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NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them!

NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them!

NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them! anime series cover art
NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them!

Series Overview

Unfortunately, NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! (Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! / この中に1人、妹がいる!) is an anti-siscon anime series. It’s all about a guy who doesn’t want to marry his little sister. Weird, I know. And the twist of the series is that anyone could be his little sister.

Okay, well, it’s not true that anyone could be his little sister. But, the premise of the series is that he doesn’t know who his little sister is. You see, after the death of his father, Shougo learns that he may have a half-sister he never knew about.

What’s more, this half-sister wants to marry Shougo. And, as a “functional member of society,” Shougo doesn’t want to marry her — whoever she is. So, when girls begin showing interest in him, Shougo does what anyone would do. He becomes paranoid and believes any of them could be his sister.

As you may be aware, I love trash imouto anime. I live for them. But, NAKAIMO doesn’t quite fit the mold. It’s not like Oreimo, Eromanga Sensei, or My Sister, My Writer. Those are all romance series about siblings.

While NAKAIMO is still categorized as a rom-com, it’s more of a mystery series than anything else. Though, as I’ll be explaining toward the end of this review, there’s not actually much of a mystery.

But, something I wasn’t expecting from this series is that it has uncensored ecchi content. And that may actually make it better. Usually, I don’t mind there being censoring in anime like this one. The ecchi content isn’t the main focus. That said, there’s so little going for NAKAIMO that the ecchi helps.

I also haven’t watched the OVA episode for this series yet. But, I’d imagine there’s plenty of ecchi content in it. (Update: there’s not.)

Little Sister Candidates

There are five main little sister candidates — if you couldn’t guess based on the cover art for the series. In order of my favorite to least favorite, they are Miyabi, Rinka, Mana, Konoe, and Mei. That’s an objective ranking, by the way, because I’m always right.

Let’s start with the best girl, Miyabi Kannagi. First of all, Miyabi is a cute name. Second of all, she’s a small girl with twin tails. And third of all, she’s a little bit of a tsundere. Miyabi is also a member of the school’s swim team.

Alright, so petite girls aren’t for you. Fine, I guess. The best of the rest is Rinka Kunitachi. She’s the rich girl of the group, which is a bonus. And since she comes from a rich family, her parents groomed her to be the perfect wife. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Shougo and Konoe from the anime series NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them!
Shougo and Konoe

Mana Tendou is the student council president. But, she’s not like most student council presidents in anime. She’s very informal and she likes to have fun. She’s also pretty cute, even if she is one of the larger girls to choose from.

In fourth place, we have Konoe Tsuruma, the first of the girls we meet in the series. Konoe is down here for two main reasons. First, she’s large. And second, she’s pretty vanilla. She’s the plain choice of the five. But, she’s not the worst girl of the series. I’d still settle for Konoe if I had to.

The worst of the five is, unfortunately, Mei Sagara. When I first saw her character design, I thought Mei could compete with Miyabi for the top spot. But, Mei turned out to be the most boring of the girls. And that’s saying something considering Konoe and Mana exist.

Other “Little Sisters”

Beyond the five little sister candidates, there are three other “little sister” characters. This is where we’re going to begin straying into spoiler territory. In no particular order, these extra little sisters are Ikusu, Yuzurina, and Maiko.

Ikusu Mizutani is Shougo’s right-hand when it comes to his investigation. Her job is to help him figure out the identity of his little sister. And, despite what the other girls of the series believe, Ikusu is a girl too. She’s also basically Kanbaru from Monogatari, being a tomboy who likes to be naked.

Yuzurina Houshou is Shougo’s self-proclaimed little sister. Of all the girls in the series, she’s the only one who actually claims to be his sister. Spoiler, she’s not actually his sister. And I’m glad that’s the case because she’s a pretty boring character.

Maiko Kotori is 100% not a potential candidate to be Shougo’s little sister. Why? Because she’s one of his teachers. But, she’s the most petite of all the girls in the series, because anime. So, due to her size and general personality, I’m going to classify her as a “little sister” character.

