to think the current regime would give up power willingly.

Erwin Smith and Dot Pixis from the anime Attack on Titan season 3
Erwin Smith and Dot Pixis

One Room second season

Yui’s arc is over and now we’re introduced to Minori Nanahashi. Before I get into what happens this week, however, I’d like to point out that I think we’re a different protagonist now. We seem to be living in a new place (without Yui) and we’re flirting with a new girl.

That said, maybe we just dumped Yui and moved away.

Anyway, Minori is the daughter of a family that owns a bathhouse that we apparently live above. I guess since that technically makes her our landlady she has access to our apartment, but the fact that she comes in and wakes us up seems like an invasion of privacy to me.

Later in the episode, Minori gets rained on and then decides to hang out in our apartment while she waits for her clothes to dry. The nerve of this girl. She then declares that we’re going to take a bath with her in the bathhouse below, so that’s probably what’s going to happen next episode.

I suppose we can accept Minori’s invitation. We did get rid of Yui after all.

Overlord III

The army of the Giant of the East attacks Carne Village on Ainz Ooal Gown’s orders. During the attack, the main force smashes their way through the front gates while a single troll comes into the village from the rear and chases Enri and Nphirea as they search for straggling civilians.

After Enri and Nphirea distract the troll for a decent amount of time, Lupisregina appears to kill the troll just before it’s able to kill Nphirea (because Lord Ainz told her to). Meanwhile, the goblin army defends the front of the village from the rest of the attacking force.

In the end we learn that the Giant of the East seems to have already been dead when the attack began. This suggests that Lord Ainz used some sort of resurrection spell on it to make it do his bidding, likely because the Giant of the East refused while still alive.

Enri and Nphirea then profess their love for one another and are invited, along with Enri’s younger sister, Nemu, to visit Lord Ainz in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Since Enri and Nphirea know Momonga as Lord Ainz and not Lord Momon, it will be interesting to see what part they’ll play once the world knows that Lord Ainz is planning to take over. Typically Momonga has used his Momon persona to interact with the human settlements instead.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

This week the gang visit a slave market in order to ask the slaver to teach Diablo how to release the enslavement collars. The slave market is a surprisingly appealing place despite it being, you know, a slave market.

However, the magic circuits holding the enslavement collars together are too tangled up for Diablo to release. This is likely due to his own magic being too complex for him to understand at this point in time. He knows how to use his magic by reflex, but once he has to think about it, he’s stumped.

We also meet Shera’s brother, Prince Keera and it seems that he used some sort of magical music that’s going to make Shera want to leave the town with him next episode. Meanwhile, Rem still has a demon lord sealed inside her and the imperial knight is sticking around too, although she doesn’t share a room and bed with the others.

Maybe one day she’ll become a true part of Diablo’s harem and join them, enslavement collar and all, but not today.

Harukana Receive

Haruka and Kanata win their first match of the tournament by tiring out their opponents, Ai and Mai, much like Izumi attempted to do in this week’s episode of Hanebado! Unfortunately for them, that’s as far as they got in the tournament, as they lost their next match off-screen.

Claire and Emily won the tournament as expected and afterwards the four girls decide that they’ll all compete together at the next year’s nationals. It’s doubtful that the nationals will take place during this season of the anime.

The end of the episode hints at the next rivals Haruka and Kanata will have to take on, and we see the pair practicing their strategies for future matches. Overall it was a pretty standard episode, but it was still a good watch.

Haruka Oozora and Kanata Higa from the anime Harukana Receive
Haruka Oozora and Kanata Higa

Angels of Death

The poison Zack injected himself with last week turned out to be a drug that makes his impulses take over. This means that although Rachel still has her dead eyes which make Zack not want to kill her just yet, he can’t help himself.

He attempts to kill Rachel, but is then shot (not fatally) by Catherine. The next room the pair proceeds to is the firing squad room which is fitted with machine guns on the ceiling because I guess Catherine doesn’t know how a firing squad works.

In this room, Rachel is given a handgun by Catherine and she and Zack are told to fight to the death. Rachel refuses to shoot Zack (although we later learn her handgun had no ammo) and then Zack decides to stab himself with his scythe because he’s crazy and drugged up.

This causes Catherine to enter the firing squad room with them, no longer shielded behind her bulletproof glass. At this point, Rachel pulls a second handgun out from her purse and shoots Catherine. Zack then finishes her off with his scythe and the pair proceed onward.

At this point I’d like to point out that Zack is taking being stabbed through the stomach by a giant scythe surprisingly well. Also, it’s unclear why Rachel was carrying around a handgun in her purse, and even she doesn’t seem to know the reason behind it. Seems like a deus ex machina to me.

Once in the elevator to move on to the next floor, Zack finally passes out due to blood loss. Good thing too, because all of his and Catherine’s maniacal laughing this episode was really getting on my nerves.

Cells at Work!

The first half of the episode was a wholesome story about Red Blood Cell’s childhood. It seems she was always the one to get lost and as a kid the other future red blood cells would make fun of her for it. She was also chosen to be a red blood cell because of her hair color.

She gets attacked by a germ after getting lost during a lesson about running away from germs and hiding, but is saved by the child version of White Blood Cell. Though it’s clear to us who he is, she apparently doesn’t remember his face once they’re grown up.

The second half of the episode has to do with cells being infected by an unknown virus. We meet NK Cell for the first time, whose job it is to deal with infected cells. NK Cell and Killer T Cell don’t get along with each other and end up having a Dragon Ball Z style fight.

Once they’ve calmed down, they go with White Blood Cell and a Normal Cell to find where the other infected cells are. Once on location, the four split up into two teams. Killer T Cell and White Blood Cell go one way while NK Cell and the Normal Cell go the other.

Once alone, NK Cell confronts the Normal Cell about knowing his true identity, a Cancer Cell.

The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar

Yuuto teaches Ingrid how to blow glass at the start of the episode because of course they needed to include a scene of one of the girls blowing on something right from the beginning. Later on, the Wolf clan will be mass producing glass objects for sale.

The girls tell Yuuto that he needs a day off and suggest going to a hot spring in the mountains. That’s right, this is the obligatory hot spring/beach episode! Obviously they suggest this location because they all want to get closer to him an compete with each other.

All of the girls join Yuuto in the bath, much to his surprise, and begin tormenting him in the usual tasteless harem anime ways. If he just acted like an actual leader and put the girls in their place, then he wouldn’t have these kinds of issues, but I guess that’s asking too much.

Once back in town, it’s business as usual. After seeing his new slave girl read (I don’t know her name yet), Yuuto decides that he’s going to open a free school to teach all of the Wolf Clan’s children between the ages of 7 and 15. I assume this extends to the children of the clans under the Wolf clan as well.

His reasoning for doing this is that if his population is well-educated, then he’ll have more capable people to choose from when he needs a job done. It’s at this point that we also learn he’s been in this world for over two years.

How has his girlfriend back home not given up on him yet? Or, the better question is, how has he not given up on her yet and accepted his new life as the leader of his own harem?


That’s everything that happened this week in the Summer 2018 anime season. If you enjoyed this post click the heart button down below to let me know. You can also leave a comment to let me know your specific thoughts on any of the episodes I mentioned.

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