Not Really a Mystery

It’s time to get to the true biggest problem with NAKAIMO. The mystery of this mystery anime isn’t much of a mystery. After watching the OP of the series, I correctly predicted who Shougo’s little sister was. I didn’t even need to watch the first episode.

Miyabi was always the obvious choice. And in the final episode, her true identity as Shougo’s sister is finally revealed. But, why was it so obvious that Miyabi would be Shougo’s little sister? How could I have guessed it that early on?

So, since I based my prediction on the OP, my choices were Konoe, Miyabi, Mei, Rinka, and Mana. Of those five, who looks the most like a little sister-type character? Miyabi does. It’s as simple as that.

Mei, Mana, Miyabi, Shougo, Konoe, and Rinka from the anime series NAKAIMO - My Little Sister Is Among Them!
Mei, Mana, Miyabi, Shougo, Konoe, and Rinka

Even if Miyabi didn’t look like a little sister, you should be able to figure it out before the end of the series. There’s plenty of evidence pointing toward Miyabi being Shougo’s little sister. And that evidence comes from all the other characters.

Konoe never felt like a true candidate to me. She’s the generic friend character. Is she a love interest? Yes. But it was established early on that she’s not actually Shougo’s sister.

Mei is allegedly older than Shougo, so that disqualifies her immediately. There was some question of whether she’s actually older than him. But, that was stupid bait that I doubt anyone fell for.

Rinka is the child of a wealthy family and there was never any real suggestion she could be Shougo’s sister. She only falls for him after he gets her out of an arranged marriage set up by her parents.

And although she’s one of the five, Mana’s never even a love interest. I don’t know why she’s included.


Overall, I’d say that NAKAIMO – My Little Sister Is Among Them! is a 4/10. It’s a bad anime. But, it’s not irredeemably bad. I still enjoyed watching it, for the most part. Even knowing who Shougo’s little sister was didn’t ruin my enjoyment.

I’d say that the thing that I disliked the most was Shougo’s irrational paranoia. Even after confirming certain girls aren’t his sister, he’s still too paranoid to be with them. Finding out his sister’s identity is all-consuming. It becomes an unhealthy obsession.

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Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead OVA

Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead OVA

Flea Market Challenge

As I suspected, I had already watched the Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead OVA years ago. I guess wherever I watched this series included the OVAs along with the series. I very clearly remember thinking that this episode was the final episode of the second season, not an OVA.

The reason I remember it so distinctly is that the episode ends with an uncensored shot of Haruna where we can see through her shirt and she’s not wearing a bra. I always thought it was odd that this would be allowed in a TV series.

But, now that I know this episode is actually an OVA, it makes a lot more sense. Still, it’s a bit odd that Haruna was the one we see uncensored when you consider her body type and implied age.

Eu, Ayumu, and Sera setting up for the flea market from the Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead anime OVA
Eu, Ayumu, and Sera setting up for the flea market

The OVA episode starts off with Orito challenging Haruna to a flea market battle. The rules of this competition aren’t exactly clear. It’s implied that the winner is whoever sells more of their wares. But it’s also later implied that whoever makes the most money wins.

Why would Orito challenge Haruna to this competition in the first place, though? Well, he knows that if she’s challenged to literally anything, she’ll go all out in her attempt to win. And that’s exactly what he’s counting on her doing here.

Orito believes that in an attempt to win, Haruna will sell some of Sera’s underwear — which he’ll obviously buy from her. It didn’t quite work out as Orito was expecting, but he did come away with one of Sera’s tanktops. Considering his reaction, he probably views that as a success.

Marketing 101

As Ayumu goes around to different booths at the flea market, he notices that all of the successful booths have something in common: sex appeal. This is true of Sera’s booth, Taeko’s booth, Yuki’s booth, and Saras’s booth. What’s being sold matters less than who’s selling it.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than just who the seller is. What the seller is wearing also plays a big role. Sera was wearing a low-cut shirt, Taeko’s shirt could be seen down when she bent over, Yuki was wearing a bikini top, and Saras had girls in bunny suits selling lewd prints of herself.

Even after Haruna lowered the prices on all of her goods, she still wasn’t getting any customers. So, naturally, Ayumu is going to suggest that Haruna utilizes her sex appeal just like everyone else. But, he quickly realizes that Haruna has none.

Yuki Yoshida selling ramen at the flea market from the Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead anime OVA
Yuki Yoshida selling ramen at the flea market

Overall, I’d say that this first half of the episode was very average. There wasn’t anything wholesome or heartwarming. There wasn’t really much comedy. And there was very little ecchi. Without those things, what does Is This a Zombie? have going for it?

I think this OVA falls into the same trap as the first OVA, which is that it’s kind of just a worse version of the main series. OVAs generally don’t progress the plot of their respective series. So unless they add something the main series can’t, they end up just feeling like worse episodes that were cut from the main series.

But, what can an OVA do that the main series can’t? In the case of an ecchi series like this, the OVA can go all-in on the ecchi content. We got a little bit of uncensored content at the end of the episode, but adding more throughout is something that would set the OVA apart from the series.

Physical Assessment Day

The second half of the episode was better than the first. Not only was this because it was more ecchi-focused, but also because it had a “unique” premise in Ayumu sneaking into the female physical assessment while invisible.

I say “unique” because a male character using the fact that they’re invisible to spy on female characters isn’t actually unique. But it’s more unique than the first half of the OVA because it involves magic. The first half has nothing magical about it. It’s just a flea market.

Again, though, this half of the episode could have gone in a more ecchi direction. But, that doesn’t mean that it needed to feature uncensored content, despite what I previously said about uncensored ecchi content making the OVA stand out more.

An invisible Ayumu watches Mihara stretching from the Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead anime OVA
An invisible Ayumu watches Mihara stretching

Really, adding any more ecchi beyond just the girls stretching while wearing their gym uniforms could have added to this portion of the episode. Did we need to see all three girls doing the same stretches? Couldn’t they have each done something different to add more variety?

And although it’s cliché, having Ayumu go into the girls’ locker room while invisible would have been a great way to add more ecchi content here. That would be a natural way to include ecchi shots of the girls wearing things other than their gym uniforms.

I do have to admit, though, that this content was definitely better than the majority of the content in the season 1 OVA. The season 1 OVA had a higher peak in terms of good content. But this season 2 OVA was far more consistent — in a good way.

The only thing it was missing was a scene to make me laugh. It didn’t really succeed as a comedy.


The Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead OVA — also known as Is This a Zombie? Of the Dead: Yes, This Suits Me Just Fine) is a 6/10. It’s better than the first OVA, but not good enough to actually break into the “good” tier of 7/10. It’s enjoyable for what it is.

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K anime series cover art

Series Overview

K (that’s the whole title) is a supernatural action-mystery series about the struggle for power between 7 clans and their leaders known as kings. I’m also going to say right at the start of this review that I think it’s a horrible anime.

There are 2 main clans featured in the series — or at least in this season of the series. There’s also a movie and a second season, both of which I have no current plans to watch. But, anyway, these main clans are the Reds and the Blues.

If the series focused on the battle between the Reds and the Blues, I think it would be a bit better. However, it doesn’t. The protagonist of the series, Yashiro Isana (notice the shiro in his name) isn’t a member of either of these clans.

Where the Red and Blue clans come in is how they want to kill and capture Shiro respectively. The Reds believe that Shiro killed one of their clansmen and so want revenge. Meanwhile, the Blues want to capture him because they believe he’s the 7th King — the Colorless King.

Why would it matter if Shiro is the Colorless King? Well, every king has magical powers. And the more they recklessly use those powers, the closer they get to causing a magical energy meltdown and resulting explosion or something. They’re basically walking nuclear disasters waiting to happen.

So, the Blues, who stand for law and order, want to prevent the other kings from going down this destructive path. That’s why they’re at war with the Reds. And since they believe the Colorless King is unstable, they view him as a threat as well.

Kings and Clans

There are 7 kings with the 1st King being the strongest and the 7th being the weakest (technically). That doesn’t really seem to matter too much because it’s not set in stone that a higher-ranking king will beat a lower-ranking one.

The 1st King is the Silver King who doesn’t have a clan of his own. He’s also immortal and his magic allows him to control gravity. The 2nd King is the Gold King, and he’s the “true ruler” of the country. We don’t know much else about him.

Next come the 3rd and 4th Kings, the Red and Blue Kings respectively. Mikoto Suoh is the Red King and is honestly the only part of K that I like. He’s a good character with a good storyline throughout the series. I can’t say the same about any other character.

Mikoto is also voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda, which automatically makes him cool. Oh, and the Red King controls fire.

Scepter 4 led by the Blue King from the anime series K
Scepter 4 led by the Blue King

Reishi Munakata is the Blue King. The Blue King’s ability lets him create forcefields or something that can be used both offensively and defensively. Blue clansmen also fight using swords.

I should also point out now that it’s not just the Kings who can use their respective supernatural abilities. The clansmen who serve under the kings also gain their powers. So all the Red clansmen can control fire and all the Blue clansmen can use the forcefields.

We never actually see the 5th and 6th Kings in this season of the anime. I’m pretty sure they’re in the movie and second season.

Lastly, there’s the 7th King, the Colorless King. Although the Colorless King is considered the weakest of the Kings, he has the ability to control other kings. This is revealed in the late stages of the season when the plot goes off the deep end.

Everything* Wrong with K

It’s impossible for me to cover everything wrong with K in this section. But I’m going to do my best to hit all the major issues. And the first of these issues is how the anime looks. For some reason, the entire series has a gross blue-green gradient overlay. You can see it in the screenshots in this review.

The cover art for the series doesn’t have this overlay and looks fine. I’m really not sure why they added the overlay to the whole anime. It’s extremely distracting and just looks bad.

Next, the series incorrectly uses a literal “Sword of Damocles” to illustrate the stability of the kings. I don’t think the author understands what the Sword of Damocles is and they just thought it was cool.

It’s supposed to represent the constant stress of being a ruler and how they never know when they’re going to be killed. It’s not used in that way at all in K because the Kings literally control their respective swords.

Red King Mikoto Suoh from the anime series K
Red King Mikoto Suoh

The main characters also suck. Obviously, I like Mikoto and I guess technically he’s a main character. But by main characters, I mean Shiro, Kuro, and Neko.

Shiro is just a bland, generic protagonist. Kuro’s not really any better. And Neko is just there for fanservice. She’s literally a cat that takes human form and hates wearing clothes. She’s there because naked catgirls sell.

I also need to complain about the music. It’s used so awkwardly. There won’t be any music, and then when Kuro appears in a scene, his theme song starts playing. This is how music is used in the series. No music other than when a major character shows up and their theme plays as they walk into the scene.

And finally, the plot is bad too. Amnesia plots aren’t interesting. The “twist” when the main character regains their memories is never good.


K is a 2/10. It really is a mess. Also, considering how this season ended, I have a hard time believing that the movie and second season would be any better.

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Jormungand: Perfect Order

Jormungand: Perfect Order

Jormungand: Perfect Order anime series cover art
Jormungand: Perfect Order

R the Spy

I didn’t mention R (Renato Socci) in my review of Jormungand for two reasons. First, I couldn’t really remember what he actually did in the first season. And second, it was revealed that he was a CIA spy at the end of the season, so I knew I’d get to write about him here.

Jormungand: Perfect Order (ヨルムンガンド PERFECT ORDER) is the second season of the Jormungand anime. It starts off with an arc about R in which he’s trying to play multiple sides of a dangerous situation.

R’s primary mission as a spy is to keep tabs on Koko for Book Man. Book Man wants to control Koko, not take her down. However, another one of Book Man’s underlings, Hex, wants to kill Jonah because she knows it will hurt Koko.

Renato "R" Socci from the anime series Jormungand: Perfect Order
Renato “R” Socci

Since R is a nice guy, he obviously doesn’t want Jonah to be killed; Jonah is still a child. This puts R in the awkward situation of trying to protect Koko and Jonah from Hex while also negotiating with Book Man to call off the hit. And he has to make sure he doesn’t blow his cover, too.

In the end, R decides to reveal that he’s a spy to Koko before he gives his life to save both her and Jonah. While not the first member of Koko’s crew to die, this does make R the first member of her crew to die within the scope of the series.

The only other member to die was Echo, who died before the start of the series. R was Echo’s replacement, and so losing him was devastating for Koko. In fact, she was so upset that she carpet-bombed some mountains to take out R’s killer.

Lehm, Echo, and Wilee

One of the other arcs in Perfect Order goes into the backstories of Lehm, Echo, and Wilee. As I mentioned in my review of the first season, Lehm is my favorite character. Wilee is my second favorite, so it was great to see how the two of them were connected before joining Koko.

Originally, both Lehm and Echo were members of Delta Force. They met Wilee when they were tasked with demolishing a chemical plant during the first Gulf War and needed an explosives expert.

Later on, Lehm joined Koko before Echo and Wilee were also recruited. I wish we got to learn why exactly Lehm left Delta Force to join Koko. But it’s implied that both Echo and Wilee left so that they could continue to work alongside Lehm.

Wilee is the main character of this arc even though Lehm and Echo are involved too. It explains how Wilee became the man he is today. His parents and grandparents were architects, and he turned into a demolitions expert working for an arms dealer.

As Lehm explains, the fact that he and his team praised Wilee’s abilities in the Gulf War may have had something to do with this. Wilee was already a demolitions expert. But after that point, he apparently dove deeper into that role.

It’s also revealed that Wilee is the only member of Koko’s crew aside from Koko herself who has been blacklisted by the FBI. This is likely because while the other members of Koko’s crew are dangerous, Wilee has the capacity to become a huge terrorist threat all on his own.

Oh, and Wilee is also pretty sadistic when it comes to enemies making use of explosives. His calling card is to rewire enemy explosives and use them to kill those who originally laid them.

Jormungand Unleashed

Overall, I think Perfect Order is better than the first season of Jormungand. While I still love the finale of the Orchestra arc from the first season, Perfect Order’s arcs following Renato and Wilee are better than the arcs of Jormungand.

However, there is one, tiny problem with Perfect Order — the ending. I wasn’t a fan of how the season, and series, ended at all. I also wasn’t really all that surprised by the twist at the end. Though, I don’t really get the feeling that the twist was supposed to be all that surprising.

Back in the first episode of Jormungand, Koko tells Jonah that she’s an arms dealer to create world peace. That stuck with me ever since then because it seemed to go against everything she and her crew were doing. Nothing they did was peaceful.

Koko Hekmatyar and her crew from the anime series Jormungand: Perfect Order
Koko Hekmatyar and her crew

At the end of Perfect Order, it’s revealed that Koko was telling the truth back then. She’s been using her role as an arms dealer to amass money to use to end all war. Her answer is Jormungand, a quantum computer connected to 126 satellites that allows her to manipulate information.

Using this, Koko can effectively shut down the skies, which cripples modern war efforts around the world. She can even manipulate GPS data, so ground forces get lost trying to reach their targets.

The problem is that she doesn’t activate Jormungand in earnest until the last scene of the anime and we don’t get to see the outcome. Also, as Kasper points out, there will still always be war. Just because modern planes no longer work and Koko can manipulate the spread of information doesn’t mean there won’t be war.

The end of the series makes her seem like a child who doesn’t understand how the world works. I think I would have rather had an ending in which Jonah killed her to stop Jormungand from going into effect.


Jormungand: Perfect Order is a 7/10 from me. That’s the same score that I gave the first season despite the fact that I think this season is better. I just can’t give Perfect Order an 8 due to the ending.

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Jormungand anime series cover art

Series Overview

Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド) is an action-adventure anime series about an eccentric group of arms dealers. When I first started the series, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it all that much. But by the end, I was glad to learn that there’s a second season.

I have so much other stuff I want to watch that I don’t know when I’ll get around to the second season. However, I added it to my list. So it’s going to be watched at some point. You can look forward to that if you’re a fan of Jormungand.

Anyway, the series follows an arms dealer by the name of Koko Hekmatyar, her boy soldier Jonathan “Jonah” Mar, and the rest of her criminal crew as they travel around the globe killing people and making a lot of money.

Koko’s group sells weapons to governments, militias, rebels, and basically anyone who needs a lot of firepower. However, that doesn’t mean there are no rules. Koko’s been in the game for a long time, and she can usually tell if a sale is going to be a waste of her time.

For example, in one early episode, a rebel group wants to buy weapons. But once Koko visits the battlefield, she determines that the sale isn’t worth it because the rebels are going to be wiped out in a matter of days anyway.

As an arms dealer, Koko is also always finding herself in life or death situations. Maybe a deal goes south and her team has to fight their way out. Maybe a national government is trying to bring them down. Or maybe there are rival arms dealers who want to eliminate them as competition.

No matter the threat, Koko’s team is able to protect their leader and get her to safety.

Koko’s Crew

Koko Hekmatyar herself isn’t a combatant. She shoots a gun like once throughout the whole season. But she’s interesting because of how she acts. She’s always smiling no matter the danger she’s in — and that’s because she thinks the leader should always smile.

Jonah is technically the protagonist of the series, I guess. But Koko definitely feels like the more important character. Anyway, he’s a child soldier who hates arms dealers because his hometown was destroyed in a war. He’s given to Koko by her brother.

Now for the supporting characters, who I think are more interesting than Koko and Jonah. I won’t be going through them all, though — just the ones who matter the most.

Koko Hekmatyar from the anime series Jormungand
Koko Hekmatyar

Ugo is Koko’s driver and a former mafia enforcer. You wouldn’t think he’s all that important, but he gets some development toward the end. The same goes for Mao, who’s a former artilleryman with the JSDF. He’s important in like one episode toward the end of the season.

Next, we have William “Wilee” Nelson, an explosives and demolition expert. If a road needs or building needs to be destroyed, Wilee is your man. Lutz is a former police counterterrorism sniper. While he’s a great shot, his background can make it difficult for him to perform his current job at times.

The final two members of Koko’s crew, and the most important ones, are Sofia “Valmet” Valmer and Lehm Brick. Valmet is the third in command and specializes in fighting with knives. She’s probably the supporting character with the most fleshed-out backstory.

Lehm is my personal favorite member of Koko’s crew and is second in command. He’s a former Delta Force operator who excels at just about everything. He’s often paired with Lutz on sniping duty when in the field.

Extremely Good (At Times)

At times I loved Jormungand, and at times I wasn’t a huge fan of it either. Let’s start with the part of the series I wasn’t as much of a fan of, the craziness of it all.

I think Jormungand would have benefitted from being a lot more serious than it was. The characters can still be a bit weird. I assume you have to be a little crazy to be a member of an arms dealer’s bodyguard unit. But it went a bit far at times, such as Valmet’s obsession with Koko.

Valmet can be written as a lesbian without her fawning over Koko at every moment. It’s not like changing that aspect of her would erase LGBT+ representation. It would just make her more normal. Also, the fact that she only uses knives is pretty “anime.”

Oh, and Koko’s weird too.

Lehm Brick firing a sniper rifle from the anime series Jormungand
Lehm Brick firing a sniper rifle

The part of the series I loved is when it suddenly gets extremely serious. These moments showed me just how good the series could be if more of it was that way. An example of this comes in the Orchestra arc.

Orchestra is a hitman who likens the sound of gunfire to an orchestra. He works in a pair with a high school girl named Chinatsu (who doesn’t wear panties when on missions). They’re a weird pair of characters. But, everything gets extremely real at the end of the arc.

Lutz snipes Orchestra through the chest and then again through the head, killing him. However, he freezes up when he sees Chinatsu because he didn’t train to be a sniper to kill children. Then, later in the arc, Lehm snipes Chinatsu in Lutz’s place.

The series makes you think this quirky girl won’t die because of her age. But then that thought is shattered by the reality that these are arms dealers and hitmen. If they need to kill a child who poses a threat, they will.


I gave Jormungand a 7/10. It was a good anime and could have been an 8/10 if it took itself a bit more seriously. I’ll also say that while I didn’t like the OP the first time I watched it, it definitely grew on me. That shot of Lehm with his sniper (pictured above) is the best part.

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My review of the second season is available now.